Who Would Jesus Bomb?

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Who Would Jesus Bomb?

Post by RLK86 » Mon Sep 26, 2005 6:12 am

Yeah, so, it's election year. Mister Christ is leading the polls, and is eventually elected into office, with his expected administration of Mathew, Mark, Luke, Judas and the gang, and even a personal secretary named Mary (gasp, trouble is afoot!)

But yes, Big J is elected leader. It's the third testament, adapted and designed for the modern world. So, what's he going to do with it? What are his policies and opinions going to be regarding the social and international issues of the day?

Is he gonna be patting the back of the christian right? Is he going to be congratulating the neo-cons for a job well done in the USA? Is he going to turn western nations into authoritarian theocracies, or is he going to decide that forcing people to worship god through government isn't going to save anyone? Is he gonna be a hardcore free market capitalist, or is he going to love institutions like the UK's NHS?

Of which nation is he elected? Doesn't really matter. USA would be fun, as they have their fingers in many pots. But anything works. UK, South Africa, somewhere crazy like Iran if you want, whatever. It's a serious question, too, i'd like to hear what people think such a hypothetical government would run like, with so many diverse views as to what christianity is today, and how it seems to desire a much larger role in politics. Do you believe the old SoG would actually be a right-wing nutbag, or has his name just been hijacked for the cause?

Speculate away. :D

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