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Post by Mr_Moogle » Fri Dec 09, 2005 1:10 am

My answers:
1) Australia

2) I like anything, but mainly PvP for now. I'm going to start finishing the game and start runs soon, but that's in a few weeks time. So lol, any1 who want a run, wait until I get my skills first...

3) Baryn Rhymer: Level 20 W/Mo
Occupation: PvE Tanking/Farming and Running
Wendy Diadora: Level 20 E/Me
Occupation: PvE Nuking and possibly soft damaging (empathy and backfire)
Melodia Lefor (My bro's char): Level 20 Mo/N
Occupation: PvE Healing
Exodius Moogle (Name varies and class as well): Currently Level 20 W/Mo
Occupation: PvP Knockdown Hammer Smiting Warrior (I like it, lol)

4) I would like to see more of everything really. We're lacking almost everything: Community, recruiting, PvP, tombing, trading, etc. The guild talks to each other like once every month or something. Even when I talk, the convos last like 1 minute then they all shut up. Not enough friendship showing, although I like everyone in the guild. Like, half of the people is offline as well, just kick them out if they don't have good excuse.

The guild should just do everything the game can offer, as a guild! I know this is a bit much, but I'd expect a lot of tombing, gvging, Team Arenas, guild together missions, trading, farming, a bit of training, geez even a little conversations between the guild every now and then would be good! If Zond is too busy coming on, then we, as a guild should just work it out without him.

Lol, that's just my opinion, that's all ^^.

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Post by plusminus » Sat Dec 10, 2005 4:50 pm

Hi everyone joined the guild today
and wow, half of australia is in this guild O_o

1. What country do you live in?

Slovenia (Not Slovakia)

2. What is your favourite part of Guild Wars? (PvP, PvE?)

PvP is my fav.

3. What classes do you play? (Include character level)

-Elna Tavturus N/Me lvl 20
-Lunia Qualms R/Mo lvl 20
-Elria Tarvold E/N lvl 20

4. What would you like to see more of in the Guild?

well, dont know much about guild
but id like to see everything from Tombs to Team Arenas and GvGs

Worf Van Saar
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Post by Worf Van Saar » Sun Dec 11, 2005 1:46 am


What way do u do thunderhead keep - when u have reached the city and cleared it out - i help the guards at the gate get rid of the first wave then i stay beside the king and let the waves of foes come to me - they generally come so u can beat them before the next group arrives, once u have beaten the 2nd boss of the 4 waves that is it, the hard part is over, but the hard part is beating that 2nd boss. Thats how i play it - what do u do?

Randal Rasandil
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Post by Randal Rasandil » Sun Dec 11, 2005 12:35 pm

Every time I died in that mission was when someone convinced me to guard the king. Every time I succeeded was when I ignared that advice and stayed in the courtyard with 1 group at each gate... warriors equipped with Sprint and casters on the walls helping out...

Works for me!

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Post by alduos » Mon Dec 12, 2005 12:25 pm


PVE PVP and PVK (player versus korians!)

um i got...

r/me 20 (pvp)
w/e 20 (pve)
me/n 20 (pvp)
n/me 11 (pve)

maybe s'more conversation, advice and help, it seems everytime i ask for some advice or help or just to hang ppl dont even say no!


Randal Rasandil
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Post by Randal Rasandil » Thu Dec 15, 2005 2:55 pm

Hmmm... am now looking into these answers to see what we need to offer to improve this guild for all our members. Seems that we have a pretty generic mix here - but still kind of disappointing that so few peeps come here to fill this out.

Oh well. We'll just focus our efforts on the members who have contributed here. Thanks to each of you who took the time to answer...

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Post by dot » Sat Dec 17, 2005 12:57 am

Hello ladies.

Im posting this reply as Dot, as ome of you may be aware, Beren and I are brothers, and we share one account. He has had his say, now I'll have mine.

1. Sydney, Australia.

2. I'm loving the tombs at the momment. I enjoy PvP more then PvE, but i do enjoy helping out on missions in PvE.

3. Both Beren and I are pretty fair trappers in PvP and PvE.

I play mainly as Mesmer these days, but can handle a monk or necro if we need one. I just cant be a warrior, it's a moral standing i think.

