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Dreighton, three hours after the Battle of Ascherone
In the blackness of space, a single white object dropped out of nowhere. A Lamda-Class shuttle activated its sublight engines and began a quick ascent to the Executor-class Star Destroyer hovering above the desert planet. In the distance, a cloud of white triangles were visible as well, quickly approaching. Then, as the neared the underbelly of the seventeen and a half kilometer long behemoth, a full wing of TIE Interceptors took ceremonial positions beside it, and escorted it in.
The shuttle lowered easily onto the hard steel floor and landed with a soft thud. In front of it were hundreds of pearl white stormtroopers, each standing rigidly still like an army of skeletons. Across from the shuttle, a grey clad officer with salt and pepper hair and a thick mustache stood with a scowl on his face. Slowly a white landing ramp extended and jets of coolant began to shoot out onto the floor. From the mist came a black cloaked figure.

"Is the attack force ready, Admiral Senn?" a soft voice whispered from beneath the black veil.

"Of course my lord," the gray clad officer said, "Our fleet was assembled per your request. We have already assaulted their world of Gamorr. The army stationed there was unable to get any communications out, however I wouldn't call it a big accomplishment. It looked to me like the world had almost been abandoned. There were less then a thousand soldiers on the whole planet. Now there are none."

The hooded figure nodded, "Good work Admiral, what about many soldiers did Lord Calavan leave on this desolate rock?"

"No more then two thousand, but they're all clustered at the same point. The Hessian central command base appears to be the only settled place on the whole planet. The rest is just desert and mountains."

"And are the Galorians aware of our presence?"

Senn looked slightly nervous for a split second but quickly hid it, "We have been scanned, but they do not know of our intentions. Their planetary shield is currently offline, so bombardment can begin upon your orders. We should be able to cripple their base before they bring the shield up."

"No need for that Admiral, prepare an invasion force. There is something on that planet that I want. I'm going to learn all I can about this, 'Galorian Order'."

"Yes my lord."
"General Thames," the Galavex spoke monotonously to the leader of the Hessian Army. They had been left on Dreighton to hold the planet while the rest of the Order had traveled to Ascherone, "A large force of warships have exited hyperspace. Current markings match those of the New Imperium. Lord Calavan has not informed me of their arrival. I am going to crosscheck all references to the Imperium, however it would be intelligent to prepare your army, lest their intentions prove to be hostile."

The not so intelligent Thames scrached his head for a moment, trying to soak all the words in. He had been promoted from Sergent by Calavan to lead the army because of his ferocious killings during the Gamorr invasion. He didn't know that it was because he was the only Hessian officer that wasn't going to Ascherone. Thames had of course been an Imperial once, but he had long ago forgotten all of the prim and proper requirements of being part of the navy, and now felt slightly overwhelmed. But he understood 'preparing the army', so thats what he did. "Yes sir!" Thames said enthusiastically and walked out of the room.

The Hessians could mobilize quickly, the Galavex observed, however they were not the brightest stars in the sky. It had a strange feeling that very quickly they were going to be overrun. It looked back at the computer console, and if it had been alive, a cold shiver would have went down its spine. Hundreds of Imperial Landing Craft were decending from the New Imperium fleet far above. The Galavex punched its hand down upon the console, "All Hessians, prepare for absolute lockdown. All hangar and acess doors are to be sealed. Take up defensive possitions in all chokepoints. You fight for your god, do not disappoint him."
General Talir Jetha stood in the hot Dreighton sun, two miles out from the compound. The landing zone had been picked far away, because it wasn't known if the canyon the base was built into could fire on them, had they been closer. He'd never say it outloud, but he really wished that Felth had never shown up. If Senn had been leading the invasion without that bastard looking over his shoulder, then they'd have bombed the place into submission, and could land in the things hangar bay. As it was, they had a hefty march up ahead, and it didn't help that the temperature was around fourty degrees celcius. He could already feel the sweat stains showing through his uniform.

"General," a stormtrooper officer with the easily identifiable shoulder epillette called to him. "Recon reports are in, apparently the entire base has gone into lockdown."

