Steam is tempting me

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Steam is tempting me

Post by bzb » Mon Dec 28, 2009 12:58 am

They keep offering me stuff for not much money which is making it tempting.... its just that there is a lack of decent PC games.

I could have got the complete BF2 collection for £3.74 the other day which was tempting and almost had me at the checkout, until it occured to me that I already owned everything in it.
Now they the Codemasters complete pack staring me in the face, some 18 games for just £44.99... but two of them are cricket. I have heard of Dirt and Grid but I really cant be bothered to work out what the other games are about.
Then there is Ubisoft stuff and all sorts...

But is there anything in Steam's sale thats worth buying?
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Post by Shadow of Light » Tue Dec 29, 2009 1:47 am

I recently bought the THQ pack for £26 on steam, got a stack of good games saints row 2/opposing forces/DoW 2/DoW complete all expansions/ titans quest games/ red faction all 3 titles/...etc easily worth it at the usual £59.

But at half price i Had to Buy.

Dragon age origins (delux version) is my recommedation of the year, it's an RPG but rather good.(dont know if you will find it in a sale).

Stear clear of L4D 2 unless you intend to play online with friends, no real sp side to it so really it requires you to play it online with people in campaign mode , but as the L4D community 1 and 2 is a rather hostile enviroment i dont recommend it unless some of your friends have it or are going to buy it.
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