New Warlock wip

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Post by Unleashed » Fri May 31, 2002 3:45 pm


finally I managed to get it in game Image
looks a bit pixelated tho..

Ill check the undercage and resize it accordingly next time I update the mesh..

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Post by Commander Metalvenom » Fri May 31, 2002 3:51 pm

Looks great dud just add the final touchs and she'll look great Image


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Post by DC12 » Fri May 31, 2002 6:30 pm

There is something missing from the engines. I do not know what it is but it is small.


Post by shadow2281 » Sat Jun 01, 2002 5:44 pm

damn she looks great. alittle too bright for a warlock but she sure looks great Image. good work Image

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Post by Thorn » Sun Jun 02, 2002 3:13 am

is it just me or is that missile rack back too far?

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Post by Swifty » Sun Jun 02, 2002 12:49 pm

beutiful, will look nicer smoothed using hwse


Post by shadow2281 » Sun Jun 02, 2002 1:10 pm

the rear engine section is alittle too short. thats why the missle racks look alittle out of place

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Post by maudib » Sun Jun 23, 2002 5:56 pm

Hi all,

Just stumbled on to this, nice warlock (and mod) folks Image

FYI go here for the best info and pics of the warlock.

Site: The warlock Project

The 1st 4 pics are of Tim Earl's warlock (the REAL thing!!!), the designer of the tv show version. Even Sapiano's version is a bit off if you compare it to Earl's side by side.


Post by shadow2281 » Sun Jun 23, 2002 6:26 pm

hey i would take maudib's advice as we all know his warlock is near perfectly cannon as u can get.

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