Turn 57 Completed/Turn 58 Begun **Limbo Battle**

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Post by nickersonm » Sun Jun 06, 2004 3:51 am

Turn 57 has been completed, Turn 58 has begun. There are two limbo battles: T58B1 and T58B2.

1. Yag'dhul returns with a few fighter reinforcements to battle House Atreide's HOM1. No initiative or INTs present, either side may retreat. Limbo Battle T58B1.

2. The Seperatists brutally destroy 4 Ion Cannon with a single barrage from their fleet.

3. After Coruscant's Ion Cannon disable 7 ISDs, Zsinj's remaining operational ships return fire, destroying all 7 of them with a massive sheet of turbolaser fire.

4. toothpick continues his bombardment of Dreighton.

5. House Atreides continues bombardment of Yuu.

6. Probes continue staring at eachother across the void.

7. A FRC fleet arrives over Mastalare. After defendion Ion Cannon disable the HOM1 and two BULKs, the defending TA's move to intercept the rest of the fleet. FRC has INIT and an INT. Limbo Battle T58B2.

8. The Holy Order continues bombardment and strafing of Nar Shadda. Disgruntled smugglers manage to shoot down numerous Holy Order strikecraft.

9. The Holy Order continues to turn the Tatooine desert to glass. The historic site of the Owen farm is destroyed. Decreasing numbers of Sand People shoot down a few strikecraft.

10. The FRC continues it's bombardment of Bilbringi.

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