Weird effect.

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Post by maxdamage » Wed Sep 08, 2004 12:45 am

I found this effect when making HW2 maps earlier this year.Couldn't remember how I got it but after 30 mins of tweaking and testing here it is:
function NonDetermChunk()

setLevelShadowColour(0,0,0, 1)
setSensorsManagerCameraDistances(15000, 70000)
As you can see by changing the setGlareIntensity to 1 produces a bright red glow on the various .hods


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Post by Supernova » Wed Sep 08, 2004 4:25 am

Its called bloom. In real life its a lens artifact caused by specular reflections. In homeworld2 its a slightly underdevoloped pixel shader(?) that wasn't used much, most likely because it just didn't look good enough to warrent the performance hit of adding more "points" to make it look better... It is my understanding from fiddling the game adds a block to every specular area within a certain range of the last at a certain size. To make it look better they would have to decrease the size, as well as the range so that there were more blocks closer together - after awhile this becomes quite the problem performance wise.

As for the function;

nAmount - can be any number between 0, and 1. 0 denotes not bloom, while 1 means there will be bloom with each spec hit. Any number between, ie 0.25, will mean that any specular hit of 75% (75% above no spec.) or higher a block is added. for say .75, any specular hit thats above 25% of no spec, a block is added.

Good luck figuring out my definitions...

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