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Post by Edge_28 » Mon Jan 03, 2005 9:47 pm

ah, then it must have been an oversight on my part on that whole alliance board thinga ma jig.

We were allies werent we? I didnt really even think to count how many cguns that was......LOTS...ill give you that much. nice number of bulwarks and h1 as well. quite a nice fleet overall.

I have/had more of course. Just happens mars is where i turtled in with the northern fleets.....think i remember that anyway. Even left that IR eclp alone that was sitting next door.

I think my fleet is 8 ssd, 6 bulwark, 22 h1, this and that small ships..... strks bulks...INTs...67 cguns of my own i think....and about 4k fighters.

Would you like to engage??? kidding. :D

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