"Thank god," Jetha muttered and then spoke into a large intercom that had been set up outside of his landing craft, "Alright men, lets move. Brigade commanders order all of your men to keep a low profile. When we reach the main hangar bay I want detonation charges set. Then we'll file back and blow the door. We'll move in standard style, take no prisoners. However, do not, I repeat not damage any computer consoles or mainframes. Once we have secured the base, Lord Felth himself is going to come down and review our performance. I don't want any slip ups, or itll be all of our heads." There was a general acceptance of the command and the entire army began its long march.

As the army plowed forward, Jetha could feel the atmosphere becoming more and more oppressive. Up ahead, the mountanous canyon in which the base was fortified cleared from the haze and became a reality. The massive hangar bay door, which was locked down tight, glared at them like the unbreakable jaws of a hyena. With a weary motion of his arm, Jetha signalled for the demolition teams to come in and get to work. They moved quickly, sticking detonation packs all over the massive steel door. The explosion was going to be pretty big, Jetha saw.

When they had finished, Jetha ordered all of the men back and to take cover. Then he pressed the detonation switch.

The blast literally shook the canyon, as massive boulders shifted under the shock of the blast. Jetha suddenly realized how lucky they were that they hadn't started a rock slide or caused the whole mountain to cave in, but as it was, their team had been sucessful. The solid rock wall of the canyon was scorched and black, and the giant steel doors were broken and twisted from the firery explosion. As the thick smoke began to clear from around the entranceway they had made, Jetha spoke into his small personal communicator, "All Brigade leaders, prepare to take your possitions. Sections A through J are to take the upper levels. K through O are to take the lower. P through Z, we're going to the command center." In response there were a number of 'yes sirs', and then the entire army of white skeletons began to move out, and file into the mountainside.

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sweeeeet story [img]smile.gif[/img] i give it 2 thumbs up

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post for calavan :
Retaliation, Part 2
General Jetha could feel the sweat running through his matted hair and down his face as he leaned out from behind a crate and let off another few shots. They had been ambushed by the Galorian soldiers, whom he had been told were named Hessians. In his breifing by Admiral Senn, he had been informed that these Hessians, were in fact eximperial soldiers who had been marooned on this hellhold shortly after the failure of the Empire's Phantom TIE experiments. With the destruction of the facility on Imdaar-Alpha, they basically just abandoned the Dreighton base, and the men had to go into the desert to find sustanence. Apparently, Calavan had managed to round them all up and resocialize them after almost 30 years of solitude. He could tell by the way they were fighting now what the result had been--a force of survivors, who would shoot his brother if it meant victory. He felt glad they had brought the number of troops they had, or else he'd have not expected to survive this.

A sudden explosion jerked him back into reality. Looking up, he saw one of his stormtroopers had been blown in two by a small grade thermal detonator. The Hessians were being pushed back, he saw with a smile. They were retreating from the hangar and falling back.

Jetha suddenly realized that he had been holding his breath for almost a minute, and quickly released the oxygen from his lungs. Standing cautiously, he raised his hand in the air and made a quick signal. The New Imperium army, with the rigid dicipline of robots, stood and then began to file out into their respective brigades. General Jetha's formed up behind him.

"Alright men," he said, "Lets move. As stated before, our objective will be to infiltrate the Command Center, which we believe is located in two different sectors." He pulled from his pocket, a small holographic emiter. Hitting the activation button, a three dimensional wireframe map of the compound materialized. The large hangar they stood in was colored red, as well as the hall leading from it and two elevator shafts. The rest was a light blue colored. "The two sectors, are located here," a green room deep within the compound began to glow," and here." A second room at the very top of the map glowed as well, apparently it was protruding from the mountside like some kind of spire. "The second room is what we believe to be Calavan's throne room. Now, although we know its currently unoccupied, there may be computers in there which have access to files the other rooms don't. The first room I showed you is the main command center. Now, I'm going to be heading down with my squad to the central command center, Captain Rellian, I'd like you to lead the assault on the throne room. The brigades that're taking the upper levels have been ordered to help you as need be."

