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WC:ME Timeline

Post by Chevieblazer » Tue Nov 15, 2005 12:41 pm

nine years after the original bug invasion, the confederation has lots control over vast parts of vega and epsilon sector. the bugs seem to have a way of circumventing jump point blockades and have overrun tcn system after system.contact is usually lost shortly after the naval forces retreat, it is assumed that the aliens make no prisoners.
while the first bug incursion into sol sector has been repelled, it came at a high price, and high command doubht the remaining home fleet ships will suffice to protect the inner worlds once vega sector has fallen.
in this dark hour, a call for help is intercepted by a tachyon com relay in perry. a kilrathi scientist in T'K-Urel claims to have found a way to beat the aliens once and for all.
the tcs midway is send into trk'phan sector to retrieve the scientist and the super weapon. the mission is successful, though most of midway's escort ships die on the way.

the scientist proves to be the same one who developed the locanda virus, which had been released by thrakath's forces on locanda during the last days of the kilrathi war. it was basically a nerve agent, causing massive disruptions in the infected persons entire nerval system.
the kilrathi scientics had assumed that since the bug ships were at least partly organic in nature and possesed nerve strands in their organic parts, it should be possible to modify the bio weapon into a sort of disruptor, effectively shutting down all systems of the infected bug ships.
first tersts on capured vessels proved highly successful, so confed navy issued a modified versio of mass driver ammunition to all ships. these ammo replaced the stanard solid m.d. projectile with a hollow one that would shatter on contact with a ship's hull and spread the virus over it.

while the new weapon gave the navy and space force a fighting chance, it still took years to clean out the invaders from all the worlds wich they had possessed. by january '94, the entire vega, epsilon, kilrah, vukar tag, trk-phan and m'shrak sectors were full of bug ship corpes. the worlds which they had conquered had been stripped of all resources and were barely inhabitable.
the confed senate decided that while every effort was taken to aid survivors on those worlds, there would be no effort to recolonize those planets, but intead they would look for habitable and more hospitable worlds else where.

the consequences of the bug invasion were horrible for the confederation, and millions of citisens had died,but the kilrathi were left almost extinct. the disorganized and inhomogenous clan military had lacked larger ships and enough firepower to truly oppose the bug swarm, and about 95% of all kilrathi worlds lay in ruin and while the confederation slowly began to recover from the blow, most kilrathi lived in total poverty under stoneage conditions.
some clans, most notably the hallas clan issued official petitions to joint the confederation, but kept living on the fringes of society

2751: the messia
even after almost 60 years, the population on most kilrathi planets were still unable to feed themselves, many totally dependant on confed aid deliveries. more and more kilrathi grew frustrated with their condition, being dependant on the weak humans.
and then there was one to rally them.
Ashrem Kren did not belong to a noble clan. Nobody even knew which clan he belonged to, but since most clans were unable to feed their members, many listened to him anyway.
Ashrem called himself the Sivar'Sajaar, the chosen of sivar, and he claimed that the poverty and the bug invasion were punishment from sivar for the kilrathi had fallen from their true path, the path of the warrior when they surrendered after the destruction of kilrah. on several world in the vukartag-kilrah sector border region, a slow economic, and more notably military ressurection began.
confed intelligence eyed his movements with suspicion, since his speeches and agenda were very much anti-confederation.

2772:the sivar rebellion
after two decades of military resurrection it became clear that in Ashrem's eyes, there was only one way the kilrathi could redeem themselves and make themselves worthy in sivar's eyes again. the archfiend, the confederation would have to fall.
in june 2772, legions of kilrathi troops and fleets of warships made their move and attacked the confederation outposts remaining in vega sector.
unlike the start of the kilrathi war and the end of the cease fire, however, tcn was more than ready for them.
unlike the kilrathi, who had barely managed to regain their strength, the confederation had prospered in the 90 years since the end of the bug war. two new entire sectors had been colonized, Telamon and Gondor Sector, both on the far side of avalon and hawking sector. also, landreich, with most border wolrd systems dead, had been repatriated 15 years before.
the kilrathi met a fleet that owned them by 50 years of technological development, not to mention new weapon systems based on analyzed nephilim systems

only a few months into the fight, most of the new pride of the kilrathi people floated in ruins around long dead planets in the vega sector, and confed fleets were converging on the realm of sivar's chosen from multiple directions. but they did not surrender. not this time. Ashrem knew he could not outfight the armada closing on him.
in a last effort to save his cause, he and his followers packed all they could scavenge into the remaining ships and left. thousands of kilrathi from dozens of worlds followed with everything that was jump capable. as per orders of grand admiral Stern, the confed fleet let them go.

