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It felt like he was floating , his thoughts echoed in his head and he couldnt get them to
remain coherent despite how hard he tried. He vaguely acknowledged that his eyes were closed.
He could hear a soft voice tearing thru the cloud of black in his head. He started to make something
out of it, it was a female voice.In a moment he started to make out what it was "...can you hear me!?"
"Chief! Chief! Can you hear me" Then it all came back together, he sat at the pilots seat of a Longsword
fighter, he had escaped from Halo and several Covenant Seraphims had pursued him, then they had
hit something, after which everything was dark. Cortana's voice was tense and full of concern, she
and Master Chief had came thru hell together and they were partners. John shook off the shock
and confusion to clear his head.It still felt dizzy but it was better now.
"Yes Cortana im all right" He replied with his regular short way. The AI in his head sighed, relieved
that her partner was all right. "Any idea what happened?" John questioned the usually know it all
AI who replied in a heartbeat like she allways did. "Analyzing......negative.There is insufficient data"
That meant no answers. But John knew Cortana, she would have given a lengthy scientific explanation
and a load of speculation and logical conclusions if she would have found some data, and at the moment
John was more interested in getting the fighter up and running again and heading back to earth.
Nevertheless the question regarding what had disabled the Longsword fighter and vanished the Covenant
Seraphims troubled him, he felt in his gut that something was very very wrong. He took a quick look
at the engine status display, the screen was completely black. "Cortana what is the status of the
engines?" A whole second passed before the AI replied "Engines inoperable, the main ignition
chamber is in pieces and the exhaust ports are destroyed, it seems that the Covenant got off
a few pulse laser shots at our tail before we hit that "something"."
So, they werent going anywhere then.Chief could have propably got the exhaust ports fixed to
some degree but there was absolutely nothing that could be done to the main ignition chamber.
The fighter was dead in the water. "Ok, so our joy ride is at an end. Activate the emergency
beacon Cortana"
Cortana did as requested and in a moment the pulsing transmission from the beacon
echoed in the void of space. Master Chief decided to take the time and think things out, he had
all the time he needed and he could take a quick nap while he was at it.It was a long long time
since he had last slept.

The times were stressing and difficult for Leia Organa Solo.Even short periods of time alone with
her husband without the need of having to worry about a new crisis or another planet conquered,
was priceless.The long war had struck the Solo family hard and to the heart.They had lost friends
the first one of them being Chewbacca, the loss of Han's eternal friend and driven him to a pit of
sorrow and self pity.As if it wasnt enough the war had demanded them their youngest son
Anakin. The foolhardy mission to kill the Voxyn queen, the source of the Yuuzhan Vong jedi
hunters, Voxyns.Had been crazy from the beginning. Jacen had nearly died too and without
the Old Rebublic's mysterious Jedi Vergere, he would have surely died.
All this was the doing of the Yuuzhan Vong.The fanatical zealots who had caused so much
destruction and sorrow that sometimes it felt like it was all a bad dream. But it wasnt a dream.
People were dying and had died in millions and it seemed like there was no end to it.Until the
battle of Ebaq 9 where New Rebublic forces executed a genious trap designed by the old Admiral
Ackbar, and destroyed thousands of Yuuzhan Vong ships.It looked like there was a chance of
victory afterall.But the road was still long and unclear.

It was the second day the Millenium Falcon was standing still behind the shadow of a large
asteroid.Their diplomatic mission to Elban 7 had been interrupted by a Yuuzhan Vong dovin
basal minefield.They had dropped from hyperspace at a 5 planet system with a large asteroid
field. With some clever flying they had managed to avoid Vong patrols and hide behind the
asteroid to wait for an escape window to open.

"Look, in 10 minutes there will be a a large gap in their patrol lines here. With maximum speed
we would be outside the gravity field in 2 or 3 minutes." Han noted after observing the situation
from the cockpit of the falcon for almost 48 hours.Leia glanced at the screen and realized that
this was true, in about 10 minutes, the nearest two coralskipper patrols would be in such positions
that between them would be a large enough hole for the Falcon to slip thru. "Yes it looks like it.
Im going to tell Jacen to get ready on the upper gun and...." her sentence was abruptly interrupted
by the sharp beeps of the comms panel indicating a received message. Han quickly tapped a few
buttons and examined the data presented on the main comm/scan screen. "Thats strange, the
computer cannot regognize the transmissions structure, code or even type.Which basically
means that its not Imperial Remnant nor New Rebublic transmission. And if there aren't native
races to this galaxy who we havent met allready and who have discovered a whole new communication
system.... i have no clue from who or what this transmission is coming from."
Leia couldnt yet quite understand why was her husband so amazed by this, for all they knew it could
be a Yuuzhan Vong transmission. "Is it a Vong transmission?" Han didnt raise his gaze from the
screen. "No, its definately not originating from a villip since villip transmissions have some distinct
features from which they are easilly regognizable."
Now Leia's curiosity ignited like a flame with fuel poured into it. "Lets go there and check it out."
Han finally raised his look from the screen and looked at his wife like he allways did when he
was about to interject on some Leia's insane plan or something that didnt make any sense.
"Absolutely not, we dont have the slightest clue what the hell is transmitting that.For all we
know it could be a trap of somekind or these people can have a nice "shoot first ask questions
later" attitude.Now i dont have the slightest interest in strolling to the dark without a glow rod"
Leia knew that after all the Solo's had gone thru, Han had losed pretty much all of his former
crazy adventurer attitude and changed into a over-protective father and husband. Leia was the
better debater of the two and allways responded with reason at her husbands interjections.
"Yes we dont know what is in there.But we can plot the jump so that we will come out of
hyperspace 20 000 kilometers away from the source and have our weapons and shields
ready just in case and allso have emergency jump co-ordinates ready on the navi computer"
Han started to respond but he knew that he couldnt win in a debate angainst his wife.
He decided to go along with the plan and take every possible precaution to avoid them getting
killed. He sighed and detached the docking clamps from the asteroid and raised the shields.
"Go tell Jacen to get the upper turret ready and you take the bottom turret.Lets try to get out
of this little Vong rat hole."
Leia raised from the 2nd pilots chair and kissed her husband's cheek as she went.

The freighters large engines ignited, glowing brightly as the ship accelerated away from
behind the asteroid.The vessel adjusted its course so that it would go thru the gap that
had emerged in the Vong patrol lines, the ship accelerated quickly increasing its velocity
in moments to one fourth of speed of light.Small meteorites struck the forward
deflector creating only a faint glow in the area of impact.Larger ones nudging the ship a bit
and making the shield glow brighter and in a larger area.After thirdy seconds it seemed that
they would be getting out clean, however, as often happened the plan didnt go quite as
Han had thought.Only a few hundred thousand kilometers away from the Falcon in the asteroid
field a Yuuzhan Vong frigate analog and a squadron of coralskippers appeared on the sensor screen.
The Vong had set up a double trap for anyone who got pulled out of hyperspace by the dovin basal
mines but survived to hide. Han sweared in frustration and anger when he noticed their Yuuzhan
Vong quests.He punched up the velocity to half, any higher and dodging the largest asteroids
would become impossible.The freighter was still a fair distance away from the edge of the
gravity well., one minute. The computer estimated time until interception by the Vong ships,
50 seconds. Ohh how he loved tight situations. Laser fire spewed from ventral and dorsal sides
of the Falcon, blowing and vaporizing asteroids in its path.Jacen and Leia were doing good work
in clearing the path for them.In 45 seconds, streaks of plasma began to spray from behind them.
Dodging as much as he could, Han managed to evade most of the fire from the forward most
coralskippers.A few shots struck the read deflector but were incapable of penetrating the military
grade shielding.The frigate analog loomed behind them closing the gap betweem the Falcon and
it, slowly but surely. The light freighter exited the asteroid field, only 5 seconds to the edge of the
gravity field, just as Han was pulling the hyperdrive activation levers, a single coralskipper exploded
into tiny pieces of Yorik Coral on the port side of the falcon, nudging it a bit.Han grabbed the
hyperdrive levers and pulled them down, the stars changed into streaks and the darkness of
space was replaced by the swirling blue vortex of hyperspace.