"Yes sir," a stormtrooper officer replied.
Darth Felth's blazing white eyes gleamed from beneath his hood. No one knew of the vital young face which lie beneath, and they wouldn't until he was ready. Next to him stood Admiral Senn, a smug look on his face as sector after sector of the holographic map began to turn red. The Hessian soldiers were being pushed back, and there had been no reports of Galavex.

Yes...Galavex were perhaps the most peculiar thing about Calavan's army. He could immediately tell that they were far more intelligent then battledroids, and they didn't share a central control point. All completely autonomous. Nevertheless, they were able to do things that even the most well trained humans would have dificulty doing. They needed no food, no water, and as far as he could tell, could be produced incredibly quickly. There was a fault though, hidden beneath layer after layer of obsidion black. In the end, they were only a machine. An inanimate lifeform working off a few ones and zeros, which could never think, could never formulate solutions beyond its programming. A programming, which while more expansive then battledroids, was sure to carry just as many flaws. The only other thing which concerned him were those command ships he had seen. There had been two at Ascherone as he shuttle was retreating, and they were magnificent. Over two miles in length, sharp and daggered, black as the space surrounding them and yet vicious as well. He had watched as barrage after barrage of rebel lasers had been sloughed off of their powerful shields. He had watched as their own fire, golden bolts of light which glimmered and flickered in the pale twilight of space, had slammed into the hulls after causing massive shield breakdowns. There was technology behind those ships, which had to have been just as old as the technology behind turbolasers. Perhaps older. He had to find out where Calavan had come from, just how old his race really was--and once he did, and Calavan's shroud of enigma was dissolved...he would kill him.

On the hologram in front of them, red began to completly surround the glowing green room deep within the base. "Is my shuttle ready?" Felth turned his eyes on Senn.

"Yes..." Senn said hesitantly. Just where the hell did Felth think he was going?

"To the planet's surface, Admiral." Felth said tersely, reading Senn's thoughts. Senn blushed deep red and the white lights focused on him for a moment, staring deep down within him. They searched for something. Then, as abruptly as they had begun, they stopped. Felth left the room.
The Galavex's single red eye traveled around the chaotic room. Twenty hessian soldiers stood around him, and outside more then fifty New Imperium stormtroopers were trying to break in. He had already killed three himself. Unfortunately, he was armed only with a small pistol sidearm. Had he and the Hessians held Galorian energy rifles, the outcome would have been different. They had, fortunately, managed to push back the intruders and activate the interior lockdown before there had been any damage. Now, the stromtroopers were having to deal with the interior security guns and an eight inch blast door.

"Sir, sensors indicate that the security guns have been neutralized, and we've lost contact with levels six through ten. I think we've lost the upper portion of the base," General Thames spoke with a tense anger. He had never commanded people before this, that didn't seem like a very wise decision on the part of Lord Calavan. Suddenly the red eye flew upwards as an explosion rocked the room. The stormtroopers had blown the blastdoors. Shratnel flew everywhere, a huge piece of iron impalling one hessian. The Galavex pulled its pistol from the side of its waist and began to fire. The stormtroopers let out a barrage of red laser fire from their E-11 blasters but it was all harmlessly absorbed into the Galavex's shield. Lord Calavan had made him go through a maintenance upgrade just before leaving. One of his few upgrades had been this personal shield. The Galavex fired shot after shot after shot at the stormtroopers, as they rushed back to take cover. Suddenly on the other side of the room, the entire wall was blown away.

The shockwave from the blast flung six Hessians into the mass of stormtroopers, and several threw down their weapons and began fighting hand to hand. One reached into his boot and pulled out a long dagger, thrusting it into a stormtrooper's vulnerable neck. The Galavex turned one hundred and eighty degrees and began firing at the new wave of stormtroopers too. At the rear of the group was a man who did not wear the armor. The Galavex instantly realized that he was the commander.

It fired off a succession of three shot from its pistol, and the golden bolts flew quickly, but not quick enough. The man had just enough time to dive out of the way as shot after shot slammed into a large bulkhead.

