The State of the Galaxy

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The following is a chronicle of all of the events leading up to Campaign 1, beginning just after the Battle of Endor.

0 AE -- The Galactic Empire begins to have severe power struggles

3 AE -- The Empire has collapsed and now only a small remnant remains. Several sector Moffs and warlords now control Imperial Forces.

5 AE -- Grand Moff Dular, one of the sector leaders, is assasainated and replaced by Grand Moff Calavan. There is little to no strife inside of the Remnant faction at this time.

5 AE -- Moff Calavan's faction takes on the name Galorian Order

***Begin EVR C2***

6 AE -- A massive war breaks out, involving several main powers including the remnant factions Black Fleet, Sword of Damocles, Praetorian Guard, Galorian Order, and the dominant Imperial Remnant group. The New Republic is also involved, as are the Correlian Security Forces. The Red Skull Pirates and Black Sun Crime Syndicate are active as well.

7 AE -- The Black Fleet, under command of Chancellor Honvik, desemates the Red Skull Pirates and they disband and are eliminated.

7 AE -- The Galorian Order and the Correlian Forces make an unholy alliance to destroy the Black Sun Crime Syndicate.

7 AE -- In response, the Black Sun is absorbed into the Praetorian Guard led by Grand Moff Napoleon, who is then absorbed into the Imperial Remnant. The combined faction refounds the Galactic Empire.

7 AE -- The Black Fleet absorbs the Sword of Damocles faction. They also found the Iron Fist Confederacy, a covert alliance between the Galorian Order, New Republic, Black Fleet, and Correlian Forces.

7 AE -- The Correlian Forces and the New Republic merge

7 AE -- The Black Fleet begins to manipulate the Confederacy to follow its will.

7 AE -- The Galorian Order fleet captains-- Captain Jear Caemon, Admiral Cracker Jack, and Fleet Admiral Starcraft, prepare their fleets for war.

7 AE -- A mysterious shipyard known as the 'Starcross' appears in Galorian Space. Grand Moff Calavan travels there to see the sending off of a Sovereign class Super Star Destroyer chirstened the 'Deltaur'.

7 AE -- The Galorian Order launches a suprise attack on the Galactic Empire and the New Imperium splinters off from the Empire.

7 AE -- Grand Moff Calavan and the leader of the New Imperium, the shadowy Darth Felth, ally against the Empire.

8 AE -- The Galactic Empire destroys the Deltaur and Calavan is apparently killed. Fleet Admiral Starcraft M is killed as well. Admiral Cracker Jack takes command, and the entire Galorian Order seems to come out of a state of mind control.

8 AE -- A peace agreement is signed between the Galactic Empire and the Galorian Order. Meanwhile, the New Republic is at war with the Empire.

8 AE -- Chancellor Honvik betrays the Confederacy, and the Black Fleet declares war on the New Republic.

8 AE -- The New Imperium merges with the Black Fleet.

8 AE -- The Galorian Order, under command of Cracker Jack, sends a lone fighter to the now abandoned Starcross. It is apparently a kind of gateway, not a shipyard.

8 AE -- The fighter returns from the Starcross and reports to seeing a horrendous galaxy on the other side, and to find out that Calavan lives.

8 AE -- Cracker Jack holds a peace summit at the New Republic world of Solace. Representatives from all major powers attend. Cracker Jack is assasainated at the summit. Evidence points to Calavan.

8 AE -- Driven almost mad with anger, Jear Caemon begins experiancing strange powers. He travels to Yavin 4 and begins training as a Jedi Knight.

8 AE -- The New Republic surrenders to the Black Fleet

9 AE -- The Galactic Empire surrenders to the Black Fleet

9-20 AE -- The Black Fleet rules with dominance over the Galaxy.

20 AE -- Internal strife begins between two influential dark side weilders. Lord Casious, the dark jedi and Darth Felth, the Sith Lord.

