Turn 58 Completed/Turn 59 Begun **Limbo Battle**

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Post by nickersonm » Mon Jun 07, 2004 3:35 am

Turn 58 has been completed, Turn 59 has begun. There is one limbo battles: T59B1.

1. The Seperatists continue bombarding Eriadu.

2. Zsinj's impressive fleet, now without the threat of Ion Cannon fire, begin bombardment of Coruscant's surface.

3. The Legion's mighty ECLP, dwarfing the supporting fleet, arrives in orbit of Dagobah, and begins bombardment of the swamp world.

4. toothpick continues bombardment of Dreighton.

5. House Atreides continues bombarding Yuu.

6. Probes continue to monitor eachother.

7. A small detachment of Holy Order ships encounters the defensive MFRGs of Geonosis. Both sides make ready to engage. The Holy Order has a gravwell, neither side has init. Limbo Battle T59B1.

8. A FRC fleet sits in orbit around Malastare. Two ships are disabled by Ion Cannon on the ground.

9. The Holy Order continues to bombard and strafe Nar Shadda. Angry pirates again manage to down several fighters.

10. The FRC continues to bombard Bilbringi.

11. The Holy Order and House Atreides continue to bombard and strafe Tatooine. A mere 27 soldiers remain, huddled in a bunker. House Atreides then lands many thousand troops to deal with the remainder, and secure the desert world.

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