2774 - 3993: the golden age
after the kirathi had left, the confederation began to grow once more, and slowly bagan to colonize its way around the barren worlds of vega and the former kilrathi sectors, commonly know as the blight, which soon became an outlaw zone.

in 3203, a confed patrol in elysium sector( coreward on the far side of the blight) was attacked by a bunch of weird aliens. first intelligence believed the kilrathi had returned, but it turned out to something quite different.
though the durak shared the clan social structure of the kilrathi, the lacked the military cohesion, centralization and efficiency that had made the kilrathi such a fearsome foe.
durak technology was unbelivably primitive, but effective. no two ships looked the same, all seemed to have been slapped together from parts of others ships, partially durak, partially from other races. yet the duraks were able to turn this junk hulks into astonishingly effective fighting machines. the plasma lance cannon, standard issue on all space force ships to the present day, is originally a durak design.
physically, the duraks bear an uncanny resemblance to mythical figures such as goblins, trolls or cobolds, with their stout, square appearance and green skin.
after several raids by various durak clans on confed worlds, command send a retaliatory expedition into durak space. in a backwater system supposedly affiliated with the duraks, they found a ship from another alien race, who introduced themselves as the rrikogg. small and slender in appearance, the rrikogg reminded of small monkeys, with brown fur and long tails. however frail their appearance, the rrikogg were masters in technology and research, though for some reason, their culture was completely lacking the concept of weapons, making them easy prey for the duraks.
the rrikogg pledged for help from the confed forced, and offered to trade in technology in return. not a year later, the rrikogg monarch signed the confederation carta and his kingdom became an official part of the confederation.

in 3210, after multiple skirmishes which confed forces had continuously won against superior numbers, most major durak clans agreed to sign a pact of non agression and eventually integrated into confederation society, though a number of smaller clans still live as nomadic pirates plaguing the galaxy.

with the full integration of the mandarian trade conglomerate into the terran confederation, it bacame painfully obvious, and frequently discussed that some facettes of the government ,which now ruled almost two thirds of the galaxy, was biased and antiquated: the name.
while the terrans still played a great role in the confederation, and terra still was the seat of the senate and administration, the other member races felt discriminated by being part of something that bore another race's name.

after half a year of heated debates on and off the record it was finally decided to keep the name confederation, but drop out the terran. so the terran confederation became the confederation.

3880: restructuring
for almost a thousand years, development of military technology had pretty much stagnated due to a lack of conflicts and therefore funds. new ship classes were not terrifically superior to the ones that had sealed the fate of the kilrathi.
with so many centuries without need for large fleets, calls became louder to restructure the mammoth of the confederation armed forces. there was no more need for carrier and battlegroups with with dozen of ships each, but for allround ships that could operate on their own, having a maximum of firepower and carrying capacity. upon roaming in the naval archives, designers found a few designs which seemed to have just that. the epitomy of the new hybrid design will be the bengal mk2 heavy carrier, designed after the most famous ship of the first kilrathi war.
the senate also decided to revise the antiquated system of having three seperate military branches, navy, aerospace division and marine corps.
all were combined as the new confederation space force with a unified ranking system.

3994: the Wormhole
in August 3994, terran standar calendar, an exploratory vessel under command of captain august chamberlain found a natural wormhole in an uncharted system in the atlantic sector, galactic gamma quadrant. captain chamberlains ship passed through the wormhole. his call from the other side reached confed exploratory command on bergheim two days before he actually made the jump, which means that the tachyon signal was coming from a very remote place, at least 200000 light years away. it was discovered to come from the andromedar galaxy.
the orginin system of the wormhol was christended "heaven's gate", though many regarded it more as pandora's box and cautioned the move into another galaxy.
in 4010, 13 worlds had been colonized in the chamberlain sector, yet the new sector remained under administration of the antlantic sector on this side of the wormhole.

in february '12 civilian authorities in chamberlain sector began to report an increasing number of pirate attacks, first on signle transport vessels, but also on convoys. far away on alpha centauri starbase, the space force high command station, grand admiral alvin craig decided "to leave such minor problems in the hands of the militia.
over the next twelve months, the militia chased after the priates, but continously arrived on the scene just in time to retrieve the looted carasses of shot down ships.
in chamberlain sector, cries for justice grew louder, and with them, voices to take matters into their own hands. in record time, a seperatist movement gained momentum, claiming that the confederation regarded them as expendable and unworthy of the help of the mighty space force.
unfortunately, in peace times, the space force sector commander, admiral shannon, had little political room to manouver, as all fleet actions need to be sanctioned by high command.
in an effort to save the situation, shannon ordered a confed scout corvette, the csf jason to "patrol" through several border systems in chamberlain, hoping to find the pirate base for the militia before the seperatist situation escalated.

the csf jason was sdhot down in the lioness system. all forces affiliated with the seperatist, including most militia units on duty in the chamberlain sector have withdrawn to the dakotah system.
admiral craig has requested a negotiator. to show confed's sincerety in this matter, the negotiator will travel onboard confed's latest warship, the first prototype of the new bengal mk2, the tiger's claw...
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Post by Sarty » Tue Nov 15, 2005 1:09 pm

Very cool. And in the spirit of the Tiger's Claw, is there are going to be any other Bengal Mk.2s later in the game, I suggest scaling the TC slightly larger than them, just like the original.

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Post by TheOneNamedViper » Tue Nov 15, 2005 4:43 pm

It's not a bad story, but I have a little nitpick: No matter how much faster than light a signal travels, it can't travel back in time. It just doesn't make sense...

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Post by Chevieblazer » Tue Nov 15, 2005 5:47 pm

there is a theory which says that tachyons, since they travel faster than light, do travel backwards in time. that is the theory i based my story on.
it also explaines why the confederation has such an elaboryte network of relay stations everywhere(as in wc4) the shorter the distance they travel, the shorter the leap backwards in time. adding in the processing time inside the relay stations, you come up +-realtime transmissions. an unprocessed signal however, from a place very far away, would logically arrive long before being sent.

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