Chapter 1: And there was no place like home

The blue swirling vortex of hyperspace dominated the cockpit window of the Falcon, Han had allways
found the scene somewhat hypnotizing but at the same time calming.The counter on the nav computer
was counting down rapidly, 15 more seconds to reversion.Han grabbed the hyperdrive levers and
readied himself to drop the ship back to realspace.5....4....3....2....1, Han pulled the levers, the vortex
disappeared and it was replaced by the darkness of space. He immidietly raised the deflectors and
checked the sensors. The sophisticaded sensor suite on the matte black freighter scanned the
void around finding nothing, feeling relieved and disappointed at the same time Han let out the air he
had been holding and sighed. He glanced again at the sensor screen, no, there was something there.
A faint signal 15 000 kilometers from the Falcon, it was emitting disturbance and its emissions were
so low that it was hardly noticable. The computer tagged the contact as a possible ship, but failed
to retrieve any usefull information.
Han slightly increased the throttle to 5% and started to close the gap between the contact and the Falcon
slowly.When the distance dropped to 2000 kilometers he still couldnt see what it was.In 500 kilometers
he could make out a small matte black object in the middle of the cockpit window.As the Falcon approached
it more, Han started to make out the shape of the object. It was the shape of a delta wing with a triangular
fin protrusion coming from the back of it. Han estimated the ship to be pretty much the size of the falcon.
The sensors scanned the form and design of the vessel and compared it to the whole database of known
ship designs, no match. It didnt seem to have any weapons, however knowing the Slave 1 for example
that didnt mean anything.
Han brought the Falcon closer and positioned the docking clamps angainst what seemed to be the dorsal
side of the fighter.A slight nudge and a thumb sound indicated that they were docked.Without him even
noticing Jacen and Leia had arrived to the cockpit and stood behind him. "So any ideas?" Jacen
"We might as well check this thing out since we are here.Take breathing masks, the scans showed
that there was air in there but just to be sure."
Jacen nodded and strode to the passenger compartment to gather his gear. Leia and Han followed.
Leia attached her lightsaber to her utility belt and grabbed a breathing mask, Han did the same and
checked the charge on his blaster.Jacen was allready waiting for them at the airlock, Han operated
the control panel and opened the airlock.Below the hatch was the sleek black surface of the alien
vessel. Jacen ignited his lightsaber and began cutting a hole.The metal was tough and cutting it
required a significant amount of energy.In a minute the circle was complete and Jacen delivered a hard
kick at the center, a round shaped piece of the hull detached and hit the bottom of the ships interior
with a loud clank.Jacen kept his lightsaber ignited and stepped at the hole.It was dark down there,
only a few faint lights on control panels illuminating the interior.Jacen's lightsaber brought some eerie
light into the compartment but it was still dark in there.Two more thumbs followed behind him as his
mother and father dropped thru the hole, Han holding his blaster ready for anything. "Looks like there
is nobody home." Han exclaimed and relaxed his grip on the blaster a bit. Jacen scanned the ship
with the force and found out that his father had been wrong.Just as he was turning to the direction
where the entity was the three heard a determined voice from behind them "Drop your weapons
and state your identity" Han turned around immidietly looking at the direction of the voice, he
hadnt understood the language but the tone was clear.The sentence had originated from a dark
room at the back section of the ship.He couldnt see anything there "Look i dont know who or
what you are but we have no hostile intent". The three waited, Leia had detached her lightsaber
and was holding it ready, Jacen allso stood ready to deflect any incoming shots. After a few
seconds another sentence followed "I say this again, drop your weapons and state your
identity". Now Han could make something out of the words, it was like the something back
there was adjusting its translator trying to get it working.The sentence had been a command
of some sort, Han didnt like commands especially from persons who were propably aiming him
with a gun. "We dont understand what you are saying". More time passed, it was silent for
atleast thridy seconds. Then a sentence spoken at clear basic came from the dark "Lower
your weapons, and state your identity, you are intruding on my ship".
Han lowered his blaster a bit but kept it ready, Jacen switched off his lightsaber and Leia dropped
her saber hand to her side."Ok we did as you asked, show your face", only silence. Then he
felt that something was moving, in the shadows that dominated the back of the large compartment
they were standing in.A two meter tall figure holding a rifle of some sort in his hands aimed and ready
stepped to the dim light.The figure weared armour of somekind, light reflecting green armor plates covered
critical spots and where the plates werent, there was black.A helmet with a gold coloured visor hid
the persons head.He lowered the weapon he held slightly and then questioned Han again "How about
some ID people" Leia stepped forward a bit, being the natural diplomat she was allways the one to settle
situations like this "Im Leia Organa Solo, this is my husband Han and our son Jacen, we are diplomats
of the New Rebublic and we are investigating the transmission that originated from this location."
The armored figure lowered the rifle to the side and seemed to go over this quickly in its head.
"New Rebublic? Im not aware of such an organization.What is your standing with the Covenant?"
Leia was baffled, who were the Covenant? How couldnt someone know about the New Rebublic?
"We have no information about anyone called the Covenant" The stranger nudged his head in what
seemed to be a sign of amazement. Han seemed to have made a conclusion regarding this
person. "It seems like you are not in your neighborhood" The warrior turned his head at Han and
nodded in agreement but remained cautious "I've had the strangest 10 hours in my entire lifetime
and it seems that you are very much right. For not to have heard of the Covenant you would need
to be either dead or at the other side of the galaxy where i come from"
After the Yuuzhan Vong had arrived, visitors from out of their own galaxy didnt feel so odd anymore
to neither Leia,Han or Jacen. Even Han who was the biggest sceptic of the three could take this as
a possibility.
"I am Spartan 117, Petty Officer first class of the United Nations Space Command.Also known as Master
Chief and John among my friends" Master Chief lowered the rifle he had been holding and relaxed.
Leia attached the lightsaber back to her belt as did Jacen.Han holstered his blaster but stayed ready
just in case.Master Chief placed his rifle down and started to detach the helmet he wore.With a few
quick finger moves the helmet unlocked, below it revealed the face of a middle aged human who's
hair had been cut with military precision and style."So you came because of my emergency beacon?"
"Yeah, we detected the transmission but couldnt identify it.Leia here decided that it would be
smart to check it out." Han glanced shortly at Leia who had the familiar "i told you so" look on
her face.
"Well im glad you decided to check it out.My engines are offline and cannot be fixed without
replacement parts.They broke down approximately 12 or so hours ago.I suppose you dont have
any spare parts with you? Perhaps a few slipdrive motivators and an ignition chamber to a mk47?"
This Master Chief was very straight to the point persona.However these parts Master Chief had
mentioned didnt bring absolutely nothing to Han's mind. "No i havent ever even heard of such
parts, but we could tow you back to the shipyards at Mon Calamari, im sure they could help
you out at there"
Master Chief seemed like he was discussing with himself about something silently. Leia
wasnt amazed if the warrior was thinking could he trust the people who had afterall
intruded to his ship without even communicating. Finally he responded "Very well,
i'll let you tow my ship back to this shipyard you mentioned.Hopefully i will get some
answers allso."
Han nodded to the man, Leia and Jacen were allready making their way up from the
hole to the Falcon."Just give us a shout when you are ready and we'll get going"
Master Chief nodded and made his way to the forward part of the ship disappearing
to a dark room what appeared to be the cockpit of the ship. Han followed Leia and
Jacen who were allready waiting in the Falcon's main room. Leia was the first to
give her impressions about their mysterious aquintance. "Well that was truly interesting,
i think that this Master Chief isnt from our galaxy either even tough he seems to be
a human. Everything he spoke about, the part names, the organizations and everything
were nothing that i had ever heard before."
"He is a very strong willed man. I sensed no fear,anger or treachery in him, only cold determination.
He is a soldier to the heart" Jacen concluded.
"Yeah im not that convinced about this Master Chief's intentions yet, for all we know he could be peace
brigade or some other lunatic. However he acted just like i would if someone would have
intruded to my ship except that i propably would have shot the intruder first and asked questions
later, but for now lets help him and get him to Mon Calamari and see if intel could get anything out
of him, im not yet ready to believe that we have more party crashers from other galaxies." Han
added, Leia understood her husband, after the dozens of complicated plots and tricks their enemies
had used to try killing or kidnapping someone of their family, he understood why Han was allways so
cautious about everything.Han and Leia made their way to the cockpit of the Falcon.Han began
to calculate a jump to Mon Calamari, it would take 4 hours to get there. In a minute the calculations
were complete, Han locked a tractor beam on Master Chief's ship so that all the stress caused by
the Falcon being the only one moving them wouldnt be directed to the docking clamps. He rotated
the Falcon to the correct jump vector, the sensors of the Falcon showed small power sources and
systems starting up on the ship below them.In a moment Master Chief shouted his readiness.
Han initiated the jump, in less than a second the small freighter accelerated to near lightspeed,
stars changed to streaks and the hyperdrive engaged.The starscape was replaced by the familiar
blue tunnel of the eerie realm hyperspace.

Chapter 2: No matter where you go.Trouble will be there.