20 AE -- Casious murders Chancellor Honvik and tries to take on the title of Emperor of the Black Fleet.

20 AE -- The Black Fleet suffers a Civil War, between forces led by Casious and Felth and breaks up. Several Republic and Imperial factions begin to spring up. The Galaxy is once again in a state of chaos.

***Begin EVR Camp 3***

21 AE -- On the planet Dreighton, Calavan's second in command, Alitar Fiat, arrives and begins scouring the desert to pull together an army from the heathens.

21 AE -- Alitar Fiat founds the Hessian Forces and begins to construct a fleet.

21 AE -- Alitar Fiat hires the services of three Dark Jedi mercenaries. Lord Primus, Lord Exodus, and Lord Mekanus.

21 AE -- Luke Skywalker has a vision, and dispatches three jedi knights-- Ken Dragnare, Jear Caemon, and Krashk-- to go investigate a possible new Dark Jedi threat.

21 AE -- Harkaan, a renegade jedi and servant of Casious, begins a campaign of terror to destroy Skywalkers academy.

21 AE -- Dragnare, Caemon, and Krashk split up after finding a lead. Caemon heads to an abandoned Imperial base and battles with Mekanus. He is defeated and barely escapes.

21 AE -- Krashk battles Exodus on Naboo. He is defeated and left for dead near the bottom of the Naboo Power Core.

21 AE -- Caemon is arrested by the Corporate Sector Authority while on route to Yavin IV. While imprisoned, he discovers that Harkaan has attacked the academy and destroyed it.

21 AE -- Krashk races to Bespin in order to help Dragnare.

21 AE -- Dragnare battles Primus on Bespin. He is defeated and crushed in a carbonite disposal unit. His desecrated remains are preserved in Carbonite and shipped back to Dreighton as a trophy.

21 AE -- While freezing Dragnares remains, Lord Primus is attacked by the Sith Lord, Darth Xanaphia--master of the New Imperium. Primus defeats her and she is taken prisoner. Krashk arrives just in time to watch the battle take place.

21 AE -- Caemon is released from captivity and arrives at Bespin where he meets up with Krashk.

21 AE -- Krashk and Caemon return to Yavin where they find the academy in ruins. Skywalker and the surviving Jedi are deep within the caverns beneath the temple.

21 AE -- The Hessian Forces conquer Gamor, and a new dark jedi--Lord Cinerate--is revealed.

21 AE -- The survivors on Yavin IV are attacked by Cinerate and Exodus. Luke Sywalker is taken prisoner.

21 AE -- Jear Caemon, discovering that Calavan lives, chases after Cinerate and Exodus in an effort to find Calavan and avenge his friend, Cracker Jack.

21 AE -- Mekanus and Primus travel to the Unknown Regions to enlist the aid of Executor Boneparte, the second in command to Grand Moff Napoleon, the leader of the refounded Praetorian Guard.

22 AE -- Kyp Durron takes over the rag-tag Jedi survivors and sends out forces to gather intelligence, go find Caemon, and enlist Boneparte.

22 AE -- Caemon is captured and interrogated by the Hessian Forces on Dreighton.

22 AE -- Mekanus and Primus leave Boneparte to think over their offer, as Boneparte captures the two help enlister jedi.

22 AE -- The second group of Jedi, who were sent to find information, discover a lead on Damocles, one of the last strongholds of the former Black Fleet. There, Emperor Maverik attacks and kills one Jedi, while the other escapes catching one crucial name. Alitar Fiat.

22 AE -- The last group of Jedi discovers that the Hessian Forces plan to head to the remote world of Ascherone, deep within the unknown region.

23 AE -- Calavan returns and the Hessian Forces are renamed the Galorian Order.

23 AE -- Calavan tricks Caemon and turns him back to his side, then the Galorian Order heads to the planet of Ascherone with an army of thousands of Dark Jedi, all trained by Primus, Mekanus, and Exodus

23 AE -- Kyp musters the Jedi, remnants of the New Republic, and even remnants of the Black Fleet to go stop Calavan's plot.

