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Post by Swor » Wed Sep 22, 2004 3:08 am

you guys are fools for thinking were done

i have lost less than 1/3 my fleet
trust me you'll suffer soon

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Post by Edge_28 » Wed Sep 22, 2004 5:18 pm

I think that if he took over leonida's stuff there would be some serious nightmares for some people. That is an exposed flank for some of the people who have stuff down that away. Specially considering how it really hasnt been part of the real fight.

And people thought having a large reserve fleet was a waste of money. lol.

personally i think having a 100k fleet reserve and 30k+ in the bank (and growing) feels kinda nice. so many options. Nothing says i only have to have ONE grand fleet now does it.

Edgiepoo away
578323.........next stop one million.

/me pokes H.I.M. Hedious......

I wonder if he remembers anything about ruling an empire. I'll have to ask him once he sobers up.

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Post by CurseUppl » Thu Sep 23, 2004 12:49 am

OMG, Zen better not join the EVIL® he better HELP US© man

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