Do you ever play and it all just goes soooo right

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Do you ever play and it all just goes soooo right

Post by reapernoire » Wed Dec 07, 2005 2:12 pm

random 64 player server, and I can only assume there was a clan on there.
on various maps we played and didnt just win we bent the opposition over.
apologies i cant remember names of maps, China one, misty, opening to a sea route or something, Valley shaped, paddy fields and a temple to the north east aaaaanyways

this particular map, I jump in an apc, and there appears to be a armour column just moving out so I snag into it second to last, we've got about 5 machines, just going to each flag taking it moving on.
we roll in guns blazing clearing out flags the enemies doing what it can but we just kill them so damne quick, infantry jumps out of our apcs and takes up defensive positions, i'm looking at my health i've taken abit of a pounding, call for repairs, couple of the other machines do so as well. Blackhawk lands laden with engineers who run about repairing our machines, then all jump back into the blackhawk and it takes off again, commander tells people to mount up, infantry mount up bar three who stay to hold flag, and we move on go to next flag same again pound em, infantry dismount, blackhawk comes in engineers jump out repair vehicles jump back in blackhawk takes off. It was just so well co-ordinated the enemy couldnt do anything, there was about 20 of us doing this, I assume the other 12 from our side were just holding flags etc, but it was great, we won that map easily only at one point did it look hairy and we lost an apc, but that was fine cos the enemy numpty bailed from his tank when it got low on health so we took that which our engineers soon repaired lol, figured best game i've done for a while, then we move onto another map and do the same thing, and another map same thing, it was brilliant, no messin about with single people nicking blackhawks and flying off just the concerted effort really showed what you can do in the game
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Post by bzb » Wed Dec 07, 2005 2:37 pm

It is good when the team work happens, iusually find myself on ea servers where its every man for himself, tkers taking planes etc.
I was playing on the Futuremark server the other day and ended up in a squad with some clan peeps and it was one of the most fun games ive had and it did open my eyes to how organised a team could be, especially if squads listened to the com and if the com lets squads know about easy flags and enemy.
Cant say ive ever been in a game where ive called for repairs and actually got repaired, if im in a tank mood i generally go mechanic and self serve as required (which has its hazards), its best when armour works in pairs with mechanics driving as then you repair each other as you go. Sounds incredibly organised to have airbourne mechanics repairing as required, better service then the RAC.

One thing that does seem odd, and i may be wrong, is that squad leaders cant talk to other squad leaders directly. I would have thought it would make sense for two squads to be able to easily cordinate attacks and tactics on the same target, no point one group sneaking into a base undetected when the other squad slams in guns blazing.

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Post by Chevieblazer » Wed Dec 07, 2005 6:24 pm

i don't think they can.

and yes, i've had games like this also, but only on clan servers, and usually very late at night(around 2 o'clock or more)
i once had a server playing sharqui, there were about 16 people playing (was a 32 server,though) but all were grouped in teams. i don't have voip myself, but it was one of the most coordinated games i've seen. and fun, too.
most servers, though, it's too much to ask for a ride, not to mention repairs.

i've had it a few times, though, that when i asked for repairs, i got a supply crate dropped a supply crate dropped at my position.

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Post by bzb » Thu Dec 08, 2005 12:59 am

I did have the privalage tonight of making mass team work go wrong on a Sharqi 64 player server. About 15 of the enemy made a break for the northern most flag and easily captured it... sadly seeing the inevitable and being com the artillery landed just as it went neutral. Its a shame it all went wrong for them because they were all greedy for a single assist point.

As for repairs, i was amazed to park my apc meters from an aa station occupied by a mech only for him to refuse to repair, its not like he was going to shoot anything down!

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