23 AE -- The Battle of Ascherone (the following *ed events all occur at this battle)

*Calavan prepares to infuse his dark jedi army with the ancient powers of the force kept trapped on the planet.

*the combined fleet led by Kyp drops from Hyperspace and begins to attack the Galorian Order orbital fleet, while the Jedi Army, 300 strong, land on the planet to assault Calavan's stronghold--Snake Mountain.

*The Jedi Army faces a massive force of robotic automatons called Galavex, which cause their numbers to dwindle by half.

*Darth Felth, enraged that his master has been taken captive, lands with a force of royal guards to take her back.

*The Corporate Sector Authority, under command of Administrator Cracker Jack, discover the Galorian Plot and race to aid the Jedi.

*Calavan Prepares to Sacrifice Skywalker and Xanaphia to activate an ancient force mechanism. At the last minute Caemon somehow breaks from his mind conditioning and frees Skywalker.

*In space, Executor Boneparte arrives and fights on the side of the Jedi.

*The Jedi launch a suprise attack against the Dark Jedi army while Caemon and Primus duel. Darth Felth arrives and attacks the Jedi and Dark Jedi to save Xanaphia.

*Administrator Cracker Jack and a small CSA team are captured along with a Jedi insurgency team inside Calavan's palace.

*Caemon defeats Primus and goes on to Calavan. They battle while the CSA and Jedi escape and break into the throne room. Multiple battles are now taking place in Space, land, and in Calavan's Throne room.

*Xanaphia is turned to the light side by Skywalker and then murdered by Felth. Felth then retreats from Ascherone.

*Harkaan arrives after coming to terms with his anger towards Skywalker. He helps save Skywalker's life but dies, also managing to bury Exodus under a massive pile of rubble.

*Calavan and Caemon have a final battle while Cinerate and an elite Galavex batallion battle the Jedi intruders. Calavan is defeated by a mortally wounded Kyp Durron and Calavan vanishes. Cinerate and the Galavex retreat to space and the entire planet begins to self destruct.

*Mekanus escapes with a small portion of the dark jedi army while the rest is marooned on the dieing Ascherone. Meanwhile, Skywalker and the remnants of the jedi army (4 survivors) fly around and pick up Caemon, Cracker Jack, and the team survivors and fly them off to the victorious fleet. Cracker Jack discovers that he is actually the former Grand Admiral of the Galorian Order, a truth hiddened even from himself by his bodyguard. Caemon, overjoyed, hangs up his lightsaber and takes his place by his friend's side.

*Executor Boneparte's Sovereign Star Destroyer is derelict in space and must be abandoned above Ascherone, then the army remnants flee the system, before the planet's immenint destruction.

24-33 AE -- Following the traumatic battle of Ascherone, the Galaxy is once again thrust into war. The Imperial Remnant and New Republic slowly begin to reform, while a massive civil war breaks out in the New Imperium between Admiral Jetha and Darth Felth. Felth is victorious and the Galactic Imperium is founded.

34 AE -- The Galaxy is now poised for a new conflict, with the New Republic and Imperial Remnant now at high strength, but several smaller factions are also vying for power. The Galaxy is ready for its next great war...

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lol, long assed story [img]tongue.gif[/img] nice though

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Whoah :eek: ... Nostalgia :D

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The entire saga can be read here if you've got some spare time and want the full effect. This little thing gives you the gist but it really lacks some of the Character development and plot that makes the story really enjoyable Image

(backin it up)

Well, as Caemon's Quest gets more and more developed, I'm going to start referring back to events in C2. So, I've compiled a list of all my C2 stories, none were on as epic a scope as CQ, but they do help show you what is with Caemon about his anger at Calavan, and many other small details, like who Alitar is.

On board the ISD Draco--Captain Jear Caemon is introduced, and the Galorian Order breaks its pact with the Praetorian Guard.

On Board the Command Ship Imperium--The war against the PG continues, now on the OSD Imperium as the rutheless Admiral, Alitar Fiat (the leader of the HF in caemon's quest) Assaults the PG world of Epsilon Erandi 3.

