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Post by Reverend » Wed Jul 15, 2009 1:47 pm

CnlPepper wrote:There is one case where we do see a "plasma mortar" of sorts. Anyone ever noticed the oblong cannon on B5 that fires green pulses. Its much the same shape as the Omega pods, I suppose you could extrapolate that. However, as I've said, as we never see an Omega fire such a weapon during numerous battles, I see no reason to include it.
I did wonder if that was supposed to be the mine launcher mentioned in GROPOS, but as you say it appeared to fire plasma. On the other hand, the Narns used "energy mines" (only once in numerous of battles) and IIRC they were also launched from similar looking cannons.

Just thinking out loud, but would it make a difference if the Omega's mine launchers (FTSOA) were assigned as a special function bound to a key. So that once you've upgraded to mine launchers that you fire them manually, with a magazine of only a few mines at a time with a long recharge cycle.
So it'd be the sort of weapon you'd use going up against a station/mothership, rather than ship-to-ship. Since we've never seen an Omega take on that kind of target (with intent to destroy) it'd preserve the canon precedent and keep some of the original designers intentions alive.

I don't mean to try to push the idea too much, if you don't want to do it then fair play, that's that and I'd certainly much rather you stuck to canon than subscribe to some of the fanfiction/rpg tat that gets passed of as canon.

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Post by Whacker The Atacker » Fri Jul 17, 2009 10:01 am

There are some mines used by Cintary against the Drasy at the begining of the Drach war They were launched by the war crusers with the 4 fins on the back.
Sheriden braught down the Black Star by seeding an asteroid belt with mines. They also used them in the final battle with the Vorlons and the Shadows I dont know what ships theu used to seed them but any ship with a launch bay is a possability.
Regarding B5 with mine laying they were supplied with nucliar mines by the Gaim to protect B5 from atack from the Sgadows. Its 2 of these mines that Sheridan used to destroy the Shadows main city on Zahadoom, although he crashed White Star 1 to do it

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