Off Topic from the start. Let's say it's about My Views on HW2

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Post by Skeeter » Mon Aug 09, 2004 12:10 pm

I agree it doesn't feel like a new game and more of a addon or expansion pack. Although i get the feeling and i felt it to that most of us here were hoping it would be the same as hw1 just with better gfx and higher poly counts and easier to mod. Unless im mistaken thats mostly what we got. I would have liked a better game area to play in, better story telling and interaction with the universe and the enemy. Hoped they made better physics and had a lot better interface than the one that covers alot of the screen when the right side menu comes up but we didn't get it and i doubt we ever will so hw2 is all were getting so we just have to live with it i guess.

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Post by maxdamage » Wed Aug 11, 2004 12:07 am

Managed to complete the game after downloading a savegame for the problem mission and after the mission it was easy.I sometimes forget that even though HW2 can handle much more than HW1 when making maps I must remember it because one of my maps(mure van uitstraling) really slows the game down.Storyline was good and the music suited HW2 perfectly!Ai is not bad but could be a hell of alot better!


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