Epsilon Erandi 3--The rightful government is thrown down and the Galorian Order Takes control of the once peaceful world

Lur, the Untold Story--Calavan tries to divert public attention from a report by the Holonew's crew stating it as propganda.

(this is the report)
***Begin transmission***

People of the Galaxy, the following log was found on the subjugated planet
of Lur during the first hours of the invasion. It is unknown to us if it
has been altered in anyway, but it relays up to the minute descriptions of
the invasion. The writer of the log has not yet been found, but as your
journalist in this time of crisis i shall do my best to search whatever
remains of the resistance.

***Chief Trade Merchents Log***

When i first heard the noise it was horrible, a tearing of the very fabric
of space and time, and outside my window there was nothing, and suddenly
they were everywhere. I had no idea how but AT-ATs and armed shocktroops
had managed to bypass our city wall, even our city shield generator and
immediately attack. The troopers, i remember vividly, were not
stormtroopers. They were black, and unnaturally stong. I found one on the
side of the rode and determined it was some kind of droid, but like nothing
i've seen before. They attacked us with no mercy, no compassion. Even the
ones who surrendered did so only out of fear. I feel that even as I write
this last log entry that they may be

***Merchants Log Ends Here***

We can only assume that after this point he was either attacked and killed,
or arrested. There was no audio accompanyment with the journal. I will
continue to keep you posted on developments.

~Keay Musated, Holonews Reporter on location at Lur

The New Age Begins--Jear Caemon is discovered to be alive while the GO creates a Cease Fire with the GE. Calavan sends Commander Cracker Jack to apprehend him

Ghost Ship--Cracker Jack suceeds in taking Caemon and becomes an Admiral. Meanwhile, Calavan leaves the GO homeworld of Gamma-Ceti and makes way to A massive fortress called the Starcross. Fiat, who was promoted to the OSD Demonic, is already there. The Huge starship Deltaur arrives from the Gateway, and Calavan departs yet again.

Retaliation--Caemon, who was reinstated into the GO after a painful talk with Calavan, is now on patrol in a resource patch, trying to stop the Peregrine Faction's pirating.

Once and Again, Now and Forever--Calavan and the Deltaur continue on route to GE space. Calavan initiates a conference between the 3 main fleets who are going to attack GE planets. Captain Caemon, Admiral Cracker Jack, and Fleet Admiral Starcraft are all uneasy, but attack just as ordered.

Death, Destruction, Ressurrection--The final battle with the GE occurs. The Deltaur is seemingly destroyed, Caemon's ship--the ISD Draco is destroyed, and Fleet Admiral Starcraftm's fleet is destroyed as well. The Order is in shambles, but Cracker Jack, assuming the title of Grand Admiral, pulls it back up out of the clouds of tyranny and repairs the battered empire.

The Starcross--Admiral Caemon, now in charge of the Carrack Cruiser Renaisance, investigates the mysterious fortress Starcross. What they find is shocking and disturbing. Calavan lives.

The Final Word--Cracker Jack and Caemon discuss the events of Calavan and the rest of the Galaxy, then decide that it is time for them to do something about it. Cracker Jack organizes a peace summit to be held on the Galorian Order world of Sollace, and meanwhile Calavan organizes a few party crashers.

The Peace Summit--Grand Admiral Cracker Jack's peace summit goes off without a hitch, but then chaos breaks loose. The admiral is assasainated and Caemon is torn apart. Viciously in search for answers, he gives his aquired control, as second in command, of the order, to Commander Socrates, and sets off to Yavin 4 for answers.

Telling My role in the next campaign {with a story Image) Explains the beginnings of the Hessian Forces.

The Hessian ForcesMore Info on the HF, and starts off the motions for C3.

Caemon's Quest--A lot goes on, you know what it is, scroll down and start the hefty read CQ was lost due to an unfortunate board glitch. Pages 1 and 3 were salvaged and put up on but Page 2 only has a summary written up by me.

