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Post by reapernoire » Tue Oct 12, 2004 1:18 am

Bit late got engrossed in Dawn of War

Deadline Thurs 14th 11pm GMT

two reasons for this
Slarti and Grum have got something on at work and wont have much time this week, seen as those two are the only people to see any decent combat seems only right they get to do their orders
Plus Thurs rather than wednesday or Friday cos i'm out friday night
So thurs Deadline the turn after that will be the sunday morning one
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Post by Osiris » Tue Oct 12, 2004 10:59 am

(/me too lazy to translate into Solorian language [img]tongue.gif[/img] )

Earlier this morning in an asteroid belt at the outer rim of the Mao1 System:

*Solorian Warcruiser emerges from Hyperspace*

Solorian Captain: Report!
Solorian Sensor Officer: Sir, our Scouts were correct! One unknown Ship in Space over Mao1, and a larger colony on the planets surface.
SC: Do you get any Weapon Readings?
SSO: Seems like they got 2 Large Weapon Mounts, several small ones and a fighter deck.
SC: Any fighter activity?
SSO: No Sir, butit seems we were detected! They are charging their weapons, Sir!
SC: Are they insane? They don't stand a chance! And find out HOW we got detected!!

*Solorian Broadcast*

"This is the Solorian Warcruiser Apopcalypse. Power down your Weapons grid and surrender your ship. YoOu don't stand a chance against our ship."

... 5 Minutes later, the Lady Royale keeps closing in ...

Solorian Sensor Ofiicer: Sir, still no, I repeat NO answer from them.
Solorian Captain: They must be insane..
*turns around to Weapons Officer*
Well, launch fighter Squads, engage enemy ship, spare the colony. *turns to Com Officer* ...and contact HQ. Send them the sensor data we collected so far.
Solorian Weapons Officer: Yes Sir!
Solorian Sensor Ofiicer: Yes Sir!

... 10 seconds later ...

Solorian Weapons Officer: Sir, BomberSquad 1 and 2 launched... Squads 3 and 4, BomberSquad5 launched...InterceptorSquad 1 launched..Sir, all Squads launched and are colsing in on target.

SC: Good. *turns to Com Officer* contact our Scout ship. Order them to asume blockade Position over Mao1. Helm! *turns to Helmsman* ASume blockade Position over Mao1

...20 seconds later...

Squad Leader of BomberSquad2: Sir, we're closing in on target. Weapons locked. Making our run. everybody fire on my mark...MARK! *50 Torpedoes close in on Lady Royale* ... Hit! We hit her! Sir! Readings show 48 Torpedoe hits. Massive damage to their shields. Shields are failing. Hull breaches all over the ship. That'S it, she's finished. Sir, mission accomplished, no looses on our side. Your orders sir?
SC: Asume Guard Position around our ships. Well done Squad Leader..well, done...

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Post by reapernoire » Fri Oct 15, 2004 12:26 am

Ok kinda ridiculous I have three turns in one of which is mine.

I'm extending the deadline till friday night when i get in

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Post by Grumfoss » Fri Oct 15, 2004 11:53 am

Phew!! what a week, jsut got back from an exhibition, Turn done i'm really glad i didn't miss anything. Cheers for holding on for me [img]smile.gif[/img]
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