March 1st Local Municipal Elections

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March 1st Local Municipal Elections

Post by maxdamage » Thu Feb 16, 2006 11:02 pm

Well the South African local elections are around the corner and already there are controversial stuff happening.The mayor belongs to the ANC political party.

He spent R 2 million on a house in a private secured complex 30km away in a neighbouring town and he used to drive a BMW X5 4x4 that is armoured\bulletproofed(Don't know if he is still hiring it)!Now the "new" ANC mayor(the ANC party will again get majority control of the town I live in) which I can't vote for as he has been chosen by the ANC party themselves!He is now going to use ratepayers money to buy a R 3 million house in the countryside and the current mayor will get to keep his R 2 million house as a "gift" from the community! :mad:

The R 800 000 baby grand piano(which belongs to the muncilpality) was taken to the home of the current mayor without permission.He still has to return it to the townhall.He doesn't know how to play the piano in the first place.

All this explains why 2 of the 5 garbage removal trucks are the only ones that work as the others are most of the time broken down.

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