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Serious Discussion Board Rules

Post by Shadow Reaper » Fri Aug 19, 2005 9:43 am

Seeing as we have a new style of board, and that the board now lacks any form or rules on the page, i've decided to post a new set of them to keep the place organised. The rules have been passed through the other moderators, and presented to satanbzb, and are all fine with them. Ipto facto they should be fine with you too.

Anyway, without further ado...
  • Any personal attacks on members are immediately considered out of hand and the post will either be edited or deleted based upon a Moderators decision.
  • Any clear racist jibes and slants that appear in a post will immediately be edited. If the post is full of it, it will be deleted.
  • Multiple swearing will not be tolerated and will be edited out. Posters will be politely reminded to use more appropriate words.
  • One or two swear words are acceptable (although still, but try to expand your vocabulary. Your argument will look far better without using swear words.
  • An argument should be conherent and easy to understand. Try attempting a introduction and conclusion or a sum up of your views. Quoting is best for when you want to argue against someones particular view they have posted, and not random points at peoples arguments.
  • Back up your argument with evidence, from multiple sources. You will gain much more respect from other posters for your views with multiple evidence, and they in turn will be able to provide a better argument.
  • Last, but not least, do not think that as it is your view, it is definately right. Many things can be proved, and disproved. Do not lash out at someone because they are capable of providing scepticism to your argument.
Also remember that Moderators and forum leaders are in charge. If you give them grief over the fact they're in charge, and have abided by the rules, you will more than likely be reported to a higher authority.

If your not sure who the moderators are on this board, they are:
  • Shadow Reaper (myself)
  • Phantom16
  • Casious
Satanbzb is the guy to talk to if you dont want to go through us, but I suggest you talk to us first, purely because we'll be able to respond quicker seeing its our board to look after.

Right guys, have a good argument, but dont let it get too heated, lets try and keep it better than last time.
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