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Post by star blazers fan » Sun Apr 04, 2004 12:57 am

I just found this place a few months ago and was amazed to find so much content. It took me this long just to process all the information and put it all together.
I first played all the mods in homeworld, got bored, and then tried the Cataclysm mods, which are very few except for Onslaught, WoW!
So I decided to try cutting and pasting homeworld mods into cataclysm. Didn't work, so then I tried using HWSE, that fixed it. Then I decided to do a complete conversion so I downloaded 3d exploration and the big.viewer. Now I can see what to use in a mod without starting a game.

I did this for 8 total conversions that look like this:
Somtaa vs Beast, Kushan vs Taidan, and p1 or Turanic (same thing)
Star Trek: My first total conversion, I used The Wounded, BTFF, and SOA mods to start with and went from there.
Picard Starfleet vs Dominion, Kirk Starfleet vs Klingons/Romulan alliance, Cardassians
B5: My second set of T/C's, took me days to collect all the ships from all the mods.
Vorlons vs Guardian Creatures, Minbari vs Rogash, Shadows
Minbari vs Rogash, Narn vs Centauri, Guardian Creatures
EA vs Centauri, alternate EA vs alternate Centauri, and 2nd altenate Centauri (I just had way too many Centauri ships to work with)
Narn vs Shadows, EA/Brakiri vs Gaim/Dilgar, Drakh
Star Wars: My third T/C, had to wait to get some new ships from the SWNR v.8 release to finish the mod.
New Rebels vs Dark Empire, old Rebels vs light Empire, blue Empire
Robotech: combined the Do You Remember Love? and Robotech Assault mods together. Also used the Dark Star the Crusades and Cargo Wars mods.
RDF vs Zentradi, Mol’Dom vs Cargo Wars, Insurgency
Turanic Prowlers: This mod was halfway done all I did was include the Bentusi and Contested Borders mods with a little Battletech/Wing Commander.
Bentusi vs Turanic, Battletech/Wing Commander vs Contested Borders, and more Contested Borders.
If I do another mod of already produced Homeworld mods, it will probably be Farscape and SAAB with a little Battlestar Galactica, but that leaves so many ships missing from the game. So I have decided to leave them alone, and besides their mod creators probably have plans to add more ships anyways, something to look forward to. By the way I have blueprints of other Battlestar Galactica ships if anyone is interested.

Right now I am interested in learning how to mod and do a StarBlazers themed mod or helping to get the Andromeda mod up and running again.

Any support would be encouraged:)

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