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Post by Pierce 2: The Sequel » Sun Jan 30, 2005 8:41 pm

The bridge section and boom of the K-27 is similar to that of the K-23, and much of this forward design appears to have been borrowed completely from the early models of the more-recognizable escort. As will be noticed in the data, the forward-mounted beam weapons are in the same locations and firing arcs as are those of the early K-23s. The most noticeable feature of the K-27 is the single warp engine. Mounted on a pylon at the rear of the vessel, it is capable of being jettisoned, leaving the ship mostly intact. As of this printing, it is unknown whether the bridge section can be detached.

The introduction of a second model around Stardate 2/19 indicates possible unsatisfactory performance by the original model. Intelligence reports also indicate that some of these vessels are equipped with the KCB cloaking device. Please note that if the vessel is operating with the cloak activated, it will be considerably harder to detect, due to the single engine.

The name derives from the Klingon mortum hesta, which translates to "the maker of the dead".

Please note that this is a beta release only, just to see how it works. As such, we would ask that the file not be mirrored, altered, or re-used at this time. Unless somebody finds a big problem with the beta, it shouldn't be too long before the "proper" release... ;)

Download the SFC2 version here: ... At this point, the SFC2 version is the only one available; sorry, SFC3'ers. :( (On a related note, anybody with SFC3 importation expertise interested in working with Trekmods on SFC3 version, make yourself known. ;) )

Please post any feedback here.

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