Turn 139 has been completed, Turn 140 has begun

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Post by nickersonm » Mon Sep 13, 2004 3:43 am

Turn 139 has been completed, Turn 140 has begun.

Note: Calavan is MIA, so I will be doing turns until we hear from him.

1. Gammor bombards and strafes the planet of Dreighton.

2. Clan fighters orbit Othevo, and another wing enters orbit of Thorton.

3. The Clans continue bombardment of Kashyyk.

4. Legion fighters orbit Larsis.

5. The New Republic invades New Hediki, and provides orbital bombardment support. They are easily victorious, and capture the planet from the Imperial Remnant.

6. The Separatists attack several Clan interdictors, destroying one while two escape.

7. The Imperial Shogunate's fleet orbits the burning planet of Terra.

8. The Legion bombards and strafes Yur.

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