"DON'T HIT THE COMPUTERS!!" the commander screamed over the chaos. The six hessians had finally been put down, but that group of stormtroopers had almost been wiped out, only twelve of the original fifty five reained. General Thames glared up at the Galavex and motioned towards the computers quizically. The robot turned its single red eye upon him, took its pistol, and fired a quick succession of shots into the main computer console. The screens all around him flickered and died, as monitors exploded from the power surges and the mainframe in the corner began to sizzle. The galavex took satisfaction in the horrified scream of the Imperium commander, and fired another round of shots into the large mainframe, which toppled over and began to spew out sparks and smoke.

The pungent odor of burning circuitry filled the air as more and more stormtroopers began to fill the ranks of the deceased. One managed to sneak up behind the Galavex and fire wildly at it from close range. The robot turned and grabbed the stormtrooper by the neck. He kicked wildly and slammed his gun into the Galavex's head, but it didn't seem to care at all. It flung the stormtrooper into the last operating computer with so much force, that the entire console melded to the shape of his now limp body. The Galavex stared at the body for a few moments and then turned back around, mildly suprised to see the dead face of General Thames looking up from the floor, several laser burns scattered across his uniform. It was more suprised to realize that in fact all of the firing had stopped, and all of the Hessians were dead.

"Galavex, surrender your weapon. You are now a prisoner of the New Imperium." An old voice came from behind. The Galavex turned from the blown wall to the shattered blast door, and stood face to face with the black cloaked Chancellor. The galavex raised its arm and fired shot after shot of hot yellow energy from its weapon but the cloaked figure just reached out his hand. Every shot was harmlessly absorbed. The Galavex suddenly realized just how frusturating it must have been for the stormtroopers who were trying to kill it. Suddenly, the pistol lifted itself from the robtic grip, and flew into the hand of the sith lord. Felth raised his cloaked head, and the two glowing eyes stared into the one.

"You're assault is hopeless. My god shall avenge me." The Galavex spoke without much confidence.

The black figure closed in, step by step, and reached out his hand to touch the iron beast. "You are strange to me droid, but I shall learn your secrets."

The Galavex waited for the hand to near him, and as it creeped closer, closer, closer, the automaton prepared to strike. But his strike had been anticipated.

As the Galavex moved to grapple the sith, a stream of hot blue lightning flew from the outstreached hand and slammed the robot into the top of the room. Its shield flickered madly, trying to syphon out the inundation of energy, but the robot's cold circuits could not compensate. After almost four minutes of torment, the Galavex was dropped to the floor, black smoke streaming off of its charred circuits and armor shell. Darth Felth walked up to the hulk on the floor and with a flick of his hand, the robot flew to an upright position, hovering a few inches off of the ground. "Now, Galavex, I want to know everything about this...god of yours."

"I will not comply." It said stiffly.

"I was hoping you wouldn't." Felth said with smile, and dropped the robot to the floor. It fell flat on its back and started to move, until once again a blast of electricity slammed into it. After a few seconds another blast came as well, and then another. Then one final prolonged stream. When it was finished, the Galavex lay still--and of the three glowing eyes, only two remained.

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Retaliation, Part 3
The holographic wireframe of the Galorian base, now entirely red, rotated slowly in front of Admiral Senn. Lord Felth had returned a few minutes ago, and was now standing next to Senn once again, his white eyes boring into the floating map. "The data extracted from the Throne Room computers apparently had nothing of importance on them," Senn said mechanically. "Just plans for the base and contact logs which we've already analyzed. I'm afraid we've reached another dead end."

Felth didn't say anything, and for almost five minutes there was utter silence. Then the intercom clicked on, "Lord Felth, we have secured the data from the droid's computer core you brought us. Its...very interesting to say the least. I think you may want to come down here."

"Indeed I do," Felth said, breaking the silence for the first time. He turned to Senn, "You are too pesimistic Admiral, there are always live ends to be snatched."
Felth walked with a cold air of authority into the computer lab on the Vengeance. "So...what have you found?" He asked the technician.

The tech grew stiff as he gazed upon his master, but after a few moments composed himself, "Well...mast...sir we um, well we managed to decode that droid's memory network. Most of the data files were actually in an old dialect of Basic, however some words were in a language that we havn't ever seen before. Most of these files we've been able to decode using a translator program within the droid. I've made a report detailing the extracted data if you'd like to er...see it."