4. Like most people have said, i would like to see more in guild trading, or "Hand me downs" as beren put it. I know that i have alot of top gear that i would be happy to off load to newer players.

I would really like to see more people PvP'ing. Lets get into the tombs and practice up so we can GvG.

Randal Rasandil
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Post by Randal Rasandil » Sat Dec 17, 2005 3:03 am

Alrighty guys.... here's the low-down....

From the replies above it would seem that there is a substantial interest in getting some more active pvp off the ground. On the PVE side of things - it seems to be pretty easy to organise.... more frequent in-guild trading & more help with missions seem to be the mian concerns on that front. In terms of organisation this kind of thing takes less time and is less challenging than organising PVP.

However - good help for our members in PVE will contribute to improved PVP options in the future. Why? Because peeps often like to COMPLETE the game before they move on from PVE to PVP. If we can help more members finish missions, capture elites etc... they will move on to PVP sooner. As a personal example, while I am willing to play PVP with a PVP-only char I would ideally like to play my PVE char in PVP but until I have captured Eviscerate I can't do that... Sure I have the skills unlocked for PVP but until I have completed the damned game my focus is not fully on PVP... Make sense?

Anyway - I digress..

Now on to the PVP side....

There is obviously desire amongst members to conduct more PVP. Now due to the nature of PVP (especially tombs & GVG) it requires more people online and is obviously more difficult to set up. HOWEVER... something needs to be done to address this issue (and I am the first to admit that I am probably the least qualified Officer in this department - so I will have to rely on the expertise of other members and offs...)

However I can organise and that is what we need now.

In terms of GVG - I would say that GVG is at present the hardest activity for us to sort out. We need around 24 skilled pvp members in the guild to safely be able to run a gvg at any time considering that we all play the game at different times.... therefore, logic would suggest that, until we increase the general pvp standard with all members ... GVG is looking a bit tough to properly undertake.

TOMBS and TA is the answer here. Moogle has been very vocal in his offer of help in TA which is good. WE will always need this kind of thing happening and now TOMBS is the next step.

It is possible for us to practise tombs without a full complement of 8. We can take what we have online and fill out the remainder with pugs... what we now need is some expert opinion in the different areas of the build. So here is what I suggest...

The members in the guild who are the most experienced in playing certain chars in TOMBS should analyse the TOMB build we have posted in the private forum... Enrath for warrior etc... They should then make their recommendations on their specific area of expertise... Everyone else should pay attention and give what they say a try...

Next, all of us should maintain a flexibility of mind to accomodate minor changes in each build... this allows people to demonstrate their own preferences and people can then judge the results for themselves in a TOMB situation.... I know enough to say that what works in TA might not be soo crash hot in TOMBS.

It is also important to tweak our builds to accomodate other skills in the build - an easy example is if we have a prot ElMo casting iron mist for example that we make sure we have warriors equipped with lightning weapons... (yeh - ok maybe a silly example but u get my drift...)

So in essence we need the experts in their respective divisions to step forward and pass judgement. Then we need the rest of us to keep an OPEN mind and try it out... This way we can get some more TOMB experience in the guild and eventually build up to some more GVG.

(Can I suggest to our TOMB gurus that they print off the TOMB build thread and go thru it... This might help us come across some neat complementary ideas to furhter imporve the thing.)

Enrath - would you be able to take the role as TOMB co-ordinator on? We'll also need a European Officer - Raeven or Miss Elven? That should get the ball rolling.

Enrath Mier
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Post by Enrath Mier » Sat Dec 17, 2005 10:05 am

sure can do

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Post by Natar » Mon Jan 02, 2006 1:56 pm

1. Australia

2. Well... i havent really tryed PvP much, but when i played it, i enjoyed it quite a lot, but im SO SO bad at PvP, so i like them both the same.

3. Typhonny Natar Lvl 18 R/E
Kartonny Natar Lvl 7 W/Me
Joaquin Patrach Lvl 12 Mo/W
Selandra Dekrause Lvl 11 N/Mo

4. More people online, ive only been in the guild for about 4 weeks, but i noticed only about 20 of the people in DF are eva online. And i would like to see a Cape Change, I wouldnt mind if it didnt change, but i think it should be something more BOLD then our current "Gold Lion and Cross" motif.


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