Luke Skywalker had never gotten used to large amounts of humidity, standing in the landing platform
of Reef city, high above the sea level was somewhat annoying.Back at Tatoiine the air had allways been
dry and extremely hot. altough he hadnt lived there in nearly 30 years anymore, the memories of the
sandy planet remained strong in his mind.
He still couldnt hear the Falcon's roar, however the rumble of the waves striking angainst the durasteel
surface of the floating city was so loud that he doubted that he could make out the engine sound before
the small freighter was in sight.
He was rather supprised that his sister had decided to cancel the mission to Elban 5 and return to Mon
Calamari.Knowing his sister's reluctance cancel or simply ditch diplomatic envoys, he knew that the
reason why they were returning now was very good.Han on the other hand would be practically thrilled
to avoid the diplomacy he so much wanted to avoid. Luke smiled softly at the memories of his friends
diplomatic talents.
He glanced at the horizont and could now make out a small matte black object dropping thru the clouds.
He wasnt sure was it the Falcon, the upper part of it looked very much like the modified Correlian YT-1300
freighter but there was a large wing-like object attached to it.As the vessel came closer Luke noticed that
it was the Falcon but it was carrying another vessel, a sleek delta-wing shaped vessel with a triangluar protrusion
coming from its back and two large engine intakes at both sides of the cockpit window. It didnt look like
anything he had seen before, the design was truly a strange one.As far as he knew there wasnt a single
corporation or navy in the galaxy which would have adopted the wing design for a ship. He retreated a bit
back to the doorway and observed, he noticed that the delta vessel had extended its landing struts, the
Falcon decreased its altitude slowly until the distance between the landing pad and the delta ships
landing struts was no more than a meter.Then the Falcon detached its docking clamps and the black ship
it had been carrying dropped with a loud clank at the durasteel surface. The Falcon landed to its side.
In a moment, three very familiar and dear faces for Luke appeared from the Falcons belly. Leia strode
quickly over the landing pad to meet luke and gave him a tight hug.
"Where's Mara? I thought she was with you?"
"She left two days ago to Kessel to meet Ben."
Leia noticed that mentioning his son brought pain to Luke. It had been long time since Luke had last seen
"Why didnt you go with her?"
"As much as i wanted to, i couldnt. The matters of the Jedi council are so imperative at the moment
that i am needed here."
The saddness was easilly detectable in Luke.Leia knew her brother and for something to prevent him
seeing his son, that something would need to be extremely important.
"Hey kid, i see you are firmly in the grasp of politics. I feel for you." Han commented cheerfully as he
came to Luke. Altough they were both allready relatively old men Han still had the habbit of calling him
"kid".Not that it bothered Luke to the slightest, he actually found it pretty funny. He glanced at Jacen
standing a bit back from the three, he was deep in tought and only acknowledged his uncle with a nod.
Luke knew that there was much in Jacen's mind at the time after escaping from the Yuuzhan Vong
and the death of Vergere. Luke brushed those thoughts aside and let his curious side step in.
"I noticed that you brought a quest with you, judging by his ship he is not from around here." Luke
had sensed the person aboard the delta shaped vessel very easilly, he had gotten the impression
that the person wasnt hiding nor was he in any way angry or afraid. Judging by the persons feelings
Luke had made the conclusion that Han and Leia had offered him and his ship a ride.
"You're more right in that one than you know. We had a bit edgy situation when we boarded his ship
after receiving the distress call he sent but after we settled things out with him and understood his
situation we offered him a ride here."
From the back of the wing shaped fighter a large hatch began to open.From the shadows inside the
ship came easilly two meters tall figure enclosed in heavy armour with thick green armor plates
covering the critical areas of the body and black covering the areas between the armor plates. He
carried a helmet with a gold coloured visor in his right hand. He definately looked like a human male in
his 40's, but the armor was like nothing Luke had seen before, definately not any Imperial type armor.
Altough finding ships with broken engines was rather common, Luke understood why Han and
Leia had decided to come back to Mon Calamari as fast as possible.
The armor encased human approached him and remained at a few meters distance, Leia was quick
to introduce the two.
"Luke this is Master Chief Petty Officer John from the United Nations Space Command"
The man nodded to Luke and seemed to be scanning the landing pad for possible threats.
"Master Chief, this is Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, my brother and the figure head of the jedi"
Luke approached the figure and greeted him.
"So you are the person why my sister rushed back from her diplomatic mission."
The man replied speaking in low tone.
"I appreciate your sisters help, without her and mr Solo here i would still be sitting in space
either sleeping or cleaning my gun"
"Hey just glad to be of assistance, hanging around alone in Vong controlled space in a fighter
isnt exactly the safest way to spend time" Han joked.
"Cant be much worse than running from half a dozen Covenant seraphims with no-ammo to shoot
back" Master Chief replied.
From the toughness and feelings behind Master Chief's words, Luke concluded that the man had
gone thru much lately but his mental strength hadnt been shaken a bit by his experiences.
"We can continue our discussion in-doors, quite frankly this isnt the best possible place to start
asking and answering questions" Leia suggested.
Jacen was allready heading towards the doorway followed by Han, the Chief and Luke nodded
and followed Leia, Chief remaining at the back of the group. Luke thought he heard the Chief
speaking to himself in low voice when they entered the organic looking Calamari city, but
didnt bother to think it much more beyond that.They headed towards the living quarters near
the outer bulkhead, two decks lower.
It was oddly quiet at the wide corridor, Luke couldnt feel anyone within a hundred meters from
them.After a few minutes they arrived at the five meter wide entrance to the next section of
the deck they were in.They found the heavy blast doors closed before them. Han keyed the
control panel next to the blast doors. A sharp beep and some grunting from Han suggested
that something was wrong.
"What is it?" Jacen came next to his father and asked.
"This piece of junk doesnt regognize my security code" Han banged the panel slightly and again
entered his code.
Alarm bells began to ring at the back of Lukes mind and as he was beginning to scan the area
around them with the force he heard Master Chief's alarm. "12 life forms approaching from the
south, judging by their movement they are hostiles".
Luke had no idea how the man had detected them but he scanned the area with the force and
found 12 blank spots in the force marking what were without any doubt, Yuuzhan Vong. He
glanced the two meter wide corridor exit leading to the central parts of the city. There were
atleast 5 Yuuzhan Vong coming from there and 7 from the direction they came from.
They had no place to run.
Jacen and Leia had allready detached their lightsabers and held them ready, Han had pulled
his trusty blastech DL-44 and removed the safety, ready to shoot at any given moment.
Master Chief on the other hand was standing calmly in place, he hadnt taken any weapons
with him propably because he wanted to ensure that he wasnt considered as a threat.
But from the looks of it, the man wouldnt need weapons to be a threat.He had attached
the helmet back on enclosing himself entirely inside the armor.
The blank spots on the force were closing, they were only five or so meters from the exit
of the narrow corridor anymore, Luke could spot some movement in the corridor but
couldnt make out any more details. The snap-hiss signaled an igniting lightsaber,
Jacen stood ready, the blue blade of his lightsaber ready to block incoming razor
or thud bugs. Leia had allso ignited her purple blade, standing ready beside her
husband. The final lightsaber to ignite was Luke's green blade, he made a move
with it that signaled the Yuuzhan Vong to come. In a few seconds, the familiar sound of
air whirled accompanied a load of razor-bugs flying from the darkness in the narrow
corridor, more razor bugs flew from the direction they had came from. In the blink of an
eye all three of the glowing blades were in motion. With two quick slashes Luke vaporized
two razor bugs from the air and dodged one.It changed its course after passing him and
now accelerated towards his back, he turned around and snapped the third razor bug from
the air in one swift motion.
He glanced at Master Chief, the man moved incredibly fast snapping razor bugs with his
bare hands from the air and delivering crushing blows to them that dropped the creatures
to the ground.One got past his quick hands, Luke expected to see the bug crush angainst
the thick green armor plates but suprisingly the bug was smashed a centimeter or two off
from the armor accompanied by a yellow glimmer around Master Chief, it seemed that
this mystery man had a personal shield. The razor bug assault had been crushed, there was
a moment of silence that felt like an eternity.Everyone stood still, second after second passed
as everyone waited for the unevitable. Then it came, five Yuuzhan Vong warriors in full
Vonduun crab armor attacked out of the dark corridor, whirling amphistaffs in readiness and
shouting war cries. Four more fully armored Vong attacked from the back running straight
at Master Chief.
The familiar sound of Hans blaster filled the corridor. Red bolts struck the forwardmost
Yuuzhan Vong warrior to the head and to the stomach, only to be deflected by the Vonduun
Crab armor.The lead warrior attacked Luke striking with a quick horizontal slash targeted
at the jedi masters stomach, Luke jumped and somersaulted backwards, effortlessly
evading the lethal strike. The warrior attacked again now with a strong vertical blow, Luke
raised his lightsaber to parry the incoming blow.The strength of the strike was enormous
but the blow was parried succesfully. Luke counter attacked with a hard horizontal sweep
with the lightsaber at the Vong's stomach, the warrior brought his amphistaff in a vertical
block stopping the slash.With a lightning quick motion Luke raised the lightsaber and
struck the point of it directly at the warriors throat.Penetrating the flesh between the
Vonduun crab armor plates the blade killed the warrior in less than a second.The lumb
body collapsed to the ground.The second one behind the lead warrior now attacked
Luke, and another duel was on.
Jacen parried another series of attacks from the warrior who opposed him.The muscles
on his hands ached from having to block the powerfull strikes one after another, he pretended
to be losing his strength.The warrior laughed menacingly and decided to finish him off with one
final blow. He raised the amphistaff for a vertical strike to cut Jacen in half, in a tiny fraction of
a second Jacen slashed with all his strenght upward with his blade hitting the un-armoured
armpit below the warriors right arm, the strength of the blow cut the entire arm off with the
amphistaff remaining on the left arm.With a sharp kick to the head, Jacen caught the warrior
off-balance and made him fall to the ground.He finished the Vong off by stricking his blue blade
to the warriors throat.The Vong let out a few garbled last words before he collapsed to the ground.
Jacen took a second to take a breath and glanced at the direction of his mother,
despite not being fully trained in the arts of lightsaber,
Leia was holding out fairly well against one of the warriors, blocking and dodging hits
as they came and delivering strikes to test the warriors defense every now and then.
Jacen decided to go for her aid just when three blaster bolts from her fathers blastech pistol
struck the head and throat of the warrior. Burning thru the flesh in a matter of second the bolt
finished off the warrior. It had been Leia's plan all along, to give her husband a good shot so
he could finish the warrior off. Noticing that the few seconds he had spent to look at his mother
had been too much, two warriors were allready charging him, whirling their amphistaffs high, ready
to slice this young boy to pieces. Jacen again raised his lightsaber, ready to block the attacks of
the aliens willing to penetrate the flesh of this infidel with their amphistaffs.

