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Team Speak

Post by Zondervan Letter » Wed Oct 26, 2005 1:57 am

Essential Tool for all who wants to take part in 8v8 pvp
download it over here:

Windows Client ... 2_2032.exe

1. Download it
2. Install it
3. Run it
4. Click on Connection on top right. Click on Quick Connection on the dropdown.
5. Server Address (find this in our private forum, password can be obtained in our announcement box in our guild menu)
6. Type in your Name (IGN)
7. Type in Password (find this in our private forum)
8. Click on Connect.
9. Go to the chat room where our guild mates are.

thats all. :)
i understand that some of you may have slower connections. give it a try first and if it doesnt work, only then you are excussed from TS. however, someone who is on TS will be given priority in Tomb/GvG over someone who is not on.

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