Edit: .htm]CQ Page 1

CQ Page 2 summary: Just as Caemon escapes from Lord Meckanus, another battle is beginning to

erupt on the planet Bespin. In cloud city, Ken Dragnare has searched far

and wide, hoping that his guess was the one to win the bet. Unfortunatly it

was. With flickers of images, some force led him slowly down into the

bowels of the city, and in the air vanes he encountered the dark Lord


Primus, with glowing red eyes and an undead gray fleshtone spoke eerily to

Dragnare of his demise, but Ken took no worry. He ignited his golden

lightsaber and prepared to duel...unfortunately Primus wasn't done yet.

>From the dark jedi's hand came a wave of red energy, and Dragnare felt the

strength drain from his body. He was barly able to stand. As his strength

returned and he became aware once more of his surroundings, Primus was gone

and he felt nothing of his presence. Not even a subtle chill. Still, the

eerie ringing of his crackly, aged voice was haunting every step he took.

The voice led him down through the air ducts until he reached a large

junction point, and suddenly an intense cold came over him: there Primus

struck again. The battle raged on quickly, and Primus was indeed a Dark

Jedi master. He was adept at skills Dragnare did not know existed. He was

blazing fast, and only by his own strength in the force was Dragnare able to

keep from being incinerated by Primus's force lightning. Finally, they were

at a standstill. The deep abyss below them had been a constant alert to

both during the fight, and one time Primus had dangled Dragnare dangerously

over the precipice with his powerful grip, but now, they just stared at each

other. Then, in one quick motion and a mysterious, gipsy-like arm flap,

Primus was gone and so was his icy cold feeling. Still, his voice pursued

Dragnare and led him from the air vanes into an adjacent room. It was a

green, Carbonite Disposal chamber which had been sealed off for years.

Dragnare stared at the mamoth carbonite crushing device when he heard a

crackle behind him. It was Primus's red lightsaber igniting behind him.

Dragnare then ignited his, and they began a final battle around the crusher.

After ten minutes of intense battle, Dragnare and Primus stood across the

crusher pit from one another, and Primus merely smiled as Dragnare hissed

vicious comments at him. Then, the smile turned to fury as another wave of

red energy struck Dragnare, and he stumbled weakly. Primus's smile returned

and his old, cracking voice began to unravel the master plan.

Even as they spoke, Dragnare's 2 Jedi freinds were dead, just as Dragnare

himself would soon be. And the Jedi with them. The renegade Harkaan was

unwittingly working for them, as he would soon use his own resources to

destroy the Jedi temple for them. He spoke of how He and his teachers had

been cultivating an army of Dark Jedi, numbers ranking in the thousands, and

soon they would lash out and wipe both the Jedi and the 'pseudo-Sith' off

the face of the universe.

Dragnare, desperatly tried to summon his strength, but was chilled and

stunned by the words. Then Primus lifted him up and dropped him into the

carbonite crusher effortlessly, and with a quick force push activated the

controls. He watched smiling, his red eyes glowing wildly as the arm, used

to crush 4 ton blocks of carbonite into dust, descended upon Ken Dragnare.

Jear Caemon escaped narrowly from the deadly Lord Meckanus, who had almost

stopped him as he was taking off. After a short conversation with

Skywalker, he was disturbed to realize that he was the only one who the

Academy was still in contact with and was to report immediatly back to


Unfortunatly, just after he had entered hyperspace, he was pulled out by a

CSA interdictor performing a pirate raid. His X-Wing, aiding the CSA

vessels, quickly dispatched the raiders and he was invited aboard, but once

they discovered that he was a Jedi Knight, he was quickly detained and taken

to the CSA capital world of Mytus because of an order given by Administrator

Cracker Jack who had been plagued by mysterious nightmares. As a precaution,

they put him in a Force nullifying field and but then brought him before

the Administrator for processing. After a short talk, Jear was sent to

quarters and was scheduled to be released after the paperwork was completed.