The two warriors rushed Master Chief, confident that they could handle one infidel
who was unarmed. How wrong were they. The first one charged bringing down the
spear weapon he held vertically, effortlessly Chief grabbed the spear with his left arm,
the armored alien warrior grunted in astonishment, that grunt remaining as his last word,Chief
delivered a hard kick with his right foot to the aliens head, bones cracked in result of the
force of the kick, with every bone in the neck shattered the warriors numb body collapsed
to the ground.After seeing the fate of his comrade, the second warrior was more carefull.
Keepin his distance and striking horizontally with his amphistaff in attempt to cut off the Chiefs head.
Tough the blows were fast, Chief found it relatively easy to dodge the staff. After fighting against the
golden elite's with energy blades at Halo, these guys felt more like decent practice.
Another horizontal strike came now aimed at the Chiefs chest, but now he dropped down
and delivered a lightning fast sweeping kick at the warriors feet shattering bones in his legs
and dropping him to the ground. In one swift motion Chief was back up again, he grabbed
the warriors head and twisted,a low crack signaled a breaking neck.The remaining two warriors
were smarter and attacked at the same time whirling their staffs in lethal strikes.
Altough Chief was fairly certain that since a 30 millimeter chaingun couldnt penetrate his
shield, the staffs these fellows tried to stab and slash him with couldnt either, but he didnt want to be
slobby and test the shield. He decided to ask for an advice from the one person who had helped him
to survive Halo. "Cortana, analysis on their armor, a quick one please." The ai acknowledged in fraction
of a second "Un-identified material, thickness approximately one and a half to two inches. A full powered
kick should be enough". John acknowledged and decided to acknowledge the advice.He rushed towards
the warrior coming from the right who stabbed with his staff.Chief evaded the stab effortlessly and delivered
a kick with all his strength behind it, he could hear a cracking sound when the kick hit the warriors chest
and the alien flew six meters thru the air and hit the bulkhead, more cracking sound signaled
that something had broken in the alien, and judging by the body falling motionless to
the ground, he was out of the game. Either the aliens had no common sense at all or
retreating wasnt part of their nature, Chief was quite amazed to see the second alien still
trying to kill him. He sighed slowly and prepared to deal with his next opponent.

The green,glowing blade of Luke's lightsaber cut thru the flesh of a Yuuzhan Vong
warriors right arm, clipping off the hand and leaving the amphistaff held only by the
left hand.The Yuuzhan Vong only grunted slightly in pain and retaliated with an akward
strike with the amphistaff. Luke parried the sloppy strike effortlessly and kicked the warrior
squarely in the head. The force of the kick bent the warriors head backwards exposing the
unprotected neck, the smell of burning flesh accompanied the lightsaber blade sinking into
the warriors throat.
There were no more warriors attacking him, he glanced to his right acknowledging the bodies
of three warriors on the ground at Jacen's and Leia's feet. He had killed two, that made five.
They had handled all of the five that had charged them.He remembered Master Chief and
turned his look to his left, ten meters off from his position in the corridor stood the un-armed warrior.
Un-harmed and the bodies of four Vong warriors in the vicinity.
The man had killed four warriors with his bare hands and thus earned the full respect of the
Jedi Master considerin combat skills.
But there had been twelve Vong, only 9 had been killed. He probed the area with the force
unable to find the three blank spots in the force. He switched off the lightsaber and the green
blade disappeared.The Chief walked with quick and firm steps at him.
"Three of them got away" He noted.
"Yes i noticed, this is not like the Vong." Luke could only wonder why the three remaining
Vong hadnt attacked them. Most likely they were spies who had allready been on the city
for some time and didnt want to lose their information network.
"I'd say your security protocols require some serious overhauls." Master Chief noted objectively.
But after the implemention of the YVH series mouse droids at the city that could detect Vong,
it was considered practically impossible for a Vong spy to remain hidden for longer than a few days.
He just couldnt comprehend how in the name of Emperors black bones the Yuuzhan Vong
had infiltrated nine warriors and even smuggled full Vonduun Crab armor and amphistaffs for them!
This kind of operation required some serious contacts at the city who could
arrange the equipment in and unnoticed. However that wasnt his task to think,
he would leave that for the security.
"I concur, we've had Vong infiltrators before but those were before our latest security
upgrades, and there have been very few of them in here after the upgrade."
The Chief only nodded slightly. Jacen,Leia and Han had joined the two.Luke was quite
impressed at how well Leia had fared in the fight.She wasnt even noticably tired. Han on the
other hand was angered and knowing his friend, Luke was sure that the security
department would hear from this.
"What the hell was that! Somehow i can understand one or two scarface infiltrators before
the YVH mouse droids, but nine..and with full combat equipment!!?? Mark my words, the
security is going to hear about this."
Luke understood fully his anger. But the work of the security was almost allways flawless.
No this attack had been prepared for some time and Luke had no doubt that if they could
slip in nine warriors and their gear once, they could do it again.
"Dad, dont go and eat the security staff to a rancor before we know all the facts"
Jacen tried calming down his father.
"I concur Han.This is like nothing seen before and this can never happen again.But we
need to learn how in the name of the Emperor the Vong got those warriors in here
before we make any accusations"
Leia soothed her husband.
The blast door behind them clanked and started to open, Han lowered his hand
back to the blaster in case there were more of them coming, but Luke could feel the
presence of twenty determined military minds behind the opening door.The massive two portions
of the door opened and revealed a fully armed security squad adjoined by Lando.
They quickly swarmed thru the door securing the area and the narrow corridor from
which the Vong had also attacked. Han glanced at the bodies laid on the ground and showed
much interest towards the four bodies further down the corridor which had no lightsaber damage
whatsoever on them.He allso glanced quickly at Master Chief.Clearly the man was quite puzzled.
"Could anyone give some explanation people?"
"Sure, we were attacked by a bunch of scarheads. I thought that your perception could have
told you that" Han replied still angered by the whole event.
"It sure took you some time to get here" Jacen commented.
"Yeah, the security detected that someone had hacked the door controls at this section
and all internal sensors monitoring this area were out. I met the team coming to check the
situation and when they told that the section where you had landed was out, it wasnt too difficult
to do the math.It took some time because someone was locking blast doors as we went.If it
wasnt for that we would have been here a lot sooner"
"I'd say you have a serious security leak.This kind of attack would need a lot of planning
and inside information" Master Chief commented at the matter.
Leia noticed the puzzling look on Lando's face when he looked at the Chief.
"Lando this is Master Chief of the United Nations Space Command. Jacen, Han and I found
him in his ship when we escaped from a Vong minefield near Elban 5.
We decided to bring him here because we didnt have anything to repair his ship with and
judging by what we learned from each other, he isnt quite home."
"I see. Might i ask what happened to those four scarhead warriors back there, they werent
cut with a lightsaber nor they had blaster hits in them" Lando asked.
He could do the math and understood allready what had happened to them but he
wanted to hear it from someone to be absolutely sure of it.
"Our friend here dealt with them" Luke answered with a slight grin. Altough the jedi
master did not enjoy a bit of killing the Vong,the amazement on Lando's face was quite
humorous. He didnt blame the man, afterall when he had acknowledged that someone
had killed four warriors with full gear bare-handedly, he had been quite amazed himself.
"I dont know about everyone else but im both extremely tired and hungry and i have gotten
enough of these corridors for one day."
With words of approval and nods the four moved out of the corridor towards the living district
for the VIP's near the area changed at govermental disctrict after the city had been selected
as the home of the new goverment.Master Chief was the last of the group as allways.
"Well that was interesting. If those were the regular warriors of these Yuuzhan
Vong you have practically a holiday when fighting against them" Cortana commented cheerfully.
She was right ofcourse, in a matter of speaking. The Vong warriors had been a no problem for the Chief.
He remembered what it was fighting against the Covenant elite warriors.
Their strength equaled his and the black elite warriors he had met at the final hours at
Halo had been even stronger than he was.These Vong however couldnt match his speed
nor his strength.But he was a soldier, and a military mind.
"Never underestimate the enemy" Deja had thaught the Spartans allready at the age of seven.
"Handling those four was easy. But somehow i feel that we will not have a cakewalk if we
get into a longer fight with these Vong.Im also pretty sure those werent all of their warriors."
John replied in his regular calm tone.
"By the way Chief. I have no scanned our new friends two dozen times.After extensive
analysis i can say with 99.89% certainty that they are humans. I have allso done extensive
analysis at the star patterns seen outside the cockpit window of the fighter
back at the position where they found us and after we came near this planet."
John somehow allready knew what Cortana was going to say.And it troubled him to the heart.
"After checking six times i have concluded that there are no regognizable star patterns
when looking at the sky, this means that we are extremely far away from the Milky Way
galaxy.This also explains this "New Rebublic" the "Yuuzhan Vong" and the fact that they
have absolutely no idea who the Covenant and the UNSC are"
John sighed deeply. They needed to get back home as fast as possible, the war was going
to hell and he had no idea of the current situation.
The situation didnt look good, he had no idea how to get back home and the current shape
of the Longsword fighter didnt quite improve the mood.
It was entirely possible that the fighter was un-repairable.Afterall they were in an entirely
alien galaxy with an entirely alien technology. It was a very slim hope that the fighter could
be fixed by the mechanics of this planet.
"Yes it does. Currently we cannot do anything else than aquire information- We have to talk to
someone here who can explain us the situation here and we need to get the fighter to the
shipyards for repairs. I have a feeling about these people Cortana. I know they are going to help us."
After the initial encounter, there had been no hostility from the humans of this galaxy towards John.
They had tried to help him from the beginning and John had began to trust them to a degree.
But his military training made him to be ready for anything.He sighed again and just wondered
how far away was even the slightest shred of what he had tried to protect for so many years allready.

