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Postby s0cr8t3s » Sat Aug 28, 2004 10:41 pm

How do I install this MOD? I'm not finding a ReadMe anywhere telling me how. (Or an .exe to do it for me)
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Postby Captain Pierce » Sat Aug 28, 2004 10:49 pm

Um, what mod? ;)
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Postby s0cr8t3s » Sun Aug 29, 2004 12:37 am

It's the HW2 Star Trek MOD. (From
I think something is messed up though; when I first clicked it, I was taken to an "agreement" page. I cliked "I agree" and the download started. I just now realized that (by the name of the file) I downloaded Sacrifice of Angels. Now whenever I click on the link to the HW2 Star Trek MOD, it doesn't work or it says "page cannot be found."
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Postby TheOneNamedViper » Sun Aug 29, 2004 1:14 am

Well the thing is that there isn't really one yet. :( It's being worked on, albeit slowly. Due to connection problems though, I've been a bit out of the loop lately, so I'm not quite sure if anything's been done since the Intrepid was put ingame. That's why I'll leave the question of progress up in the air until someone with more recent information than myself comes along. ;)
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