Maybe I'm just old fashioned

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Maybe I'm just old fashioned

Post by Phantom16 » Mon Mar 27, 2006 4:48 am

So I'm at work, alphabetizing music CD's. A lady talking on her phone comes up with about $100 worth of merchandise to ring up. She never looks at me, even when giving me her cash. I give her the change and receit, tell her to have a nice day, and she walks off. Never made eye contact, never said anything, never acknowledged that I was a human or even existed. She kept right on going with her conversation (to her husband, I think. Though they weren't the nicest to each other). Hello, my name is mud.

Maybe I should just stare at customers on their phone until they get aggitated enough to glare at me. Then I'll muster a big smile and say "How are you today?" Or maybe, if they come up to me, I'll get on my work phone and pretend to talk to my girlfriend or brother. Then I'll just do the same they do. If they look at me, I'll look at them. If they say something but don't hang up, I'll do the same. I'll hang up when they do.

Isn't it rude? They can always call that person back (I can tell it isn't urgent when they are arguing over what brand of toilet paper to buy). Is talking on the cell phone now a priority over talking to people in person? I swear, it makes me feel like dirt.
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