The very fabric of space bent and twisted as the result of a ship exiting slipspace.
The massive grey hulk of a Minotaur-class cruiser dropped to view.Its velocity dropped to zero
and it stood silently in space.
The bridge was full of action. The sensor officers checked and re-checked readings and the helm
officer scratched her head, unable to comprehend what her instruments were telling her.
The Captain rubbed his chin with his right hand fingers. With calmness he listened what his
bridge officers had to say. Inside him however there was a horde of questions that screamed to
be answered. Captain Michael Ryans had no answers, only more questions.
It had been a week since the Sword Of Orion had escaped from Reach system.
The quick slipspace jump had taken them far away from UNSC territory to an un-inhabited system.
The Sword Of Orion had taken heavy damage during the defense of Reach.
A Plasma torpedo had struck midship burning thru layer after layer of Titanium-A battleplate.
It had taken nearly four days to repair the slip engines and get the ship into battle readiness again.
But the Covenant hadnt gotten away un-scatched either. They had destroyed three frigates
and a destroyer, not that the loss of those four ships hampered the Covenant advance much
but atleast the knowledge that their fleet now was four more ships short made Ryans feel better.
They had received a UNSC signal from a system near their location at the fourth day. Ryans
had decided to check it out in case there was a ship in need of help there. The fleet had shrinked
so much in so little time that even a single frigate was worth its weight in gold.
Besides, enough people had died on Reach.He wanted to save anyone he could.
When they had arrived they found nothing else except the debris of what seemed to have
been a ring like construction of some sort.
After an hour of scanning, finding nothing Ryans had decided to head to the nearest human
world and report their situation to fleet command. At the slippoint however something had happened,
the sensor officer had noticed that there were some "strange" readings in the slippoint but nothing
worth being worried about. But the man had been wrong, what Ryans had expected to be a
two day trip in slipspace had actually been two seconds.
And after checking the situation, navigation had reported that the star patterns did not
match anything on the star charts.
Now after two hours only one question had been answered. They weren't in the Milky Way
galaxy anymore. What was the worst part in it, no one had a clue how to get back.
Just like things werent bad enough allready then something like this happens. Ryans itched to
get back to the fight. The Sword Of Orion was one of the four last cruisers left in the UNSC
fleet and even every single fighter was needed in the desperate defence against the unstoppable
Covenant onslaught.He sighed heavully at the current state of things.
"Captain, i have a space/time distortion fifty thousand kilometers off the port bow" First
officer Timothy Waters reported, brining back Michael from his thoughts.
"Is it Covenant or UNSC?"
Waters examined the readings given to him on his data-screen checking them twice.
"Negative on both.According to the sensors its not even a slipspace anomaly. A single ship.
Unidentified design.Definately not Covenant"
"Open a channel at them."
"Channel open Captain"
"This is Captain Michael Ryans of the UNSC Cruiser Sword Of Orion. Please identify yourself."
There was no response. The icon representing the unidentified ship on the massive tactical
display closed within forty thousand kilometers
"Captain im detecting energy spikes in the ship, it seems they are powering up weapons"
So out of one war straight into another.This seemed unreal, the universe had a strange idea
of irony.Ryans didnt want a fight with an enemy he had absolutely he knew exactly jack.
However if the worst came to worst, the Sword Of Orion was ready to fight. Altough it was possible
that the un-identified vessel wasnt hostile and these energy spikes werent of weapons an old motto
told him what to do "Be prepared".
"Power up the MAC, ready Archer pods A thru G. All stations, prepare for battle"

Chapter 3: To believe or not to believe

The alien ship fired again. Half a dozen cannons on its surface flashed sending streaks
of plasma towards the two kilometer UNSC cruiser. The range was over five thousand kilometers and
the Sword Of Orion was evading and responding fire with three fourths of all its missile batteries.
Four more shots of plasma struck the allready battered cruiser, its titanium-a battleplating
allready glowing superheated in several places. Captain Ryans' expression was grim, with
less than 10 minutes of the battle behind them, the Sword Of Orion had allready taken
severe damage from the aliens plasma weapons. Altough the plasma cannons on the organic
ship were hardly as destructive as a Covenant plasma torpedo, they more than made
up for it in their rate of fire. The Sword Of Orion did the best it could with its missile pods,
however the shock on the bridge had created a long moment of awe when they saw
the first salvo of missiles disappearing entirely to miniature black holes spawned by
the alien vessel to their missiles paths. Altough Ryans had discovered along with his
tactical officer that the void defenses could be saturated with overwhelming amounts
of fire. However despite them firing over a hundred missiles per salvo, barely a dozen
of them got thru every time, and the effects were hardly encouraging. Altough these
aliens lacked energy shielding, their hull was incredibly strong. The Archer missiles had
only been able to crater the hull of the alien ship to some degree and they had even
blown away one or two of the plasma cannons: But it was getting painfully clear to
Ryans who was going to emerge victorious from this engagement, and it wasnt his ship.
"Another eighteen hits captain. No noticable damage." Tactical officer Shania Hughes reported.
Ryans only nodded and noted that the efficiency of the aliens void defenses had actually
decreased a bit. Not that it really mattered, they would have to get atleast a full salvo thru
before the enemy bothered more than to flinch. He desperately went thru all the options
in his head once again, he had done it a dozen times allready but he wouldnt accept
that his entire crew would be blown to hell in a battle against an enemy who he hadnt
ever seen before and couldnt understand. Fate had a strange sense of humor. If it
only had been the Covenant, he had fought the Covenant, they were someone who
he could understand. They were someone who he know how to fight against. All
those tactics, maneuvers and weaknesses he had learned to apply against the
Covenant were useless now, nothing more than waste of space in his brain. But
were they? Then it came to him. It was a standard fleet tactic against the Covenant
to time the impact of the MAC round only a second or so before the impact of an
Archer missile salvo in order to get the high energy warheads to strike the bare hull
of the Covenant ships. What if he reversed that timing? They had allready tried to
use the MAC cannons against the alien vessel, but it had been no use. The voids
had sucked the MAC rounds as easilly as the missiles. But if he timed the missiles
to strike a second or so before the impact of the MAC rounds, perhaps the void
defenses would be too pre-occupied and they would ignore the MAC rounds. At this
point he was ready to try anything.
" Lieutenant Hughes, prepare the MAC cannons and Archer missile pods"
Puzzlement dominated Commander Waters' face, he knew as well as the captain
how usefull the MAC cannons were against these hostiles.
" Captain what use will that be? Their void defenses have allready proven that they
have no trouble against our MAC rounds."
Ryans wasnt angry at his XO for questioning his orders, but he was irritated for
him to question those orders out loud. He turned his gaze to Waters for a few
seconds, his eyes were cold but calm.
"I am well aware of that Commander."
"Captain, the MAC cannons are charged."
"Very well Lieutenant. Now this is what i want you to do. I want to fire every single
missile pod that can get a firing solution on that ship. Target the missiles on numerous
different spots of the ship so that their voids will have harder time to snatch them. Then
i want our MAC cannon rounds timed so that they will strike only a second or so after
the missiles have reached the target."
Hughes punched in the targeting lock for the missiles and prepared the locks for the duo
of MAC rounds also.
" Firing solutions aquired captain, missiles are ready."
" Fire lieutenant"
Dozens and dozens of missile engines ignited with the simultaneous fire of nearly all of
the Sword Of Orions missile pods.The monstrous salvo of missiles raced away at over
500 kilometers per second. The range between them and their target quickly shrunk to 1500
kilometers. The automated firing sequence regognized the mark with one millionth of a
second accuracy and executed the next firing order. The dual MAC cannons fired, sending
two 100 ton tungsten steel slugs racing thru space at 2000 kilometers per second. It all
happened quickly, but it almost seemed like time itself had slowed down. The missile
salvo closed in and spots of complete darkness, spots that seemed to draw in even the
light appeared on the missiles paths, over four fifths of the missiles disappeared without
doing a thing but the MAC rounds reached their target. The two rounds struck straight
at the middle of the vessel. Coral shattered and superheated resulting of the immense
friction caused by the impact. The two slugs burrowed deep, drilling in unison a massive
hole straight thru the hull. The momentum of the impact threw the ship spinning when the
two projectiles still burrowed deeper to the ship. But as the captain had seen happening
before to Covenant vessels hit in the similar manner, the shots did not come straight thru
the vessel. No, they remained inside as a display of the integrity of the craft. Nevertheless
the aliens had finally been hurted and bad, athmosphere and tiny figures along with shards
of coral vented from the hole. The fire from the vessel had ceased.
"Lieutenant, arm a single Shiva warhead and one more Archer salvo. Aim the Shiva
straight down the shaft done by the MAC rounds. Time the impact of the missiles slightly
before the Shiva."
The Lieutenant acknowledged, and with a few quick strokes she inputed the firing order
and authorization for the thermonuclear warhead. She noted the completion of her task
with a slight nod.
"You may fire." Ryans gave the order calmly.
Another salvo of missile exhausts ignited on the Sword Of Orions missile pods, along with
one much much larger exhaust of the Shiva nuclear warhead. The 10 seconds felt like the
eternity. The tactical display visualized the wall of destruction closing in on the now hurt
alien vessel. Again, miniature black holes spawned in the missiles paths to protect the
vessel, but the number of them was barely one third of what it had been before the impact
of the MAC rounds. Blooms of fire luminated the dark vessels hull, doing relatively minor
damage to the hardened hull of the vessel. The Shiva however went straight inside the
ship, only a fraction of a second later blinding light filled the viewscreen. The automatic
shaders adjusted for the brightness, the flash lasted only for the blink of an eye, after
it disappeared everyone on the bridge could see where once had been a twelve hundred
meter long black monstrosity, now only pieces of coral remained. There were no cheers,
no cries for victory. Only silence. Victory came with a price tag, and everyone on the
bridge knew how much damage the Sword Of Orion had taken, not to mention the casualties.
Ryans broke the silence with the regular calmness of his voice.
"Damage and casualty report Commander."
"Reports are still coming in sir. The initial reports indicate that we lost Archer pods C thru K
and our point defense is all but gone. Numbers are still coming in on the casualties but
estimates indicate atleast 150 dead and near twice that on wounded"
Ryans sighed and nodded. Death had been part of his command for so long, he had lost so
many crewmen under his command during the years that sometimes the amount felt unreal
to him. But he never forgot those men and women who had sacrificed their lives in the line
of duty. That was the nature of war. People died and Ryans knew that. But goddamnit it didnt
make it any easier.
"Coordinate the repairs Commander." He replied and turned to face his navigational officer.
"Navigation, i want to get out of here as fast as possible. Try to get us a course to some
nearby system. I dont want to be around here when that ones buddies come looking for
"Aye aye captain."
"Commander, you have the bridge. I'll be in my quarters."
Waters acknowledged the command and with heavy steps left the bridge. What the hell
did fate have against him?

