I got a new toy

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I got a new toy

Post by bzb » Wed Jan 16, 2008 10:42 am

Its not really gaming related at all since it’s a guitar but its that exciting that I think I can twist this into a poor review of buying a musical instrument online just so I can show off my new toy.
Needless to say we should start with a picture http://www.evilbrie.co.uk/toys/guitar.jpg its the guitar on the right. As you can see from the guitar on the left swapping a collection of knackered guitar pedals with the guy at the music shop when I was a lad didn’t really pay off. I was left with a guitar that whilst being from a quality brand it does make it look as if I worship the black arts. Also, lets be honest, it aint easy to rest such a stupid shaped guitar on your knee.
The new guitar is an Epiphone SG400 Deluxe, which makes it sound dead expensive and it might be as the RRP varies from £525 to about £250 but thanks to the wonders of http://www.google.com its easy to get it cheaper. I think the average price for it is about £199 give or take so I was quite pleased to find http://www.coda-music.com as they had it on sale for £149, which is why, as an unemployed person, I made the entirely rational decision to buy it. With the P&P it came to just over £160 which was fair enough since being unemployed I cant really afford to travel ten miles to pick something up.
I had to wait a week for it to arrive but they e-mailed and told me about the delay the day after. All in all a good shopping experience.

So now to turn this into serious internet business by making comment about musical instrument shopping on-line.

It is generally considered a cardinal sin to purchase a guitar or most other musical things without actually seeing them. This probably goes a long way to explaining the vast variations in price I found for this particular guitar.
Here it is for £149, here here it is for £199, here £209, here £254.07…..

That last price is quite important because I got it from Kelkoo.co.uk which is a price comparison website. Please do take notice that the price comparison website is more than £100 more expensive than Google.

So overall we’ve established that music shops don’t seem to be aware that they have competitors on the internet and that price comparison websites are a total waste of time. But more importantly we have discovered that I got a new guitar and that Im going to play it until my wrist aches like the wrist of a man who just discovered how to turn off safe search.

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Post by Shadow of Light » Wed Jan 16, 2008 5:25 pm

I have SG hybrid with part from a few guitars on it , but i must admit the first guitar I ever bought was a jackson and it was sweet had floyd rose tremelo and was very smooth.... still my favorite guitar ever was an ibanez rg750 with a jim moon setup...absolutely magical.

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