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Post by bzb » Mon Sep 12, 2005 6:10 pm

> Cant see it as an option for preloading on an uber server s, is it
> to do so?

Yes it's available. Ask for more information.

> Also what is the limit of players vs games, we are looking to combine
on one
> server BF2, CS 1.6 and CS source and are kinda fed up up with our current
> providers. I wouldn't be popular if I ordered one and found out later that
> it couldn't cope, given the three games ive suggested we might like what
> sort of player limit would we have on each for best performance?

It really does vary with the number of players and mods you're using for
each game. An uberserver s should easily cope with any one or two of
those games at the same time although BF2 does use a large amount of
resources. Running three may require you to run three small servers.


Interesting, any thoughts?
(such a which server would we do away with, source or 1.6, id like to keep source but 1.6 will use less resources?) Nothing to stop us getting a 2nd smaller server to run source though, just who would chip in for it?

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