The BTS Triumphant

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OOC: Wanted to get 'into' my character and empire a bit more, so I'm gonna write a little fiction about the BTS Triumphant, an MC-90 Heavy Cruiser and the current flagship of the Bentis Territories. It's been awhile since I wrote, so take it easy. Oh, and by the way, the arrogant, too-confident nature of Tanner is a character trait of his. Not how I actually am ;) As a final note, the main character of this story will NOT be Tanner Genra. He is busy at Bentis directing his forces. This story is told from the point of view of Fleet Admiral Thann Rivers, commander of Bentis forces and is inspired in writing style by many star wars authors, the beginning is highly inspired by the author of the New Jedi Order book Traitor. The story will tell the tale of a powerful military ship and crew who battle an ancient and mysterious evil that haunts mortals at it's will. Enjoy


Mini-Prelude: A Hero's Heart

Some changes take place where you can see them, simple and instant. Other changes are like the tide. Slow, gradual changes. Changes you don't notice till they're upon you, and what was old is gone

Inside infinity, there was space.
Inside space, there were planets and stars.
Between these planets and stars there was a bubble of infinity. This bubble was called Hyperspace
Inside this bubble was a ship. This ship was the BTS Triumphant
Soaring through space at impossible speeds was a simple task for the vessel. The bending of the very reality of the universe a mediocre task. That the ship's speed would have torn it asunder in realspace didn't matter. This was hyperspace, and reality didn't matter in hyperspace.
Inside the ship, there was a man, a quiet, unassuming man. Inside this man, there were organs. Among them was a heart.

And inside the heart, there was a hero.


"E.T.A to Alicia?"
"2 Days, Admiral"
"Roger that, Helmsman Riccord. Ship status?"
"Optimal. Weapons computerization calibrated, hyperdrive core purring like a whisperkit, sublights are go for engagement upon entry of realspace, and all systems are in the green. She's perfect, sir."
"Thank you, Engineer Hallisman. That'll be all"

Fleet Admiral Rivers turned smartly on his boot-heel and walked back toward the main bridge entry doors. The guards posted there snapped to attention, their Merr-Sonn rifles snapping to their shoulders and their icy eyes staring straight ahead. The guards might as well have been identical droids. As he exited the bridge, Rivers felt a tiny smile creep onto his face. It was good to know that Head of State Genra hadn't put together a group of jokers. These men were well-trained military elites.

At age 45, Rivers was aging but not old, and due to a strenous routine of physical exertion, training, and toning that he had carried on for most of his life, River's had the body of a man in his late thirties. None of the usual creaks, snaps, and groans associated with the elderly, Rivers was the portrait of military dicipline. Even the Blastech DL-18 at his belt was sinched tight and pointed straight down at all times, as if it was afraid to swing and rouse River's ire.

Rivers entered his quarters and sat down with a sigh on his plush admiral's bunk. More a bed than a bunk. he disliked the deviation from a sharp, businesslike ensign's bunk, but it was necessary for fleet morale for an Admiral to have plusher quarters tan the rest of his fleet. In truth, Rivers probably used less than 10% of the amenities provided. The bed, the desk, the datapad, and the lavatory was about it. The monolithic vidscreen, luxurious jet-bath, and cushy crimson massage chair were used on the extremely rare occasion, if ever. One amenity he did appreciate was the entire wall of the stateroom that could turn transparent on vocal command, provided a stunning, total view of the vista of space. Rivers was a man who appreciated quiet contemplation.

After quietly brewing himself some warm tea, Rivers dimmed the lights and sat on the lightly cushioned reclining chair near the viewport. He'd requested it from the pilot's lounge. Now he had a more businesslike seat, and the pilot's lounge had it's pride and joy, a rediculously plush, massive, and expensive Admiral's Recliner. As far as he was concerned, the trade has been in his benefit. Stirring the tea lightly, Rivers spoke firmly but softly "Computer. Viewport Transparency."

River's smiled as space suddenly APPEARED to him. Clear as infinity. He loved the vista of space. Stirring the tea lightly, he moved to the front of the chair to sit, and went to set the delicate cup of tea on the table next to the chair. His hands reached to set the steaming liquid down..


A cave. A cavern? Metal. An ancient metal cavern? Base secret hideout? Dwelling? A base. It was a base. Some long untouched monolith, the inner corridors lit in red, leading to..


A star cluster. Dilon III, an old rim cluster, hardly explored, planets still had their exploration code numbers, numbers dancing like cruel taunts "you wont ever find me, you wont ever find me"


Evil. The purest essence, the purest darkness, it IS evil, the eye that stares, the eye that dominates, and something about it is forever.

And it is coming for me


Rivers found himself on the floor, covered in boiling hot tea, but not caring about the pain that seared his flesh. The cup lay shattered, it's peices littering the tabletop and floor, a steaming puddle on the ground beginning to cool. Other than that, everything was the same. He checked his chronometer. 3 minutes. That was it? It had seemed eternity.

What the hell had that been? Stress? But all they'd done stressful was to launch the Triumphant's maiden cruise to Alicia. Should he go to the infirmary? No. The crew saw him as a figurehead, had to know he was strong.

Just a dream. Just a dream caused by not enough sleep and too much responsibility

Rivers cleaned up the mess without summoning a droid, and tended to his mild burns with cold water. Stripping off his uniform and taking a quick, cold shower, he collapsed into his bed.

He shivered at the memory of the evil in his hallucenation. Or had it been a hallucenation?

Rivers was swept into a restless dozing, filled with nightmares and quick awakenings.

The maiden voyage of the Triumphant was turning out to be anything but.

Finally, Bentis Territories Fleet Admiral Thann Rivers was taken by sleep, as the darkness washed over him, heralding something darker and more ominous on the horizon.

To Be Continued...

Edit: Several stupid typos fixed.
Edit II: MORE stupid typos fixed. That should do it.

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Post by Dilber » Thu Apr 22, 2004 2:04 am

nice [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Post by IonFizzle » Thu Apr 22, 2004 2:14 am

Thanks! My goal is to update it every 2 days.

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Nice work dude! Very nice... You are a l33t writer... :D

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*grins* Thanks dude. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Post by Calavan » Thu Apr 22, 2004 2:50 am

I like it a lot, can't wait for the next one :D

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Post by IonFizzle » Thu Apr 22, 2004 3:03 am

I'm really glad you guys like it. It's been forever since I wrote for fun, and I was afraid I'd lost it. This is good! And quite fun, I might add.

Now that I have at least 3 garunteed readers for the next chapter, I garuntee the next chapter WILL be released in two days. I will keep my deadline solid :-D

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not bad dude

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Very nice... I really should get back to writing... Hmmmm...

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So this forum is finally back up. Excellent. I'd begin writing a new story post immediatly if I weren't sick with one bitch of a flu I recently caught. I promise when I'm all better I'll keep it going. By the way, I fixed yet another four typos before I made this post. I really should read over my story posts more carefully.


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