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Post by Zeelich » Wed Jan 23, 2008 1:33 pm

Control points need to be able to dock ships and fire weapons. I couldn't get asteroids to do either. Otherwise I'd be using shuttles/transports to gather manpower from them and return it to your command ship.
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Post by Reverend » Tue Sep 02, 2008 3:24 am

Just a thought (and forvive me if this has already been discussed) but what if some control points on the map were Jumpgates? Then controlling these points would be the only way of calling in certain ships from hyperspace. Sort of like the Relics in Dawn of War.

Great mod btw, I only downloaded I yesterday and even at this early stage it's plenty of fun! Wish I had the skills to help out, but it looks like you're already set in the 2D graphics department. ;)

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Post by CnlPepper » Tue Sep 02, 2008 4:05 am

We have research points which you need to capture to be able to build certain ships. The centre of the Jupiter map is a research point for instance. In the future we'll probably put an object at the point to represent it eg a damaged shadow ship embedded in an asteroid or pieces of a vorlon ship.

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Post by Reverend » Tue Sep 02, 2008 4:28 am

That would certainly make sense for getting the Omega-X and white star (or the Shadow Hybrid from Crusade?) but I wonder it it would make the game more of a challenge to make a player dependent on jumpgates as a means of getting standard capital ships, or to make them quicker to "build"?

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Post by mr morden » Sun Sep 07, 2008 12:22 pm

:cool: whats up oldtimers this is looking really good just dled the beta and even as it is, it is quite fun to play.
gona get some of the modding tools and see how i can fair with hw2 and if i got the time i'll try and help out.

great work

ps i can't believe this is still going:eek:

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Post by UMKA01 » Sat Sep 13, 2008 1:31 pm

I only today have created the name and I do not know English. I use a translation program. The sense of the text can be not clear partially. Excuse. I wish to ask developers of it a fashion
1. How many ðàññ there will be in release a fashion?
2. About realism and balance of the ships in a fashion. The balance of the ships is not similar to a parity of forces in a serial Babylon 5. Sharlin more poorly Warloka, Îmega-X is stronger than a cruiser of shadows.
3. Accuracy of shots of the pulse weapon of the ships. When the pulse gun shoots, it shoots with accuracy 100. In a serial Babylon 5 it is visible, that plasma often passs by the purpose. It is well visible, when Babylon 5 has destroyed ship Centavrian. From 10 impulses 5 have not hit the mark. In a fashion of such effect is not present. The ships shoot with surprising accuracy. It will be corrected??
4. The large ships fire from the main guns on èññòðåáèòåëÿì. And it is similar to shooting from a gun on sparrows. The main calibre serves for fight with the large ships, instead of for fight with the small ships. I think it will correct. 5. What role in release a fashion will be carried out with such units as shuttle?
6. Why Minbari the base has no weapon?
7. Speed of construction of the ships and studying of improvements will be changed?
In advance thanks. You do good business. Good fellows:p :D :D :D

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Post by FendeR » Sat Sep 13, 2008 3:00 pm

Got to be one of the worst cases I've seen...so difficult to read :p

Damn you translation progrems! Damn you all to hell!

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great job guys, just a few comments/questions

Post by Inadm3 » Sun Nov 09, 2008 12:00 am

I totaly appriciat what you guys are doing, this mod is BAD ASS, i have already spent way to much time playing with it:) there were just a few things i thought you guys might want to consider.

First, i found micro managing the fighters to be a little bit teadius, aspecialy becouse of how many of them inevitably get destroyed while fighting against larger ships. One way to solve this problem would be to handle fighter squadrans the way that Sins of a solar empire does, by making a squadran automaticly spawn from, reinforce from, and guard a crueser to which it is assigned. I apologize if you have no idea what i am talking about;) the idea is that you only need to ishue orders to the capital ship which will then automaticly micro manage the fighters that are asigned to it (a.i. doc them before jumping, reinforce them etc.) so that the player doesnt have to screw with it. The lenth of time that it takes for a cruiser to reinfore its fighters can be adjusted so that the fighters can be suppressed completly, but if the cruiser servives the battle it will replenish its squadrans automaticly saving the player the trouble.

the second thing that i think you guys might want to consider is giving ships a passive repair rate, again to save the player from to much micro managment.

You guys have already done an amaizing job, so please feel free to completly disreagard my comments if they suck. Thanx for helping to keep bab5 alive for those of us who just cant get enouph:)

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Post by TheOneNamedViper » Sun Nov 09, 2008 2:45 am

Personally, I like your ideas. I've always avoided fighters myself due to the micro management involved. I've also thought of the idea of fighters assigned to specific capships. The best implementation I've seen until now is the Hive Frigate from Cataclysm, but I'm not sure if it can be implemented like that in HW2. If it can, I'd love the idea. It'd probably take some game rule scripting to do it if at all possible.

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alternative solutions to micro managing fighters

Post by Inadm3 » Sun Nov 09, 2008 9:34 am

anouther solution to the micro managment problem might simply be to draumaticly increas the size of fighter squadrans so that rather than dealing with a strike group of between 6 and 12 squadrans you merely have to manage a single large squadran of like 25 fighters or more. that way one dock order completly restores your strike group. This way you could build a squadran of fighters and mabey anouther squadron of bombers and be all ready to go kick some ass, if your guys win the fight you ishue a single dock order and you dont have to screw with rebuilding lost squadrans. Of coarse it would be nessisary to modify fighter cap in order to componsate for the draumatic change in squadron size. it might also be helpfull to reduce the accuricy of the weapons on cruisers and stations against fighters and perhaps even give fighters a bonus against such targets. if my memorie of the show serves me, it seems like fighters often inflicted mortal damege on larger ships.

Please forgive my fixations with the fighters in your mod, i think it has something to do with the fact that i think that the star furry is the coolest ship ever, and i just hate seeing it getting hoplessly owned:( . thanx again for all the work you guys have done, needless to say, i have complete faith in your guys's judgement.:)

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