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Planet Earth 2005

Posted: Mon Aug 22, 2005 2:52 pm
by kojak
Howdy fellow 'TGU'ers',

It's a bit shit innit.

Well, im going to be 34 next week, and i have to say the first 33 were a load of shite. I was hoping that by the time i'd hit the mature old sum of 34, there would be some massive dawn of realisation about my place in this thing we call life - pffft. When you think about it, were all just insects that can read, and really only care about the same thing all living things fear - death, so hence the common strive to reproduce and survive. The mind bending substances , plus too much Arthur C Clarke and Douglas Adams only reinforced my thoughts that the Human race is above all most excellent when it comes to pushing the self destruct button, and i firmly believe thats inherent in human nature.

Not having (and not planning to have) kids maybe has something to do with it, but to be honest the state of this thing called planet earth and the upright creatures that inhabit it is too depressing to contemplate. A phrase that stuck with me all my life is that most men lead lives of quiet desperation - why? why put it with it? why accept it? because a man in a suit tells us to? because a society into which you were born goes by those rules?

Now, Admittedly, i am a miserable bastard (Polish roots probably) but how the fuq humans manage to cope with the daily strive for whatever, still scares the shit outta me. Then again, the Human brain is superbly adept at convincing other humans they belong to the same species - DO NOT BE FOOLED. Remember, just because they look human it doesnt mean to say they are.

I try to live and think outside the box (i think) - not in it, and i firmly believe there are many many more people who think in a similair vein. The internet is the gateway to freedom of expression and opening of minds blah blah - anyway, MY POINT IS, i just wanted to say the serious discussion forum is one of these places and i'm looking forward to hearing about your own 'box'. Lets keep it real folks.

Talking of boxes, dont be surprised if i end up in a commune up a mountain in Tibet in one of these days. :D

Posted: Tue Aug 23, 2005 5:33 pm
by CurseUppl
Frankly what keeps me going is seeing the future. Whether Earth falls into a nuclear war or colonizes Mars, I just want to be there to experience it.
If an FTL drive is invented, I want to be the captain of one of those ships.
If an alien race is met, whether hostile or friendly, I want to be there and shake their hands.
Soon we will be immortal and if it takes a boat load of cyberonics and cell preserving pills, then so be it. Hell, freeze ourselfs and live in a virtual universe.

The fact is, that everytime I think of death it always crushes me.... But to think of what happens during and after death enlightens me.
Surely we can't just dissapear? There has to be something after death. I don't care if I am a free floating form of hydrogen, as long as its ME!

A recent theory I conjured when thinking. Yes I do think :D
Laws of thermodynamics state that energy can neither be destroyed nor created. ONly transfered from one form to another.
Now, our body moves, thinks and processes information using electrical impulses. When we die, that energy can't just magically dissapear, therefor its transfered into something. Into what? Who knows, a ghost sounds a logical explanation, ghosts can be considered free floating forms of charged electrons. Roam the universe till its days end where all energy (in theory) is then sucked into a small black ball again with a sign next to it saying "Do not open, BIG BANG will happen!"

I conclude that we can never die, the universe can never die. We go from one form to another and currently us, the TGU members, are bio mass that can think and communicate. Who knows, we might never be again or we could be...

Well thats how I think outside the box. In the end, there is always a bright side and no matter how you reject it, death is a bright side. After say 80 years of living you will be lazy and want to sleep for an eternity :D

Posted: Tue Aug 30, 2005 12:16 am
by Charvell
Sheer speculation: I have a hunch that there's more here than meets the eye. Fundamental theory. If matter can be turned to energy then energy can be turned to thought. The energy released from matter can be enormous therefore the energy required to produce thought is enormous. Before the big bang there was thought (think about how the brain works). Works as well as any other theory...

I know... It's stupid... No need to tell me.