Turn 151 has been completed, Turn 152 has begun *Limbo Battle*

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Post by nickersonm » Fri Oct 01, 2004 4:09 am

Turn 151 has been completed, Turn 152 has begun.

Note: Calavan is MIA, so I will be doing turns until we hear from him.

There is one limbo battle this turn: T149B1.

1. The FRC and Clan fleets allow the last of the Imperial Remnant to leave unharmed.

2. The Imperial Protectorate lands a small commando force on the independant world of Evann and seizes control.

3. Warlord Zsinj continues bombardment of Ammuud IV.

4. Clan fighters secure the space above Earth.

5. The Imperial Shogunate's fleet orbits the burning planet of Terra.

6. The Left Arm reclaims Planet X.

7. Additional Clan troopships enter orbit of Minos.

8. The House Atreides vs Weequa II battle is still unresolved. Neither side has initiative, Weequa II has a gravwell. Limbo Battle T149B1.

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