The mighty Foo in Hyde park

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The mighty Foo in Hyde park

Post by bzb » Mon Jun 19, 2006 12:57 am

I dread to think how many peeps were there in total but im guessing more than 50k... or was that the que for the beer tent?

I confess the mighty Foo dont top my playlist but as a Reading vet ive seen them a few times now and i like them as a band. I dont think they got past colour and the shape, but the same could be said of so many.

Odd gig to go to, a few bands on in the day but the main support act was Motorhead (Ace of spades..) and Lemy joind the Foo for a song later.

Foo started there set to a mighty uproar, given we'd suffered the heat of the day waiting for them. I dread to think how much water i drank but my new flipper is a little disturbing.

A fair few Foo song's later and the encore was required, answered by Brian May, Roger Taylor and the Foo... ever sung Tie your mother down?
Having been part of crowd clapping hands to we will rock you makes me feel great, even if its years after i wanted to do it!
A fantastic than you to those of us that had put up with the heat of the day!

They closed with the inevitable Everlong which just diddnt seem long enough to exhaust all of the crowds energy and some would have waited all night for the feed back to be answered with just a few more songs but alas it was not to be.

Walking back up Park Lane to the Marble arch tube station did make me consider car crime... shouldnt leave Aston Martins locked behind glass!

The hour long journey back to home took four million hours
The worst part about the tube in London is that everyone must expose an armpit to grip the handrail when the train is packed... after everyone on the train has spent all day in the sun the aroma was kinda gross and it was the same all the way back to homeland which sadly involved a bus replacement service.

Great night though, ever get a chance to see Foo Fighters id say its worthwhile, especially if you like a sing along crowd. Ever get a chance to go on a crowded tube train on a hot day... avoid it!
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Post by JayeD » Mon Jun 19, 2006 7:41 pm

cool, I saw the foos at reading in erm.... 98 I think. Proper good band.

tbh, Nirvana changed music with Nevermind, but the Foos are a far better band imo.

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