(Refer to Resurgence for more details)

The next morning, Jear Caemon awoke from having a horrible dream about Ken

and found himself face to face with another Jedi, who had been visiting

Mytus for diplomatic reasons but was enthralled when he heard of Caemon.

His name was Kel Venuth. Kel, hearing Caemon's story of the Dark Jedi

Mekanus, wanted to go with him and help track down this mysterious force.

Then, Caemon contacted Skywalker to update him and clear Kel's aid. Kel had

been a special case for Skywalker, and he was hesitant, but granted the

request. While they had been taken, a new development had occured. Ken's

X-Wing had been found abandoned on Bespin. Caemon told him about the dream

and Skywalker ordered Ken and Jear to go investigate and save Ken if

possible. So they set out on yet another adventure.

Darth Xanaphia, Dark Lord of the Sith and Empress of the New Imperium, had

felt Lord Primus's power and was curious. Never before had she experianced

something so strong other then that of her pupil, Darth Felth. She set out

to Bespin to investigate.

Krashk, who had regained strength, managed to get out of the maintenance

areas and reach his X-Wing. He contacted Skywalker for an update.

Skywalker, elated to see that he was alive, told him of Jear and Kel's

mission and sent him to go help, knowing that he was a close friend of Ken.

Krashk acknowledged but suddenly, as the message was about to end, mass

hysteria seemed to break out on the Yavin end of the feed and the

transmission was cut abruptly.

Xanaphia arrived at Bespin in chaos. Her shuttle quickly dispatched a few

security guards and she took to the halls, intent on tracking down the

mysterious Dark Jedi.

Soon afterwards Kel and Jear arrived, only to coincidentally meet up with

Krashk who had landed just a few moments earlier on the same docking pad.

This second trio, sensing something dark and powerful, proceeded onward.

They arrived in the industrial levels at Carbon Freezing Chamber 13, which

was adjacent to the Carbon Disposal Chamber which hadn't been used for

years. Knowing that inside was some powerful force, they chose the silent

way instead and crept into an overhead air duct.

What they saw shocked them.

Darth Xanaphia had tracked down Lord Primus just as he had finished freezing

some sort of bodily remains. Sensing her, he looked up and they quietly

exchanged doom vows which revealed to the peaking Jedi that the Sith were

still in existence. Xanaphia and Primus then quickly struck at one another

and the battle commenced. It was fought intensly on both sides, she was

certainly much more skilled then Dragnare. Using her double bladed magenta

saber, she forced Primus down to the ground but just as she was about to

kill him, a second dark jedi entered. Primus had brought 2 of his students,

the first two in the huge Dark Jedi army along with him. They looked

identical, both in black hooded suits similar to Primus's and with a small

medallion pinned on their neck. The one student took hold of her attention

long enough for Primus to turn and regain his balace. The two of them

attacked Xanaphia in long, continuing blows and soon the second student

returned too. (both of the students had been loading the frozen remains on

Primus's shuttle). The battle went on continually, and Xanaphia did manage

to strike down one of the students. Nevertheless, they were too strong and

Primus held out his hand, draining her of her strength. As she collapsed to

the floor she let out one powerful mental scream to her apprentice, Darth

Felth, and then passed out. Primus's student took her limp body to the

shuttle, and Primus followed, but only after giving a long knowing stare at

the are vent.

Caemon, Venuth, and Krashk all pulled themselves out of the airvent after

Primus was well out of site. The battle had been long and bloody, and they

quietly talked about the implications of the Sith and these Dark Jedi. But

Caemon had noticed something else. The medallion of the dead student, who

was spralled on the floor, was very recognizable to Caemon. Fingering the

golden emblem, he murmmured something as though he were spell bound, and

shoved the medallion into his pocket. With a deep rage, he pulled Kel and

Krashk with him back to the X-Wings, they were going back to Yavin.

