B.S.M Mini league (CS1.6)

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B.S.M Mini league (CS1.6)

Post by Shadow of Light » Sat Oct 21, 2006 3:32 pm

Alrighty lads me , leon and maddog having been playing on the British sergeants Mess server for a while now they are a decent bunch of blokes they are doing a little mini league of there own now on a second server if anyone is up for it to qualify you have to register on there forum and play a bit on their server BIG.T and Sweeney.T have been on as well, so if you looking for a bit of laugh with them cold drak nights drawning in would be nice if we could get a enough TGU ladies to make a little team up .

British Sergeants Mess site

Their Forums

Mini league Registration

They also play a match with server regulars every thursday night usually 10 v10 BSM v's the rest thingy .

Oh I server I.P. is http://www.gametiger.com/search?address ... 8.13:27020

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Post by kojak » Tue Oct 31, 2006 12:24 am

i keep getting kicked - do u need a password or Cheating Death or sum 1.6 bull?

dunno how u guys can still play this 1.6 stuff - tell yeh the FOV and viewpoint is chronic compared to Source - makes me feel queasy, and thats not the shite gfx either :p

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