Come on then; tell me HW2 was a good game!

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Post by Karraen » Fri Jul 02, 2004 4:20 pm

Quick response here,
I can't believe people are saying its a dead game, sure it didn't get the support it should have but what can you complain about?
The graphics are great and, as I've found, simple as pie to MOD in comparison to HL
The gameplay is more complex and allows for more alteration than the first
And most of all the story was continued in a believable, if not stunningly original, way

HW2 is far from increadable but lets face it living up to the original is pretty hard considering it was the first strategy game of its time. I'd consider it an upgrade rather than a whole new experience.
As for Catalsym, or however you spell it, how was that a good game?! It was like a bad mod, with a chopped out storyline!

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Post by BREAL » Fri Jul 02, 2004 11:20 pm

i think in graphical terms hw2 was a disapointment but in story and even what i read about modding in terms of polycount hw2 rulez big time

the only thing is alot of mods are under contruction
just w8 and hw 2 modding wil bloom

just hope that what happend to st armada 2 dosnt happen to hw 2

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Post by Gust0o » Thu Jul 15, 2004 5:25 am

In story HW2 was a good game?

Just out of interest, then, what did you make of the ending?

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Post by Cleron » Wed Jul 21, 2004 12:53 am

The problem with the hole thing was more to do with the disruptions Sierra caused to the game development & the fact that originally the Relic teams aims were far to high. In the end they had to scrap a lot of good work to get what we got. If you look at the E3 pics you'll see a number of things that never made it to the final version of hw2.

I can't say im not disappointed with how hw2 turned out. The single player was in my opinion at least as good as Cat's SP although i felt it was sometimes obvious that the missions had be changed rather quickly to get rid of previous plans, cut and run jobs never end up as good as the original ideas and it could easily be said that the final version of hw2 is just that, a cut & run job. Personally Id really like to know just how far HW2 was mutated to get it out, from what they planed to what they started on & for a time what "looked" like being in the final release because it's quite obvious that there's a lot of material missing.

As for HW2's modabality, Well it ended up taking 4/5 years to get the original HW to where it is now & a lot of the first few years were simply making the tools to be able to do it. It took some very talented people to get HW off the ground & go from being a pipe dream to reality. HW2 regardless of the problems & annoyances is quite a flexible engine to work with & like it's forerunner it's not going to be a 5 minute job either. For the moment it's not easy but then that's part of the reason people are willing to do it, because it's not easy.

If you asked me if i think HW2 has a future i would say it may well do, As long as people still keep making an effort & as long as progress continues then it'll go on. You must remember that the average game life is quite short, 6 months to a year & HW was something the gaming industry first. HW2 is a decent game, no it's not a pile of sh*t, but neither is it revolutionary like the original was. The reviews said it best when they called it evolutionary. On that biases HW2 succeeds & frankly that's all a sequel game needs do these days.

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