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Post by reapernoire » Sat Oct 09, 2004 1:09 am

Deadline Sunday 11am GMT

As several have guessed this is the beginning of the end my friends
The end of the campaign is nigh
We'll do our orders for Turn 25 then that will be run and final scores will be calculated from the results on turn 26
Only in Death Does Duty end
-Gaunts Ghosts-

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Post by reapernoire » Sat Oct 09, 2004 1:10 am

'Cpt Harris, any further report on Sentinal four is she on station yet?'
'Thats a negative shes still outbound by 10 light years, making full speed should be with us soon, how do you want to proceed Cpt Biron?' Biron drummed his fingers on his command chair, his commission was barely a month older than Harris but it was enough to give him seniority and overall command. Sensor reading had reported an enemy ship loitering on the outskirts of UEA space, possibly just passing by, possibly looking for a weak point, that thought made Biron smile to himself, how wrong could the enemy be. Either way the vessel could not be allowed to continue, and so Himself and two other cpts had been dispatched to deal with the threat.
'SIR SENSOR CONTACT! bearing 048 elevation 057'
Biron didnt even look up as he heard the report he just grunted
'Sensors Identify, Helm bring us about, Comms inform Sentinel six to form up on our flank, keep in tight we'll take the lead'
'Cpt Harris acknoledges and is forming up Sir'
Sensors piped up
'Sir I cant get a definate reading, sensors are fuzzy, possibly a cloaking device'
'Are we in range for view screen'
'that is affirmative sir' without needing another order, the view screen changed from looking into deep space and focused instead on the sensor bearing, a swirling cloudy haze hung in space, parts of what was obviously a ship appeared then were covered, other parts appeared and were again shrouded, Biron built up a mental image of what he had seen and pieced it together, his fingers stopped drumming and he sat up in his chair
'Chief of the boat, do we have any recorded races in this area of space?'
'That is a negative sir'
'now we do. Comms open a chnl to Cpt harris, then send a tight beam tachyon signal to central command, report we have made contact with Stormer Kingdom, under rules of engagement we are proceeding with extreme measures'
'Harris here, what do we have?'
'Deth Specula, charge weapons and follow me in'
The three ships closed the gap, the Specula shrugging off its concealing shroud
'Sir! Specula has us ranged, de-cloaking, forward batteries powering up. Shes firing sir Photon torps inbound, sounds brace!' Klaxond sounded all over the ship, everyone reached for some form of purchase
*WHOOMPH* The shields lit up in dazzling blue, the torps expending their energy on the protective bubble
'Sir Shields at 60% and holding'
'Sir, Fire control, we have solution, enemy in range'
'Dont wait for me Leutenant, Fire at will' the Sentinels batteries replied in chorus, sentinel Sixs batteries joining barely seconds after, the Specula replied with its own Guns, but instead turned its attention to sentinel six, pummeling the shields with rapid fire then quickly swung its course away from the sentinels as its shields crackled and faded from the punishment it had recieved trying to pull far enough away for torpedo range.
'Helm, pursuit course bring us about, Fire control I want another volley, sens...'
'Sir! Sentinel 6 is pulling ahead breaking formation'
'Harris! fall back in formation now!'
'Thats a Negative Biron, no one scratchs the paintwork on my baby and gets away with it'
'Fall back now, I want prisoners dammit, we need information on settlment disposition!'
No reply came from the comm, Biron watched as Sentinel 6 steamed ahead, giant holes swirled and crackled in the shields as they struggled to hold, weapons batteries firing altogether, with no shields the speculas armour began to be blasted away in great chunks. An energy bolt must have penetrated the engine room, the specula dissappearing in a ball of orange and yellow light...

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Post by Grumfoss » Mon Oct 11, 2004 9:54 am

UEA High Command...

"What was that?" Skye Marshall Grumfoss asked.
"Scanners report that it was the end of turn marker" A young Communications officer replied. " It seems to have destorted the very fabric of time and space!"
"What you mean..."
"Yes sir we have missed the deadline for the turn."
"Gah I want a full report of this, whomever is responsible I want them mining on the outer rim within the week!"
"Yes Sir"

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