Back on Dreighton, the remains were unloaded and were taken away as a trophy

and Primus, Exodus, and Meckanus met in Alitar Fiat's private chambers the

next day. Fiat told them that they had done well. Xanaphia was captured,

and that left but one more peace of the puzzle. Once Skywalker was theirs,

the profecy could be fufilled. Primus nodded in understanding, but the

other two teachers were lost in the meaning. Fiat did not care to show

them, but instead summoned a new warrior who would be figting along side

them. It was a technological terror, six foot three, silver metal laced in

circuitry and boiling red diodes and such. At his waist hung two saber

hilts, and near the blade emmiters were three daggers extending so that the

weapons were both lightsabers, and close combat knife-devices. He either

couldn't or didn't speak and was to be known only as Cinerate. Fiat told

them that he was to be the Hessian's trump card. He was loyal only to Fiat,

and it was Fiat's way of keeping them in check. Then he sent them on their

missions. Meckanus and Primus were sent on a special task while Exodus and

Cinerate were sent to go make sure that the profecy was fufilled.

As the three X-Wings entered the Yavin atmosphere, they were dumfounded.

The once lushus jungle of Yavin IV lay in flaming ruin. The old temples

were now scortched and crumbling. Caemon and his companions landed quickly

on the massive ash feild, and rushed into the temple remains.

The Academy Survivors were all clustered in one room, and Skywalker was at

the front of them. Caemon, as acting leader of the mission, gave his report

to Skywalker of Primus, the Sith, and Meckanus. Then he pulled out the gold

medallion. It, he explained, was the symbol behind it all. He held the

insignia of the Galorian Order, inscribed on a small metal disk which had

been attatched to the Dark Jedi. He hissed angrily that the Order, and

Calavan, had to be stopped once and for all, but Skywalker wouldn't listen.

Then, in an angry fit of passion, Caemon swore that if Skywalker did

nothing, he would.

Suddenly, the outside shook and chaos broke out as a scout ran into the

room, slamming through someone else who was taking an oppurtunity to slink

out during the confusion, wheezed that Dark Jedi were attacking, and then

collapsed. A small green crystal was lodged in the back of his neck.

Skywalker shouted to the two nearest Jedi and began out the door, but before

he did he saw something very fearful. Jear Caemon was gone. Outside stood

a lone man. He was a Chiss and Harkaan's apprentice. Harkaan had

discovered that the Jedi remained on Yavin and sent this Chiss,

Nir'rith'jurai, to assasainate Skywalker. As he ignited his lightsaber

skywalker did the same and they ran out and both locked themselves in

combat. Meanwhile, the two other jedi stopped in their tracks, as a lambda

shuttle which had just entered the atmosphere as the battle started began to

lower itself onto the scorched earth. From the hatch of the shuttle stepped

two men. One was gray skinned with an odd, lumpy head. The second was

silver and red and walked with a dark mechanical stride. As they stepped

off of the shuttle, the two jedi engaged them.

