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Babylon 5 mod for Homeworld 2
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Comments for B5WWE Beta

Post by AnubisRa » Mon Mar 24, 2008 2:34 pm

First sry for my bad english knowledge.

I dl yesterday the Beta files via SVN (works great btw).

First the 2 biggest +Points.
The Models looking really awesome ingame great work guys.
Mod running stabil and after testing it vs an Expert KI (KI spamming Sharlins like Hell) and i engaded with max fleet ofter 20!! Minutes and rebuilding my ships too like Hell i had not really lag ingame by zooming in/out. The Debis field was big after around 100 Capitals died but game still runs great (2.3 Ghz Dualcore; 3 GB RAM; 512 MB 8600GT on XP incl all Patches).

Don´t know if you changed KI but i had the feeling the react quicker on tactical changes. An example: A Expert KI moved to my short after round starts to my Position on 50% distance done (no hyperspace by KI) i clicked on building ships (5-6 X Omega´s and 2-3 Nova) and they stopped in the same moment and turned back to they´re starting Position (Pussy´s ;).

Some other suggestions/Questions...
The Hardpoint for the Deathray will be changed on the Battlecrab?
It´s under the ship atm and has the wrong color i mean it must be red not yellow i thing you will change it i a later version.
The Warlock isn´t rdy yet? I know wrong place in Minbari/EA War but for Testing like the Battlecrab should be OK ;).
You can Research the Defense Satelite but not build it possible to work on the HW1 one and put it into HW2 because the model was good.
The Icon´s of the Ships are to big i think for Tactical Overlay ok but in normal view they disturb the view on your nice ship´s a bit too much ;).
The first steps for the new research tree looking well keep up the good work on it.
I´m not sure but it looks if the NOVA ships need a bit to long to open Fire until they reached the Firingdistance.

I will test now ship to ship combat 1vs1 but the easy and standart KI won´t leave the starting position will try to bait them.

Btw if you need a few sounds like a Jumpsound or Firing sound of an Omega so look here...
The Double Firing sound of the Omega with a double shot of the Cannon followd of the Beam´s are great.

So far thx for the great work to all involved ppl keep it up.


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Post by CnlPepper » Tue Mar 25, 2008 3:05 pm

Thanks for your comments AnubisRa. To answer some of them:

The shadow battlecrab had only just been added and is now more correct. I still need to make its weapon FX however.

The warlock is on its way... see here: showthread.php?t=15090

The research tree currently references ships we have not yet made, hence why there are no defence satellites yet. The plan is to add the G.O.D sat and another non-canon design for the early game.

I intend to go through all the ships replaceing/modifying the icons but its not a priority at the moment.

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Post by AnubisRa » Wed Mar 26, 2008 5:54 pm

Updatet the Files....

Your new Deathray looks awesome, right color,right place just perfect.
The Fusion on your Warlok model is on the wrong side the ship is moving only backwards ( you can see the Thrust animation of the 4 main engines in the front of the Ship) ;). The model looks great and will be perfect if the turrets placed on it (especially the small ones on the upper hull region). The Warlock has ingame Nova as classname should be a minor problem to fix it in a later version (i hope).

The 2 Frontweapons of the Omega The Pulse and the Beam firing from the same Turret slot i mean the bigger one on each side ( the smaller turret of the Hardpoint i think should be the Pulse cannon or?)
If i see that correct the Pulse weapon have a higher firing range as the front beams but the ship don´t move automaticly closer to get in "Beamrange" you must do it manually per move to (don´t testet it yet but i think the Sharlin have the same problem with the upper main beam).

The Cotton Tender model looks good too. I´m not sure but is the morshin carrier smaller then a Sharlin? I need to search the ship in the series/Film to have a look ;). The torotha will be the Assault Frigate i think but it was a Support ship for Groud attacks if i remember correct.
You think about the modell´s of the Leshath Heavy Scout and the Tigara too?
They´re nearly the same modell just the Leshath has the Main Laser on the upper Wing the Tigara not.

If your looking for Details for Minbari you can get suggestions here..

or here but just pictures from miniature modells...

but at least i think you have all links you need to do your great work ;)


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