When you have to get that award

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When you have to get that award

Post by bzb » Mon May 08, 2006 9:48 am

I got bored yesterday after a couple of hours of my normal l33t loosing ability and decided that a new medal would really cheer me up. A quick check of bf2s revealed the obvious choice was the Meritorious Service Medal, i had two of the three requirements in the bag and only needed 200 points to get the third.... which would have to have been repair
But i wasnt one to be put off my goal and i had nothing on this weekend so i though, yeah, i'll get that done before dinner, its only a couple of hundred points, cant take that long can it....
I decided the obvious map choice for repair was an EF map, operation smokescreen specifically, so i found my self a 24/7 server and set off on my challenge, possibly get the expert repair in the bag in the interim- i hoped.
Obviously Engineer was my class but weapon was Jackhammer, even if i was going to be vehicle based, you need to know when it all goes wrong that old faithful can get you out of the mess. I wont say im great as Engineer but i have now clocked up 171 hours in the job and i know how to get repairs (legally), points and the limitations inherent to the class.
After a couple of hours of Smokescreen it became painfully apparent that the map was won or lost within the first five minutes dependant on two flags and that the selfish who went off in empty cars were saviours as they could cap these important flags faster but i was interested in the armour, slow moving and vulnerable to almost everything.
Initially i thought the jeep would be a good approach, made sense, jump between repairs quickly and escape when it gets 'interesting'. This stratergy is good on paper but it really wasnt working. The thing with Smokescreen is the volume of armour- which creates the problem, you cant go many places without a shell cleaning the wax from your ears. Pretty early on i concluded that being in the armour was going to be key, more specifically being in an armour convoy and making sure i wasnt at the front. The need to not be at the front as i rapidly realised that people believe medic can heal all, including tanks- why else would they repeatidly spawn as medic and hop in a tank...
Increasingly i found i was the key to most armour movements and was soon in the habit of cruising between outbreaks of tank related violence as i had in the jeep, only now i was dealing with 'problems' on the way rather than just shouting expletives at my screen. Fair enough i was wasting repair time but i was saving on spawn time.
As the sun set i had learnt the art of running away and helicopter avoidence quite well, the Eurofighter became a joke to me, or rather the few pilots that met a tank shell during there dive did. Smokescreen does force a very limited number of ariel tactics in the bombing department (fortunately).
As yesterday evening came into full bloom i finally disconected from my server of choice and on my way out of the Battlefield office i decided to stick my head into HQ to see what my new medal looked like.... but wait, a gap remained where surely after a long day chasing repairs a new medal should be glimmering, but no, it wasnt threre, even after shaking the screen to see if it had become trapped just off to one side it still did not appear. Onto the stats screen, with that feeling of empty achievement growing, to reveal that my best efforts had pulled in a mere 73 repair points. Gutted i was. A few rounds of Aoe3 before bed cleared my head enough to allow the dreams of how to do better. They do say that you learn new skills whilst you sleep as your brain assimilates the new information into your 'program'. I suppose the dream was more of a nightmare of bad Euro voices making requests i simply couldnt understand inspite of speaking English and German and a rudermentry comprehension of Latin based dialects via a couple of years forced study on the subject. Still a nightmare of tangled request and satanic accents haunted my dreams.
I was delivered into Sunday by the rumbles of the dogs barking downstairs. failing to sleep more i got up and fired up the computer...
After checking every stats site it became apparent that i really hadnt got the points last night... which lead me neatly to the burgundy number 2 on my desktop and onto the second days work.
I hoped that learning from your dreams stuff had worked as i waited for a slot to become free on 'my' 24/7 server and eventually i was on.
Armour armour everywhere.... but weapons made to destroy and not wound it, this was going to require coffee. A few burns to lip insued as i experianced the higher ranks superiority and the limitations of my brain to adapt but eventually i was back in the rythm.
During a long stint i do experiance a dip in willingness but i was going to have my repair points today so i was not going to stop staring even if the server decided crashing might break my spirit....
Finally, eventually, i tabbed back to BFHQ and had 997 repairs in the bag and had also lost the will to live but if i was about to die it was important that i got my medal.
With two fingers held at my screen after a sucessful bombing run from a pilot i disconnected.
There she was, shiny and new, my medal, six repairs to many but mine none the less.

If you think that took a while to read this is how long it took to play

Whats the point of this?

venting the string of words that spins around in my mind...


Also, in all that game time on a map littered with vehicles i never once got more than ten repair points in a round.... 25- GAH!
I saw that server full and empty and never would it have been possible, without the aid of Captain Kirk, to get 25 repairs in a round.

In conclusion.
Repair points are a pain, getting them in bulk impracticle. Forget killing people and forget points per minute. Flags? no such thing, just any friendly vehicle stalking them. Kill the AT guy? nah, just let him get the nearest friendly in the red and then step in. Spec op in your base? pretend you aint seen him. That a copter coming into land? park on that heli pad!
Any of that good for the team, nope, but it does help get repair points.

Tomorrow, War College Ribbon... yeah right!

I promise to one day get a life.
Cheese is evil.

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Post by Pierce 2: The Sequel » Tue May 09, 2006 12:15 am

Yeah, it's a common problem in FPS's; I don't from BF2, because I refuse to buy it, but I remember it from 1942, although obviously it was less of an issue there without any sort of ladder or persistent stats to worry about.

The only game I've ever played that really got things right was, of all things, Command & Conquer: Renegade, which I always thought had a pretty decent scoring system (probably because I actually didn't completely suck at it, like I did--and still do, for that matter :D--at CS ;) ). You could run around as an engineer, repair buildings and vehicles, and actually get a decent amount of points for it, enough to be up there in the rankings with the guys who only went out to fight.

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