Turn 50 Completed/Turn 51 Begun **Limbo Battle**

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Post by Calavan » Sun May 30, 2004 3:33 am

1. The IR and their pirates continue to bombard Iop.

2. The Separatists continue to bombard Gamma-Ceti.

3. The New Republic attacks Imdaar killing 5,000 troops.

4. The Crimson Guards attack on Wayland continues with 8,000 more troops dead.

5. The FRC drops out of hyperspace and bombards Quix. The HomeOne is disabled by planetary ion fire.

6. Duncan Idaho attacks the barren planet of Yuu, killing 4,000 troops.

7. After a fierce battle, the Hutts are dethroned as Leonidas takes Nal Hutta.

8. A large battle swells over Mon Calamari as Taladar attacks the peaceful fish people. Battle File [insert here]

9. Wanting to make sure every last remnant of those ions are destroyed, Yojimbo continues to blast the craters of the destroyed ion cannons.

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