Master Chief sat silently observing the data screen at the end of the room. The alien named
Sien Sovv along with Danni Quee poured words of explanation to him. John wasnt a
sceptic person as long as something didnt feel absolutely insane to him. From what he had
heard so far, despite how insane it was. He could not deny it. Cortana had also agreed that
despite the obvious insanity of the explanation offered to them, they had no real objections
towards it either. From one meat grinder to another, and i though our war with the Covenant
was bad. John tought. From all what the Quee woman and this Admiral Sovv had told him,
the humans war against the Covenant invaders was quite miniscule in its scale compared to
the war that had torn this galaxy for the last five years. It was hard to decide, who were more
sadistic, the Yuuzhan Vong or the Covenant.
The brief had so far been a quick one, concentrating on explaining the Yuuzhan Vong, the
course of the war and some basic facts regarding the Vong technology and weaponry.
Cortana had settled for a silent whistle when the scientist woman had described the Vong
defense systems and ships. Miniature black holes, and he thought that the Covenant shields
were bad!
John hadnt said a word during the entire brief, he had nodded slightly signaling his understanding
of the different parts of the explanation.
"So far, todays attempt has been the biggest Vong assassination plot. There are numerous
instances where Vong have smuggled villips and other small equipment or weapons aboard
ships, stations or past planetary customs. But never anything as big as full vonduun crab
armor and amphistaffs. We have no idea how they managed to do it, especially here! We
have the best means of detecting Vong agents so far and we have allready found and terminated
dozens of agents."
Chief again nodded in acknowledgement to Admiral Sovv. He understood, this kind of attempt
couldnt have never been pulled off in any UNSC installation or ship without some very serious
work from the inside. Even after that it would have been quite difficult.
"I think that pretty much concludes it. So you now have a basic understanding of where you
are and what the conditions here are. Now lets hear some explanation from you." Quee
concluded the brief.
"I think i should let someone else do that, do you have any holographic emitters in here?"
Quee nodded and pointed to a small computer terminal placed in one of the walls.
"Thank you" John rose and walked crisply to the terminal placing his hand touching it and
he felt the familiar presence of the AI allways accompanying him fade away as she uploaded
herself to the system.
The emitter above the table at which everyone present was seated shot out a cone of light at
the center of the table. The half a meter tall representation of a woman appeared smiling
cheerfully. Everyone seated at the table now turned their eyes at the hologram.
"Well Chief, dont we have a cheerfull group of people present here?" The trick of light spoke.
"We do indeed, please explain them the basics Cortana" Chief requested here and received
a nod of approval.
"Certainly. Gentlebeings, i am Cortana or in other words, an artificial intelligence. I'll offer you
a quick brief which shoud explain Master Chief here and answer the questions about him."
John returned to his seat and listened Cortana starting his explanation of the basic stellar
information regarding the Milky Way galaxy. Knowing the thoroughness of Cortana, the Chief
knew that this would take hours. Not that it bothered him much, patience and the ability to
wait for eternity if necessary were traits that had kept him alive for this long.

"What!?" The single word filled with rage was enough to make the warriors spine shiver.
The new warmaster was not someone to be angered. The plan had been perfect, it had
been perfected for months and the biggest problem had been getting the warriors with
their equipment in and disable the security and door controls in the required area. But
they had succeeded and everything was ready for murdering the greatest figureheads
of the infidel empire. The warriors and planners of the plot had known that there would be losses
but even the great jeedai couldnt have lived thru the ambush. But despite all the carefull
planning and practice couldnt have predicted a single infidel, who wasnt even a jeedai,
slaughtering four warriors without any kind of trouble and snapping razor and thud bugs
with his hands alone from the air. The three remaining agents had withdrawn, they'd had
no vonduun crab armor to protect them, and against three jeedai and the armored infidel
whose skill had allready been proven, they'd had no chance and they had felt it more
necessary to report what had happened. That didnt make the Warmaster any less enraged
nor did it make Shujak R'ha feel any safer.
"You fool, this simply isnt possible. Please humour me and repeat it."
Shujak swallowed and repeated what he had told.
"The attack failed, all the nine warriors with full equipment died and they did not succeed
in killing any of the infidels. One un-armed infidel in armor only killed four of the warriors with
his hands and feet and sustained no damage"
The warmasters face twisted in pure rage for what he heard. How was it possible? He
had accepted the fact that the jeedai with their sorcery and weapons were more than
a match for warriors. But only the Master Jeedai like the cursed Luke Skywalker had
absolutely no trouble in slaughtering single warriors.
But what he could just not comprehend was how in the name of Yun Yammka could
an un-armed infidel slaughter not one but FOUR fully armed warriors with his hands
and feet. From the explanation given to the Warmaster by Shujak, he had heard that the
human had incredible strength, for the one warrior who he had kicked had flown over seven
meters straight to a wall so fast that his spine had shattered. No, he had to accept it. And
the assassination of the Skywalkers and the Solo's must be postponed until this new
infidel thread was dealt with.
"I see, i see indeed. This is what i want you to do warrior. Do not make any new attempts
on the infidels lives. Inform the other agents of these orders as well. Your new task is to
aquire all information possible of the new infidel warrior. Report back to me in seven days
and Shajuk...see that you have information for me by then". The villip twisted back to its
regular form. It seemed that Shajuk still had a chance to reclaim his honor and avoid death.

