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Mini Pet Price Guide

Post by Worf Van Saar » Sat Aug 26, 2006 7:05 pm

The links below are from the Guild Wars Birthday Presents page.

The guide values are a rough guide to what you can expert to buy / sell for in trade. Watch out for dealers only offering 20k, and making a killing later. The values are based on what I have paid for them, the average WTS I see in trade and offers under WTB

() Unopened mini-pet present

Bone Dragon (Gold)
Guide value: 100k + 'nn' ectos (typically +40 ectos). Highly sought after.

Burning Titan
Guide value: circa 50-60k (Doesn't come up often).

Charr Shaman (Purple)
Guide value: circa 50 -60k (Doesn't come up that often).

Fungal Wallow
Guide value: 25k (I paid 22,5k)

Guide value: 40 to 60k (rarest of the whites, apparently). I'm haggling for 30k!

Jade Armor
Guide value: 25 - 35k (Don't like it myself)

Jungle Troll
Guide value: 25 to 35k. I wouldn't pay any more, myself.

Kirin (purple)
Guide value: circa 50 - 60k

Kuunavang Dragon (green)
Guide value: 95k to 100k + 'n' ecto

Necrid Horseman
Guide value: circa 35-50k

Prince Rurik (gold)
Guide value: circa 95k to 100k + 'n' ectos

Siege Turtle
Guide value: 35-50k (It is kind of cute). Not paying over 27,5k if I can help it.

Shiro (gold)
Guide value: circa 100k + 'n' ectos

Temple Guardian
Guide value: 25-35k

Whiptail Devourer
Guide value: circa 20-25k (I paid 24k, if I recall, you can get them for as little as 15k)

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