The dark nightmare in the making

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Post by Meurig » Thu Oct 09, 2003 8:34 pm

I'm alive! And have spoken to Berserk already. I dont know where steelviper is yet, and my internet connection isnt working at the moment. As soon as it is I'll start examining the scene!
Hello again [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Post by TheOneNamedViper » Thu Oct 09, 2003 10:49 pm

Welcome back :D

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Post by Steelviper » Fri Oct 10, 2003 5:46 pm

Hello from me too! [img]smile.gif[/img] I don´t have internet access at home either untill (HOPEFULLY ARGH F... THE GERMAN TELEKOM!) monday... I am in the uni pc pool atm. The new job goes very well, people are very kind, some nice girls around there too and not too much work to do atm., hehehe.
In the meantime I am improving my PS2 skills... which results in aching hands and fingers, but it´s fun. I also have my copy of engl. HW2 now, it runs not too bad on my system and it´s damn cool! Gotta love the big cruisers, you know I love big ships with many guns :D Oh and I made some new sketches for DA for HW2, which I´ll show to you asap.
So have a nice weekend and cya soon!

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