All the figures around the table had been concentrating on every word that Cortana haid said
for the whole three hours. No one showed a single sign of fatique and the last hour of the brief
had contained even more questions from the New Rebublic personell than the first one. Propably
because during the third hour Cortana had begun to explain the Covenant, their technology, their
culture and the UNSC's war against them. But still the AI had not answered to the question which
had been hammering everyone's mind for the whole time after they had seen what Master Chief
was capable of, what the hell was he?
But Cortana's explanation had followed a logical course which had now arrived to explaining the
SPARTAN II program.
"As i explained earlier, the UNSC's ground troops were vastly inferior to their Covenant counter
parts. The Covenant have better weapons and there are often more of them. We needed something
that would even up the odds, something that could literally kick the asses of the best Covenant
warriors. Thats when the SPARTAN II program was conceived."
"The SPARTAN program was basically an attempt to create super-soldiers in simple terms.
Soldiers that would be armed to the teeth, have un-imaginable strength and speed and years of
military training."
"One hundred and fifty candidates were put on the list of possible SPARTAN's. These were all
children in the age of six. All of them had been observed to have capabilities and traits that
made them all exemplary children."
Some of the people gathered seemed to be quite uneasy with the concept of children being
trained as soldiers. Cortana continued.
"Seventy five of the children were chosen for the program in the end. I wont go into the details
but they were brought into a military installation in all secrecy where the training could begin.
From the first day in their new home, the trainees training program contained tough physical
excerzise, study of military history and tactics."
"At the age of eight, the children were allready soldiers to the heart. They had firm understanding
of group operations and tactics and they refused to leave no one behind. At the age of eight,
Master Chief here was allready the natural leader of the group."
"Despite all the training and education, the Spartans needed a true edge to the Covenant. And
there is a limit to how much can be done to the human body with sheer excerzise. Drastic
measures were required to make the Spartans what they needed to be."
"There were numerous "enhancing" procedures that had been introduced to make soldiers stronger.
Unfortunately all of the procedures had some severe risks despite the heavy advantages they
offered and were thus considered too dangerous to be applied in practical use. Yet they were
the only choice available."
"At the age of fourteen, the Spartans were decided to have physically developed enough so that
the augmentations could be done."
"All of the critical physical traits were altered. Bones were enhanced with advanced material
crafting which made the bones virtually unbreakable. Muscular enhancements increased the
density of muscle tissue and decreased the lactase recovery time. Reflexes, eyesight and
bone and musle growth were all improved radically. But the risk in the enhancements was
very real and thirty of the Spartans were killed during the procedure and twelve of them were
injured so that they could not be healed to combat efficiency with any means available."
There were whispers and silent talk among the gathered Rebublic personell. John saw the
disgust in the peoples eyes. He understood them for he too would have felt the same way
unless he wouldnt have known how desperate the war against the Covenant was. Despite
that, Cortana continued, explaining the introduction of MJOLNIR armor, the Spartans success
in every battle they fought and the final MJOLNIR MKII armor. Comprehension sparkled
in the listeners eyes, now they understood. They understood the strength and all the potential
the Spartans had, no longer was there any disbelief regarding the way with which the Spartan
in their company had executed the Vong warriors. However, their distaste for using children
in such a way was still very visible.
"Ms. Cortana, what you have told us explains a lot but disturbs us also. I think i speak for
everyone present here when i say that your methods in this Spartan program were hardly
Cortana began to talk but John interrupted her with a flick of a finger.
"Mr. Omaas, i understand what you think. And i think you can understand my opinion too for
i was one of those children. The first months were indeed horrible and i did not feel how could
it be right to do what the military had done."
"But with time i came to understand the desperate situation where humanity was in. Make no
mistake the Covenants intention is to exterminate every single man, woman and child of the
human race. They feel no mercy, they believe it is the will of their gods for us to die and they
are the tools for that. They dont fight this war for resources, hell if they were fighting it because
of that they wouldnt be simply glassing every single human colony they come up against. We
Spartans gave the humanity hope, and a fighting chance. I no longer feel that it was wrong from
the military to do what they did. Not at all. It was their duty, it was the only choice."
Silence howered in the room as the gathered Rebublic military, religious and political leaders
crunched with the thought. The first one to talk was Leia Organa Solo.
"I understand you Master Chief. I cannot honestly call some of us any better than your military.
Altough the Vong also fight their war against this whole galaxy, their ruthlessness loses to the
Covenant in some aspects. They dont simply bomb planets to oblivion and they do take a lot
of prisoners and collaborators to their cause. Your goverment was indeed in a dire situation but
forgive us if it requires us some time to fully accept that it truly was the only choice."
The Chief nodded again in response.
"Well since we have the explanations sorted out, we could get to orbit to check what the techs
have to say about fixing your ship Chief." Han suggested.
"Agreed." The Chief was back to simplistic responses again. He didnt seem to be much of a
"I think we can conclude the brief here. Lets hope that the techs have something positive to say
John nodded to the chief of state and downloaded Cortana back from the holographic system.
Altough these people obviously thought that he was a very passive person, they had no idea
of the reality. He had been doing a tactical analysis from the first minute of the brief and memorizing
every bit of important data that had been said to him. Not that fighting some alien invaders was a
problem to him. Afterall that was what he had been doing for the last 27 years. Over five times longer
than the people of this galaxy had fought their war. And from what he had gathered, in his area
of expertise, these Yuuzhan Vong were hardly comparable to the Covenant. He soon dished the
thought, "never underestimate the enemy", he had said that to Cortana and repeated Deja's
teaching to himself too. If he did that he would be as good as dead. He let out a mental sigh,
atleast now he was in the company of people who werent trying to kill him and he considered that
as a plus.

It took barely 10 minutes from the moment he departed from the briefing room for the shuttle to reach
the massive shipyard facility. The yards must have stretched out hundreds of kilometers in a
horizontal plane. They hadnt seen it when they had arrived with the Millenium Falcon but the sight
was remarkable. Cortana whistled and John knew what the AI was thinking. "Just how many cruisers
could be constructed on this yard". Indeed, with facilites like these, the UNSC could churn out
cruisers so fast that they couldnt even have the crews to them anymore. There were dozens of
dry dock facilities all over the yard. All of the dry docks had construction projects in progress.
Most of them were building organic shaped over a kilometer long vessels, some of the projects
were still in the phase of constructing the basic skeleton of the ship. There were also massive
hangars dotting the shipyard web. "Propably fighter construction facilities" John thought. A few
of the dry docks had some sort of wedge shaped vessels being built. The ship designing habits
of this galaxy sure were peculiar, tough he was certain that the designs gave the ships just the
fighting capabilities they had been thought to have. "Those organic looking vessels look a bit like
Covenant warships" Cortana pointed out in his mind. John agreed, they were somewhat similar
to the silvery looking sleek Covenant warships.
What also had impressed John were the defenses of this planet. There were atleast a dozen
massive orbital space stations which the Solo man had pointed out to be Golan III fortresses,
dozens and dozens of smaller defense platforms, a hefty sized guard fleet and what had
amazed John and Cortana the most, a planetary shield covering the whole planet. Not bad,
he thought, not bad at all.
The shuttle began closing in on the what appeared to be the central hub of the shipyard. There
were less of those massive capital ship drydocks at this area. As the hub came closer, John
noticed that they were headed towards a hangar that was only one fifth of the size of the ones
that John had reasoned to be fighter construction facilities. The dark grey hangar structure grew
bigger and bigger on the shuttles main window. He started to make out the insides of the hangar,
he could not believe his eyes. There was absolutely no blast doors covering the inside of the hangar
from the void of space. Instead some sort of blue hue was between the void and the pressurized
inside. As the shuttle came more closer, the workers inside the hangar began to leave from the
hangar and John noticed that his Longsword fighter had been placed at the center of the hangar.
Surrounded by all kinds of equipment and devices. In less than two minutes the entire hangar was
clear and the forcefield disappeared. The shuttle entered the hangar slowly and set down in one of
the corners with gracefull elegance. The forcefield snapped back in place and the techs started
scurrying back to their tasks.
There were some dozen people working at the Longsword fighter, eight of them were alien and
one resembled a walking furry carpet or a fur coat, the rest of the aliens were the same fish looking
people that he had allready seen down at the planet. The rest were humans. Han lead the Chief
towards one of the humans holding a datapad and shouting instructions at the other techs.
"Doctor Bath!" Solo shouted at the man when they had gotten within 10 meters of him. The man
only murmured something and kept on to his work. When they got close enough Solo slapped
his hand down on the mans shoulder and he turned around quickly.
"Doctor, i'd like you to meet the owner of this vessel."
The doctor examined the Chief and after a few seconds only snorted.
" *sigh* how can you expect me to get anything done if you keep interrupting me?"
"Im so terribly sorry doctor, but we thought that the owner would like to know whats up."
"Well then, i guess i'll have to tell you 'whats up' then"
"Altough the vessel is technically very crude and un-sophisticated, the FTL system caught my
interest. Its based on...." The Doctor tried to begin a nerve breaking and incredibly boring
technobabble session but Han was very quick to interrupt him.
"Yes Doctor im very sure its fascinating and all but im sure that Master Chief is aware how it
works and i most certainly am not interested."
The Doctor began to object but Chief's crisp tone stopped him.
"Doctor, just tell me can you get it fixed."
The man sighed again and took a quick glance at his datapad.
"Yes we can most surely get it fixed, with time that is. Currently the components and structure
of your FTL systems are just too alien to us to begin repairing them. Some parts require full
re-building and that will take time, not the actual building of the parts but how to do it. I would
say that we need two or three months minimum to get it repaired. With the help of your AI we
could propably chop that down to one and a half but thats the most optimistic estimate."
John progressed this turn of events. So, even in the best case he would be stuck here for atleast
the next six weeks. He hated the fact that he would be out of the war against the Covenant for so
long at the time when the need for him was the greatest. But the realities were what they were
and he would just have to adapt to the current situation.
"All right Doctor. Do the best you can."
"By the way Chief, i think we can um... "borrow" one portable holo emitter from somewhere, one
with sufficient data storage capabilities for Cortana" Solo suggested. The way how he had said
'borrow' pretty much meant that the man intended to steal one. Not that it bothered Chief too
much but he had learned how to notice such things.
"Very well Mr. Solo. Doctor, we will be back to you soon."
The man only nodded as he was again fully succumbed to his work, making notes to his datapad
and shouting instructions.