"Read it." Felth said icily, unamused with the man's stuttering.

"Yes...yes sir." The tech reached down to his desk and pulled out a large multipage file "The file s start off with a short explanation of the Order's origins. Apparently two warring races were on the brink of destroying each other when a slave with god-like powers rose up and united them. He promised them a new utopia named Gorotia. They then constructed a--"

Felth held his hand up, "Do these files show where this, Gorotia, is?"

The tech nodded, "Yes...Gorotia is located in a distant galaxy, over ten billion lightyears away. Included in the droid's core was a three dimensional reference map of this galaxy, but we've been unable to acess it yet."

Felth nodded, "So...Calavan is from another Galaxy. At least one part of the mystery has been solved. Is there any information in the file about how he was able to move from his galaxy to this one?"

"Apparently, the Galorian Order has moved to many galaxies. The current tally is completely controlling three, his native and the two adjacent. The Order also has major footholds in approximately seventeen others. We are the most advanced galaxy the Order has penetrated, and apparently they were ill prepared for our technology. Their current technology is based off a conglomeration of ideas and techs from throughout their galaxies. This explains why such a realitivly early space faring culture, its only been a little over three hundred years since the slave uprising, has procured so much advanced technology, that it unfortunately dwarfs some of our basics." The tech could suddenly feel Felth's aggravation.

"You didn't answer my question," Felth hissed, hot static popping around his fingertips.

"Oh, of...of..yeah...erm about the galaxy moving part. When they first expanded to the second galaxy, they found this artificial wormhole generation technology. They've spent a long time procuring it, and have basically been able to build two different types. The most widely used, is a network of five probes that send out pulses which combine to form one of these wormholes. The problem is, that the probes can generally not sustain the wormhole for over fifteen minutes before having powerfailures. A plus, however, is that the probes can be moved fairly easily, and that they're cheap and easy to build. The other way, is considerably more costly but it offeres a permanent wormhole which will offer a sustained link between galaxies. According to the files, Calavan, who im assuming is the god, or decendent of the god referred to in the first lines, only orders these constructed when he has secured a galaxy almost totally, or when he is preparing for the final invasion." The tech paused, "apparently he built one in this galaxy just before his first disappearance. I believe, back when the Imperium was an ally."

Felths white eyes began to pulsate wildly, "Whatever happened to it?"

"According to this document, thats unknown. A lone fightercraft from our galaxy travled through, was captured, and was sent back through. Then the gate was just abandoned. The Order never tried to recapture it, because the Black Fleet had taken control of the space around it. I don't believe they ever discovered the actual gate though."

Felth could feel the anger ripping through him, "And..." he said succinctly, ""

The tech instantly became aware of his trembling hand as he tried to read off lines from the report, "Um...Its in old Galorian Order space sir, from back some twenty years ago. Near the Gamma-Ceti star system, there is no exact coordinates."

Felth reached up with his and and put it on the tech's shoulder. He could feel the horrified man's beating pulse. He could feel the life blood racing through the man's body, filled with adrenaline and telling him to run, run as fast as he could away from this cloaked madman. And Felth knew that if he did run, he would kill him. "That will do...for now," Felth said quietly and raised his arm from the technician's shoulder. He then walked over to a wall intercom and pressed a button, "Yes Lord Felth?"

"Admiral, order the retrieval of all forces off of the planet's surface. Once they're aboard, have the fleet move out."

"Move out to where m'lord?"

From beneath his dark cloak, the dark lord smiled, "To the Gamma-Ceti star system."

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I missed this :D

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tis ok this story [img]tongue.gif[/img]

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A good story, methinks [img]smile.gif[/img]

Just one tiny question, surely with three entire galaxies to draw upon the Galorians should be easily able to swamp the SW galaxy, especially in it's devided state?

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yeah, but you've got to remember they're having plenty of resistance in those 16 other foothold galaxies too, and fully defend 3 galaxies worth of forces, so they're having to spread their forces realativly thin(this is my BS solution, in a perfect world the GO would be able to send all of its stuff and swamp the SW galaxy, but i doubt darth would like that ;) )

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