Skywalker's battle with the chiss was long and difficult, he was a skilled

apprentice and made Luke keep his wits about him. Suddenly, the Chiss

nocked him backwards and reared back for the final blow, in which he would

strike down the vulnerable jedi master. But he didn't have the chance,

because before he could swing a red blade of searing hotness extended from

his shoulder. Skywalker looked up and saw Cinerate, who had managed to get

away from the two Jedi standing behind the Chiss. In one motion,

Nir'rith'jurai looked down at the blade extending from his shoulder, dropped

his lightsaber, and moaned in agony. All of the nerve endings had been

singed by the blade, but Cinerate's saber hilt's tri-daggers were peircing

into his flesh. Then Cinerate, with his biomechanical strength, used the

dagger-prongs as leverage allowing him to flip the Chiss over his shoulder

and into the side of the Jedi Temple. The chiss flew slid off the saber and

flew through the air effortlessly, before he slammed into the wall of the

temple and with a soft grunt he collapsed. The weakened Skywalker saw that

he would be no chance for this second warrior, and to his left he saw that

both jedi were quite busy fighting Exodus. Cinerate struck at Skywalker

playfully as the master struggled to get back up, and in a brutal slash

Skywalker's saber went hurtling from his grasp onto the ground and Cinerate

quickly took his arm and lobbed it into Skywalker's head. The master

crumpled to the ash ground unconcious. Cinerate barely had time to pull his

saber back up to block the blow coming from one of the Jedi who had gotten

away from Exodus, but he was no match for Cinerate. They battled for a

short while but then they were caught in a saber lock. Neither was

flinching, but Cinerate had an ace up his sleave and reached down to his 2nd

hilt. He rammed it's three-pronged blades into the Jedi's abdomen and the

Jedi crumpled to his knees. Then Cinerate took his free blade, and

decapitated the jedi. His head gave two insidious bounces before the final

thud. Cinerate drug Skywalker's unconcious body onto the shuttle.

Meanwhile Exodus and the Jedi had been fighting to a standstill, but Exodus,

seeing Cinerate's victory, force pushed the Jedi backwards and ran onto the

shuttle. It took off and the Jedi cursed quietly, then ran to his fallen


Caemon's X-Wing was waiting for the Galorian shuttle in Yavin Orbit. As the

two Dark Jedi entered hyperspace, he followed--unaware of their dangerous


Kyp Durron arrived as soon as the word had begun to spread. He quickly took

command of the action and set things in motion. He assembled 3 teams. One

was to track down more information on this Galorian Order and if possible

find Caemon, it was composed of the Gran named Xan and the a human named

Ptere Magna. One was to track down Skywalker and was headed by Kel and Mick

Spitar, and one was to convince a mysterious rouge Jedi named Boneparte to

join their cause in battling the three Dark Jedi led by Krashk and the human

Jannis McStar.

Xan and Ptere's journey began with them heading back to the original source

of information. They traveled to Tatooine. On tatooine, they found very

little. No information helped it seemed, and everything led to dead ends.

It wasn't until their return to the X-Wings that something caught their

eyes. A black cape had been pinned to one of the fighters, and scralled on

it was one word...Damocles. So they set course for the tropical planet,

home to the Dark Jedi Maverick who had been in close diplomatic relations

with Alitar Fiat. They had been developing a trap.

Jear Caemon's X-Wing came out of hyperspace in the midst of a huge nebula

and ahead was a long planet. Star charts marked it as Dreighton. The

Galorian shuttle had already entered the atmosphere, and Caemon pursued

entering in a spot where the sensors would not be able to detect him. Then

he got out of his cockpit, grabbed his small survival kit, and began his

long walk of 4,000 kilometers.

Krashk and Jannis, meanwhile, had traveled to the unknown regions to search

for Boneparte. They found nothing, but then suddenly something caught their

eyes. An energy blip was detected near a Gas Giant. As they approached, it

appeared to be some sort of cloaked ship. Krashk in particular was certain

of it. Then suddenly, as they were about to pull in for a closer look, they

froze. A huge mass of dagger-obsidion rose out from the Gas Giant and the

Soverign Star Destroyer Tango was right ahead of them. The Admiral of the

Tango hailed them and told them that Executor Boneparte wished to see them

as well, so they were to be...guests. Then, without time to protest, a

tractor beam pulled them into the main hangar.

That concludes the events of page 2, to get you started on page 3, Mick and

Kel are in orbit of Yavin scanning for residual readings of the Dark Jedi's

shuttle's hyperdrive and Caemon is on his long walk

.htm]CQ Page 3

Resurgence--This is a story written by Cracker Jack that coincides with some events in CQ.

The Darkest Day--Caemon's Quest's counterparte. Read it along with CQ.

Well, thats about all of em. There are a few i couldn't track down so you'll notice a couple holes, but all in all i think its a pretty good guide to what Calavan has done, and what Caemon is like and all that. Plus, it gives a little insight as to what happened in C2.

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I didnt murderer her, i helping her on her way poor thing, going all nice on me, if she had known what she had become, she would of killed herself :D

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A rather... interesting view on events =].

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