The trip thru slipspace hadnt been a long one. But finding the route thru slipspace to the system of
their choosing had been. It had taken nearly twelve hours for the astrogation teams of the Sword Of
Orion to find a suitable system and plot the course. The system wasnt far, only some two hundred
lightyears away and the Sword Of Orion had crossed that distance in four and a half hours.
The damage repairs had been difficult. The most critical damage had allready been fixed but the
massive holes in the armored hull of the Sword Of Orion would require dry dock as would replacing
the lost weaponry. Pretty much every single system in the ship had taken damage. Some had been
irrepairable and some had been quite easy to fix. But there was nothing that would fix the crew loss
of the ship. The final counts had come in and the numbers were 152 dead and 321 wounded.
Ryans sighed heavully in his quarters. It was merely a drop in the ocean but it did not change the
fact that one sixth of his crew was now dead. They had survived with quite low losses at the battle
of Reach where an entire Covenant Armada had attacked the planet, but now they had lost three
times more people than in Reach against a single unknown alien ship.
His communicator chimed, reminding him that they were close to exiting slipspace.
"Commander Waters sir. 15 minutes to exiting slipspace sir."
"Acknowledged, im on my way."
He shut down the com and lowered the reports. And started for the bridge.

They had strolled at the central hub for half an hour allready. The place was indeed intriquing. There
were a lot of social places at the shipyard. Restaurants, bars and resting places along with different
stores. The Solo man had explained that there were at all times atleast eight hundred thousand
personell aboard this shipyard. There were often nearly two million personell aboard when there were
a lot of projects going on which helped John to understand the need of social relaxing places. The
vast array of different alien life forms on the station startled him. He had allready seen atleast a dozen
different races aboard, most of them tough being humans and the fish aliens who Solo had explained
to be Mon Calamari who according to him were quite exemplary ship builders and engineers. Since
they were on the station, Solo had offered to show the Chief around a little bit. As anxious as Chief
was to get his ship back to working order he knew that an hour or two wouldnt make a difference.
They were currently in the administration and command area of the shipyard. There were sentries
in every corridor and who clearly were military officers and personell walking around in their business.
In a way, the place was very similar to a UNSC military installation on this part of the station.
The amount of sentries and personell, especially officers, running around had grown for the last few
minutes of their trip. It seemed that they were closing in on the command center. What startled
Chief to some degree was that they had not been stopped nor asked for identification and authorization
for a single time. They arrived to the double doors leading to what appeared to be the command center
because of the double sentries on the entrance and writing above the door painted bigger than on the
other parts of the station.
"Hey sergeant. Is the commander here?" Solo questioned the right side sentry.
"Yes general. But we are having a situation currently and...."
"A situation? Well why isnt the door allready open then?"
The man only nodded to the second trooper standing on the left side of the doors and in unison they
opened them. Inside was a massive room, a half circle in form. In the middle was a pit which contained
one atleast a meter and a half tall holographic sphere which currently represented the Mon Calamari
system and all Rebublic capital ships and stations, John quickly estimated the pit to be we atleast
fifteen meters wide yet with the humongous holo sphere, data terminals, computer terminals and
tactical displays and two dozen personell the pit seemed to be very cramped. At the edges of the
circular pit were computer terminals one after another and on the middle level which was dominated
by large triangular window screens some one meter in height there were yet more computer terminals,
every single one manned by either an alien or a human. From the tones at which reports were yelled
and just the rush with which everything was done implied that whatever the situation they were in
was enough to worry them.
"Unknown vessel within optimal firing range of the Justifier in three minutes." The shouted report came
from somewhere on the crew pit. The man standing in the middle of the pit acknowledged.
"Still nothing?"
"Negative, no transmissions of anykind."
Solo strode to the commander.
"Hey Wilkins, whats going on?"
"Well Solo, some ten minutes ago the outer sensors picked up an unkown contact near the Justifiers
patrol area. We have no idea how it got there. We picked up no hyperspace signature to go with it and
the design and emissions match nothing on the database."
"We tried to contact it but we got no answer and they began coming deeper in system. I ordered
Justifier to intercept it but i have a bad feeling about it. The Justifiers only a light cruiser and whatever
that thing is its some six kilometers long and masses three times that what Justifier does."
The Chief had now closed behind Solo and was examining the different tactical screens. His gaze
moved to one analysis screen showing a schematic of the alien vessel. There was no way John
WOULDN'T have regognized it. The Minotaur class cruisers were one of the newest class of cruisers
in the UNSC navy and the design of human vessels was quite easilly regognizable. The Minotaur
seemed to have suffered severe battle damage, there were atleast a dozen large holes in the hull
and the accel. was only 25% of what the Minotaur was capable of.
"Commander, could you get me to a communications terminal? I think i can solve this situation."
"Chief do you mean that....."
"Not now Mr. Solo i'll explain in a few minutes."
The Commander seemed to consider the request for a few seconds and then gave him an accepting
"All right, this way."
He lead the Chief to a terminal at the edge of the pit and signaled the officer manning the station to
leave his post. The human woman gave her headset to Chief who placed it on himself. The commands
on the terminal were still quite peculiar to him despite Cortana's continuous analysis from the moment
they had seen the first bit of what seemed to be the basic language of this galaxy written somewhere.
It took a few moments to get the grasp of it with Cortana's help but then it was quite easy to program
the basic encryption and code to the transmission. He executed the commands and began the
"UNSC Cruiser, this is Master Chief Petty Officer Spartan 117. Please respond."
There was only silence and Chief noticed that the looks of everyone on the pit and many of the
operators on the second level had turned to him.
"UNSC Minotaur Class cruiser, this is Master Chief Petty Officer Spartan 117. Please respond"
Silence followed, the seconds ticked past and they felt like hours. For a moment John wondered
that had the cruiser lost its comms systems. Then the familiar sharp voice of a UNSC captain
came off from the speakers.
"Spartan 117, please transmit your authorization code to verify your identity."
"Acknowledged, transmitting now."
The silence lasted for only ten seconds now and then the very very relieved sounding voice of the
captain came back to him.
"Master Chief, this is captain Michael Ryans of the cruiser Sword Of Orion. I think you understand
exactly how confusing this is and our caution."
"Yes Sir, judging by the battle damage you have sustained you have every reason to be cautious
but you are among friends now. If i assume correctly you were attacked by aliens using organic
technology and ships?"
"Yes Chief, we did not provocate them in any way. Despite that they attacked."
"Well Sir, the people here are the enemies of that alien race. I had my own run down with them yesterday
and i can assure you that no harm will come to you while you are in this system."
Again, silence followed and lasted for atleast half a minute. No doubt the captain was discussing
with his tactical officer and first officer about their options, but the choice would have been the same
for any UNSC captain.
"Acknowledged Chief, we request to approach the station where you are transmitting from. From
what we gather its some sort of shipyard facility and we desperately need dry dock."
The Chief took himself off the air for a moment and it was now his turn to discuss with the commander
of the station. He didnt need to ask anything from him for he seemed to approve allready.
"Very well Master Chief. Tell them we are transmitting them the approach vector shortly and they will
have the Justifier to escort them to the dock."
Chief opened re-opened the channel to the Sword Of Orion.
"Captain Ryans, you are cleared to approach and are granted dry dock. You will be transmitted the
approach vector soon and the ship that has been closing on you will be your escort."
"Thank you Chief. And its nice to see familiar faces so far from home."
"The feeling is mutual Sir."

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Wow! That's a long read, lol ;)

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Well, it has all of the fic i have written so far so.... :D

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So... will you be posting anymore of this?

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Perhaps some time in the future if i get the interest to continue it but i havent really had the inspiration in a while for writing.

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I'd certainly like to see more of this. You're not off to a bad start here. My only complaint so far with it has been that that fight they had in the corridor was dragging on for too long at a time where you'd rather like to see them getting introduced to eachother (in other words, I'd like that scene to have been a bit faster paced). Other than that small fact, and a few spelling and grammatical errors, you've got it down good. [img]smile.gif[/img]

Btw, this fanfic is the first one in this forum I've taken the time to read.

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Hmm, well if there are interested readers then perhaps when i get my moving in to a new apartment handled in this weekend, i could start writing more of it.

Also, ill take your comment of the fight in mind. When i read that chapter myself i thought that the fight lasted a bit too long. Ok, i'll have to fix that in the next fighting oriented chapters.


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