Turn 153 has been completed, Turn 154 has begun *Limbo Battle*

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Post by nickersonm » Sun Oct 03, 2004 10:53 am

Turn 153 has been completed, Turn 154 has begun.

Note: Calavan is MIA, so I will be doing turns until we hear from him.

There are two limbo battles this turn: T149B1 and T154B1.

1. A very large Separatist fleet ambushes a New Republic fleet above Caledonia. Clan fighters also arrive to assist the New Republic. Both sides have gravwells, The Clan and NR force has initiative. Limbo battle T154B1. Contact me regarding splits.

2. Zsinj's fleets orbit Ammuud IV.

3. The CSA MISL vs. Zsinj INT battles are still unresolved. Contact me.

4. Additional Clan ships arrive over Earth.

5. A small force of PK troop transports arrives to investigate the now-adrift Imperial Shogunate fleet silently orbiting the burning planet of Terra. The troop transports dock with the larger ships, and send boarding parties across in an attempt to capture them. The boarding parties attempting to capture the SSD Rightous Anger find it deserted, but accidentally trip the self-destruct, and are barely able to evacuate before the large hulk explodes. Debris from the destruction strikes one of the PK transports, instantly obliterating it. Meanwhile, another boarding party attempts to enter and board the ECLP IS Holy Retribution. They, too, find it deserted, but the droids left on board manage to activate the self-destruct before the boarding party can escape. The explosion destroys the mammoth ship, and the two transports docked with it. A solid chunk of the forward spike impales the INT Invisible Grasp drifting nearby, rendering it unsalvagable. With this experience, another boarding party is able to successfully deactivate the self-destruct on the SOV IS Revenge and capture the ship intact. Several boarding parties then assemble to assault the SSD IS Unlaboured Flawlesness, which life-scans show to be housing 38,000 starving infantry. Tactical simulations show that the 60,000 PK troops cannot hope to defeat these before a self-destruct is activated, so the PK forces plant detonators on the outer hull, and scuttle the ship from afar. Palidor's Knights' salvage teams have a large haul cleaning up the mess left in orbit from all the destruction. Several adrift fighters are also recovered.

6. Clan soldiers continue to assault fortified Separatist positions on Minos. They are finally victorious and capture the planet.

7. The House Atreides vs Weequa II battle is still unresolved. Neither side has initiative, Weequa II has a gravwell. Limbo Battle T149B1.

8. Clan troop transports enter orbit of the Separatist planet of Pizor.

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Post by Corran_Horn » Sun Oct 03, 2004 12:25 pm

umm...i dunno about anybody else...but what fleet is that above Caledonia?
as i don't see it, problem with detection i think :(

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Post by Pos_21 » Sun Oct 03, 2004 7:03 pm


That ECLP was going to be a birthday present :(

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Post by CurseUppl » Mon Oct 04, 2004 9:58 am

Phew! *whipes sweat of forehead*
For a second there i thought the PK would get that Eclipse.

I can sell you one :D

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Post by nickersonm » Mon Oct 04, 2004 5:27 pm

Yea, there's a detection problem. I'll fix it later.

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