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Post by reapernoire » Sun Sep 26, 2004 12:43 am

Deadline Mon 28th 11pm GMT

Nout happened in my space
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Post by Osiris » Sun Sep 26, 2004 10:07 pm

Nor in my Space..YaST

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Post by Slartibartfast » Mon Sep 27, 2004 11:51 am

Alert! Alert! Incoming message from the office of Lord Slarti the Hutt.

During the last time period a fleet of ships from the cowardly UEA appeared over a peaceful and unarmed farming colony world commisioned and paid for my the Huttese high council and then proceeded to destroy the world from space. Aid is rushing from all over Huttese space to rebuild this location. It is felt that this attack, while aimed at the huttese empire is an affront to all spacefaring races in the galaxy. We now formally request assistance from our neighbours in eliminating the cowardly UEA from the galaxy. Fleets of ships are being constructed to force these infidels back from our space. This attack is a clear indication of where their true intentions lie and the fact that unarmed and undefended worlds are their targets shows their lack of civility. Our thoughts are with the families of the 938,473 pioneering farmers who have been killed today. The world of Orionis I will be set up as a permanent memorial to them.

End Transmission.

Huttese High Council Press office
"Late as in the Late DentArthurDent, It's a sort of a threat, you see. I've been told they can be very effective."

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Post by Grumfoss » Mon Sep 27, 2004 12:25 pm

"Today A UEA fleet appeared out of Hyperspace over the Planetary System Orionis 1. This System belonging to the Pirate and Enemy of the UEA Slarti the Hutt. We pass you over to our man with the fleet Derek Smalls."
"Hello Derek Can you hear me?"
" Hello Connie, i'm hear with the first Expeditionary force. We have just left hyperspace and and currently are viewing the strikeships as they are assuming their bombardment orbits."
"Squadrons of fighters can be seen giving High Orbit protection to the fleet."
"As I am speaking I can see the first glow of Photon Torpedoes as they exit their Launchers and streak towards the planets surface.I can now see the explosions on the planet surface, I wouldn't like to be outside during this Hard rain. It looks to me that there is no central population centres so the bombardment looks to be carried out over the whole of then planets surface."
"What About a planetary invasion Derek are the troops up for it?"
"Well Connie as we speak I can see the troops preparing to board their transports, Moral is high but I don't know if they are to be used or not at this stage."
"Is their any resistance from the Pirates?"
"So far there is no evidence of enemy ship activity at the moment, However in a discussion with a deck officer this morning he did say that he was expecting a counter attack as several ships could be seen on the screens."
"Is the fleet ready for a counter attack?"
"I believe so Connie, I can see several Strikeships as well as the Dreadnaught 'Dan Tanner'which will give a big surprise to any Pirate Ships that counter attack."
"As we speak Connie the strikeships have stopped firing, I guess the planet has been Neutralised."
"That's Great news Derek, another Victory for the Forces of The UEA."
" Yes Connie, the first of many with that I will pass you back to the studio."
"In other news the training of troops is continuing a Spokesman for the military said..."

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