Galactic Broadcasting Service Braking News!

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Galactic Broadcasting Service Braking News!

Post by Chevieblazer » Wed Nov 30, 2005 5:39 pm

Breaking News!

while official sources still declare the the recent attacks in chamberlain sector to be the work of pirates, we have been able to obtain several more pictures taken of the attacking ships.
we must excuse the poor quality of the pictures, they were apparently recovered from the sensor logs of a destroyed civilian freighter.
our experts tell us that the first vessel is about the size of a cruiser, the second is much smaller, likely a corvette or gunship.
most alarming is the fact that all experts we have gotten in contact with have confirmed both ships, as far as it can be deduced, do not seem to belong to any known shipclass, and the only vague resemblance there is are vessels used by imperial and messian kilrathi...
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