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Post by bzb » Tue Feb 07, 2006 2:06 am

Possibly the strangest few servers i have played on. Lin- who seems to have a similar role to me (although a slightly busier place) did invite me to have a play, via a curious topic on, so since desert rats was down i thought why not.
Ping is a little high from what im used to, as in over 100 (fair enough they aint local), first time ive noticed lag in bf2. Servers operate strange rules to me, im used to being able to shoot anyone holding a gun irrlelevant of where they are on the map- im happy to play to a servers rules though. Although Firestorms server did seem to suggest spawn camping by making it so prominant that it was allowed...

I nearly got my expert engineer badge on the Oman server, the players were so poor, not even the spec ops bothered to hang around and snipe me, joined 3/4 way through a round and got 9 repair points in main base- felt like I was stat padding. This is a no base raping server, though no one paid attention to that until admin turned up... then you have a chorus of 12 year olds finger pointing and eventually a few people get kicked for no apparent reason. Admin promptly left after- evidently having better things to do, also fair enough, but then its back to how it was. Totally daft server if you are expected to play to certain rules only if an admin is about.
Weird thing is how easily admin are identified, admin shouldnt stick out like a sore thumb, or rather the lactating nipple for the kids to suck on.
aDmInnastyman (not a real name or size but exagerated example of how it comes accross) is a bit daft if the admin is doing no more that an ego trip. The players really shouldnt be told when to behave in this way as it has the exact opposite effect of telling them when its ok to miss-behave. I appreciate Lin said that Oman has evolving rules but the change in players behaviour or respect for those rules altered greatly when an admin was about, making it less obvious may be obvious?
Firestorms server- well not his but where he can be found. He is the No 1 ranked player atm and getting on that server took a while. Its a great points fest, i think mainly as people want to learn how you get to No 1 which attracts an interesting mix. The 'Its ok to spawn camp' message in the loading screen was curious, but then i understand how you get points, easy enough to do. I dont generally stoop to that tactic as its cheap and prooves nothing, but for points....
I have nothing against Firestorm- resident admin- and i saw this after he left but i think from the brief 2 minutes hes was about that he plays fair- engineer kit is always a good sign, a stats padding whore simply wouldnt have chosen the tk kit. Id advise no one to slate him for the sake of his score.
Parking an apc and shooting doesnt bother me with less lag, a few magic cookies from the engineers bag usually gets me a kill or a free apc, but i was again faced with an idiot team desperate for a ground defence badge (ie get in the launcher cos its not the obvious target?). Couldnt believe it, squad leader sits in apc rocking back and forth on the spot whilst he and respawning squad rapes spawn with no need to cap flag (free points). If i hadnt seen it i wouldnt say it, cheap tactic, yet ok in the rules- though no appret admin at that time.

I think overall i appreciate the ideas moongamers have and i think some have good merit. Problem is that admin seem to admin for ego and not fair play. I dont see why the admin seem to have to be contacted externaly when they should be there anyway, loudest screaming kid seems to get his own way which dont say much.
Those of us who play fair- check the stats satanbzb- no bans, to many kicks from the early days and i admit but i learnt enginner the hard way. But i like to think they dont say i play a dishonest game.
Anyway, thats my opinion based on a brief experiance, i really cant place an overall judgement as i havent played enough- i was thankful not to get banned just for my user name as other reports may suggest i would have. I think id say fair enough overall but full of kids for a reason.
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