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Hey Zeelich

Post by Meurig » Fri Mar 14, 2008 2:13 am

Hey Zeelich, because of the private message system on this board being buggered I can't get to my PM's to answer you there, but the notification email sent me the contents too so I saw what you had to say and will reply here.

No probs at all with using the old stuff. The collector was in DA3 if you can find a copy of that anywhere, but I won't have the model here or anywhere except for a dusty backup CD in another country, so I don't have it to hand ;) Perfectly fine for you to use it or any other content from that mod though, no probs.

If you want to render textures from high res models, by the way, I made a high res Sharlin, Nial and Lintira a couple of years ago that still hold up pretty well. You can preview them here...

http://www.meurig3d.co.uk/gallery/index ... %20Sharlin

http://www.meurig3d.co.uk/gallery/index ... ari%20Nial

And if you want to download them in Lightwave format you can get them at http://www.foundation3d.com for free. Although there is a 6 posts in 10 days system or something along those lines, before you can download stuff.

Good luck with the mod mate :)

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Post by Zeelich » Sat Mar 15, 2008 12:19 am

Thanks for the reply Meurig, and the permissions. Good to see you're still prowling the boards. :)
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