Turn 141 has been completed, Turn 142 has begun *Limbo Battle*

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Post by nickersonm » Wed Sep 15, 2004 3:45 am

Turn 140 has been completed, Turn 141 has begun.

Note: Calavan is MIA, so I will be doing turns until we hear from him.

There is one limbo battle this turn: T142B1.

1. Legion forces arrive over the Separatist planet of Anith and begin bombardment.

2. The Clans invade the Separatist planet of Othevo, and after a pitched battle they are victorious.

3. House Atreides continues bombardment of Weequa.

4. Zsinj's fleets destroy an incoming CSA tradeship over Mytus V.

5. The Clans continue to bombard Kashyyk.

6. The Legion lands a small army on Larsis, unopposed, and claims the planet.

7. A Clan fleet attacks the Imperial Remnant's capital of Hediki Prime. Defending fighters move to engage, and ground-based Ion Cannon disable the Super Star Destroyer. Neither side has initiative, both sides have gravwells. Limbo Battle T142B1.

8. Legion forces arrive over Thorton and bombard the planet. They then move into a shared orbit with numerous Clan fighters.

9. A Left Arm armada arrives over The Legion's recently conquered planet of Verius, but does not take any hostile action.

10. The Imperial Shogunate's fleet orbits the burning planet of Terra.

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