War storys

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War storys

Post by bzb » Thu May 18, 2006 8:54 pm

Okay, post your favourite memories of your Reading experiances.

I'll start it off since it would be silly to wait for anyone else to :p

SO many to choose from but cos i have the memory of the Goldfish im going to put TIPPER PARTY

The ultimate result of the 'tip tipper, tip!' chant and a good lesson as to why you should bring a tipper van to a festival. Late night drunkard stupidity as we mouted our chariot ready to risk our teeth and bodys as the tipper bed slowly rose to about 45 degrees. The weak and pathetic fell early but i held my place (mainly by starting at the top of the tipper and having something to hold onto). Even when my grip finally failed and i started to fall the smile on my face was becoming painful, falling in slow motion the thought that a nail may be pertruding from the tipper ready to rip me a new one did pass my mind but it rapidly dispersed as the speed at which the ground was approaching became apparent. Landing with a thud and my jeans looking soiled i concluded that one day i will open an amusement park full of tippers tipping :D
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