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WC:T Background story

Post by Chevieblazer » Wed Aug 24, 2005 2:12 pm

to well informed WC fans, some of this may look somewhat alien. it is all part of the original storyline WC:T will feature.
first of, a little overview over the major races in and outside the confederation(exept humans, i guess we all know how they look and work ;) :

Races of the Confedertation:

The Duraks:
The Duraks were the first race discovered by the Confederation, merely 20 years after its formation after the end of the Last Great War of Man. They are a loose band of clans, in constant blood feud with each other and surrounding species.

Duraks are stout, tough green creatures. Their average height is about 4 feet, and they are usually about a wide as tall. Duraks are humanoid in shape, the heavy frame, thick arms and bald head carried by thin bend legs. They are poikilothermic( can not regulate their body temperature) and aggressive predators.
Because of their rude and uncompromising behaviour, many regard the duraks as a band of stupid primitives. Yet the primitivity of their civilization by human standards should not be taken as stupidity. Though Confed’s technology was lightyears ahead of their own, and the clans were unable to band together even in the eye of a common foe, the Duraks resisted the advance of the TCN for more than four years, betraying their cunning.

Politics and geography:
Ever since leaving their homeworld Durah Prime some 20 years before their discovery, their independent tribes have been expanding into space. They have no central governemnet, and over large episodes, not even a ruling clan. Before the Duraks discovered other races to fight, many clans always existed on the brink of extinction.
Though the integration into the Confederation has tamed most major clans, some resent the Confederation and its vision of civilization up to the present day and live as nomadic band of space pirates.
Those clans that did integrate into the Confederation provide some of the most high-ranking officers throughout the various branches of the Confederation Space Force.

Their technological level at the time of their discovery, some 20 years into their interstellar expansion, was, by confed standards, laughable. Their ships were heaps of junk metal, barely holding together. But appearance-as usually the case with the Duraks- was deceptive. Their technology is primitive, but effective every mass driver built in recent centuries is constructed after the original Durak model. Duraks also integrate a lot of tech stolen from other races into their own, for example human or rikogg tech.

The Rikogg
The most notable feature about the Rikogg, apart from being the most technological advanced
Race of the Confederation, is their total lack of any concept of weapons.
Rikogg first made contact with confed two years into the war with the Duraks. By that time, the Kingdom of Rikki had suffered Durak raids for more than 10 years. The Rikogg were more than willing to share their superior technology in return for protection by Terran warships. Many advanced Confed technologies, such as artificial gravity and phase shields (aswell as shield technology as a whole) are of Rikogg origin. The Rikogg, whose physiology reminds of overgrown rhesus monkeys. Form the core of most research teams in Confederation space.
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