The Climate (a.k.a. were phuqqed)

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The Climate (a.k.a. were phuqqed)

Post by kojak » Thu Dec 07, 2006 6:41 pm


well, seems to have gonna bit quiet in here, so thot id see who was about....

Anyone in here think the planet isn't goin tits up?

Coz yeh know what, it is, were fucked, plain & simply. Since the 60's the climates been in freefall and just this year weve got 'The warmest Autumn in 500 years...The coldest autumn in N America for 500 yrs...' It's well & truly here.

Short of alien technology or divine intervention within the next few decades were buggered. Anyway, any of you got a survival plan?

Goodbye greenland ice sheet

The ozone hole is getting bigger

scroll down for NASA satellite/temp image

As for me - I've been moving North to cooler climes since i first heard. Oh and i aint had - nor am planning to, have any kids.

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