Phelen Kell History

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Phelen was born on Arc-Royal 15 years before the Cincapus Campaign and 10 years after the birth of his brother Andrew Kell. He grew up in and around the military and politics and at the age of 12 enrolled in the Arc-Royal Military Academy, where he learned that he was an exceptional pilot and military commander during the brief combat assignment against imperial targets his cadet unit was assign to kill, and that is where he got his call sign of "Raingod" when people started comparing him to his father. He drop out of the academy when he was 21 after he started disliking the way they were teaching him and his lack of freedom and dislike toward the idealistic idea of the Republic which everything was centred around now that he was living in the newly formed Corellian Alliance. Soon after he left the Corellian Forces join with the New Republic, which he hated. Phelen joined up with pirate hunter squadron, the Crimson Crusaders soon after. There he re-met his old friend Sulidious Cerapent-Kaevion, who was now an ambassador for the Republic, over the next few years him and Sulidious renewed their friendship. The CC was hired by the Republic and station under the command of Sulidious for a while before begin reassign on New Avalon where he found out his father was station. The both of them became closer and were able to catch up on what each missed of each other over the last few years of being separated. He didn't see any combat for a while until when the Black Fleet attack the world and with that attack came a great loses to the New Republic and also a personal lose, the death of Phelen's Father. But his squadron was able to get away mostly unharmed.
The Great War ended and the New Republic collapsed which gave his squadron a lot of new work and also at the same time he heard of the foundation of the OutWorld Alliance by his brother Andrew. In a dangerous operation to get ride of a small imperial remnant automated defence station on the planet Ackula, Phelen was force to take command of the remaining fighters of the CC squadrons and retreat from the assault when the squadron was jump by 4 squadrons of droid fighters which their intel hadn't talk about. The fighters where hidden inside some unknown parts of the base inside the mountains. The squadron was decimated by the base hidden defences and fighters and only 7 CC fighters were able to get away under the lead of Phelen. At about the same times of their devastating defeat Phelen's brother Andrew was assassinated on Arc-Royal. This events sent Phelen into shock and a mad fit of rage, and with the remaining fighters they headed toward the location of the base where the assassins had come from, it was a base of a pro-Republic isolationist movement. They quickly destroyed it then waited for the assassins to return. The assasins were captured and executed on the spot by Phelen and his people.
Two months later after he and his surviving squadron members had recovered from their ordeal, they headed toward Arc-Royal where Phelen took his rightful place as ruler of the remaining OutWorld Alliance. He placed his most trusted friend and comrade of arms as his second in command and then expulse the corrupt OutWorld Alliance government and put his friends from the Crimson Crusaders in position of power. This and the fact the most of the worlds where far between each other and couldn't get the support that they wanted to, lead to the departure of 90% the world from the OWA but the most loyal one to the Kell's stayed with him.

The peace which Phelen had brought to his people didn't last. For the next 10 years the Phelen lead the OutWorld Alliance in what is now called the Decade War by historians. This 10 year war was extremly bloody and by the end Phelen didn't know who he could trust anymore after a close allie was found to be a spy. Because of this Phelen lost at the Battle of Cypress 2, the battle which could of ended the war early. But because of the lost the war lasted for another 4 years, when with overwhelming forces and by surpirse he was able to capture the enemies captial and force a surender.
Phelen has started to recover over the last two years from the decade war, but now with almost being 50 years old isnt helping it.
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